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so i am calling today a winfail. started yesterday bolting everything back up. had it together enough to see if i had any fuel leaks at the rails. put the battery in, and…..found out the alarm in the truck works great. so did the neighbours. after figuring out how to turn the siren off (enter 3lb sledge hammer) couldnt find any. then the next problem. wanted to crank the motor just to make sure that all worked. well, want i didnt know is the alarm also has a nifty feature that kills the starter if you dont turn it off with the fob. guess what i didnt have……a fob.

so after the alarm, and aftermarket wiring for the old stereo brad had in there was out, had all but to fill the rad, connect the rad hoses, fan, and belt to put on. figured i would start it, to make sure it would run. now here is where this story must go back in time. when this motor was still in evil, i had just finished making the mount for the 112. i had broke a bolt in the lower intake and needed to get it running. out comes the spare lower i had from a 96, gasket port matched it, tossed it on, away i went. well….the bottom of the mount has the intake runner holes in it, and nothing for a internal egr hole. if most of you know the explorer 5L motor, 96-971/2 had a internal egr, and the rest are external. well, i have a 96 lower, and a 98 upper. if you didnt know, the uppers are also different. i did remember this…right after i started it up, and could hear the big ass leak coming from the intake.

yesterday i finished buttoning up the the motor, as well as putting the front diff back in and i will now say officially twisted the key. at first i thought it wasnt hitting all 8 so i changed the plug wires back to the ones celly had on it, fired it up again, now it sounds like its hitting all 8. let it run for a few mins. the motor was smoking real bad however, but i also remember that the manifolds came covered in oil to prevent them from rusting, but i can see a small oil leak on the passengers side, or looks like a leak. we spilt some oil on that side when priming the motor on the stand. also put the interior back together (had it apart when pulling the wiring out, and had to change back to the stock sub box). just have to find the factory radio celly sent with it. i know its here someplace. the shed looks like a bomb of tools and parts went off at this moment in time. also going to have to pull the head lights out. they wont pass a manitoba safety. might put them back in, who knows. last thing left is putting in a windsheild, and a good cleaning. none of this will happen today however. when i was doing all this yesterday, it went from 23C to around 5C with in a few hours. thought it was going to snow, and because of that, today i feel like death warmed over. im sure my employer is happy with that as well.

Well I think I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a freight train coming at me either. Last week 4pointslow has been helping me figure out what was wrong with this thing. Knowing evils motor ran great when I pulled it (3 years ago mind you) and everything seemed to run good before I pulled eddies motor, he asked me to send him some short term and long term fuel trims. Lucky for me, a buddy has a scan tool that will read that and more. After shooting a short video of what they were doing (and they were WAY out) I had by chance seen #8 injector has a fault (was not pulsing). 4point suggested I look for broken wires, and a big vacuume leak someplace. Well I found em! When I was pulling the motor most of the plugs were very brittle. The clips that clip onto the injectors had broke on bank one. I had replaced them, but didn’t notice the clip on bank two for #8 was also broken and the weather pack was pushing the clip off the injector. After replacing it, I also swapped #8 and #5 injectors to sew in the fault followed as well. Now if there was a vacuume leak, I also think the pvc valve had pulled out while I was wreastling the intake back on. I notice that when I was just about to bolt the upper back down by jiggling the hose and it didn’t feel like it was in the hole. After doing all that, I plugged the scanner back in and fired it back up. No codes, no rough idle, and runs like a top! I have a few other things I can now move on to that need addressing, then I can finally put a temporary insurance paper on it, and drive it for a bit.