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We went last month, and it was amazing. electricity year 6 Adam and I would love to travel more, but at this stage in life it isn’t easy. Asking someone to watch four young boys for a week is a lot, and I’d rather not do that to someone. But when Adam’s mom asked us earlier this year if we would like a kid-free vacation while she watched the boys, we said heck-freaking-yes and started planning.

A few years ago (when I was pregnant with boy #3) we went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, and this time we decided to try something even more exotic. We ended up getting a group of ten together (five couples, three of us family) and picked Costa Rica. Adam and I have no desire to vacation just the two of us…is that weird? I mean, he is the only other adult I talk to consistently, we know everything about each other, and, we’re just people people. The bigger the vacation group the better, I say.

Adam and I tried to find a child-free resort to stay at before booking this one, but the options in Costa Rica are mostly family friendly or way out of our price range. gas prices going up It was a great resort, but when you ditch all your kids to go on vacation, you don’t really want to hang out with a bunch of kids. Also, everything closed really early….restaurants, bars, all the lights, etc. were shut down way before we were ready. I’m not sure if that is because of the family-friendly aspect, or because Costa Rica as a whole is very eco-conscious. In 2017 it went over 300 days only using renewable energy sources (mainly hydropower) to power the entire country. gas unlimited Isn’t that crazy?!

So here’s a funny story from the very first full day there. When we first started looking into Costa Rica people kept saying how there were monkeys everywhere. This sounded awesome to me, I definitely wanted to hang out with some wild monkeys. So the first night at the resort (on the day we arrived) Adam went to bed early, and I stayed up pretty late. The sun comes up really early and Costa Rica, so by about 5:30 AM it looked like midday, and Adam was rearing to go. electricity meme So he woke me up and was like “Let’s go exploring….maybe we can find some monkeys”. gas out game directions I’m not really a morning person, but dang it, I wanted to see some monkeys. So I got dressed and we walked through the eerily silent resort and into the jungle.

It took us way too long to figure this out, but they weren’t monkeys at all. Turns out they were huge insect nests built in the treetops. They looked so much like monkeys though, some even had tails. No kidding. gas monkey monster truck body Eventually, we found one close to the ground, so we took a picture of me “petting” it to text to the rest of the group, trying to fool them into thinking they missed the experience of a lifetime.

After ziplining we did a giant waterslide. This slide was no joke… it went down the side of the mountain and was a quarter-mile long and crazy fast. To start, you sat on the top with the helmet and a tube…not ON the tube like normal, but through the tube, to protect your hips. That how you know its serious. grade 9 electricity unit The water collected behind you, and hen the collection pool filled up they opened the guillotine style door, ice cold muddy water engulfed you, and you went flying down the slide.

As we sat there in the rain and warm water, staring at the jungle and mountains, I told Adam “Baby, when we’re home and everything is crazy, the house is a mess, all four kids are asking for something, and I’m trying to figure out what to make for dinner and feeling totally overwhelmed…. this is where I’m coming in my mind. Right here, at this very moment. This is my new happy place.”

The rest of the vacation with just hanging around the resort, beach time, a lot of eating and drinking, and generally just doing whatever the heck we wanted. I stayed up way too late and napped in the middle of the day. I didn’t cook or clean anything. We got massages on the beach from a local lady who I swear had six hands. She also had no problem removing your swimsuit and bending you into crazy positions, which I decided to be okay with and went back multiple times.

So that’s the recap! It was such a great trip, the perfect combo of adventure and relaxation. The worst part was the return trip home, which ended up taking two days thanks to layovers, delays, and missed flights. The good news is that I read an entire novel during that time, which is something I haven’t gotten to do in forever ( this one, which was very sad but I highly recommend). Also, the look on my almost two-year-olds face when we got back was the best…I wish I had a video. He was so sweet and excited. what is electricity They all were, but his reaction definitely sticks out in my mind.