The 22 best whole house water filters for sale online natural gas jokes


If you don’t already have a whole house water filtration system, you should really get on it. With so many chemicals and foreign particles contaminating our water, having clean and safe drinking water has become a challenge. You can buy bottled drinking water to get clean drinking water but that can get really expensive in the long run.

Aside from drinking, water is used for a lot of other things, too, and that includes cleaning the house, cooking, watering the plants, taking a bath and brushing your teeth, among others. For these tasks, you’ll also need clean and safe water.

There are lots of water filters available in the market. Some are meant to filter water from the kitchen sink to turn it into drinking water, others are made to filter water from the shower to make sure it’s clean enough for cleaning your body and there are those that are designed to filter tap water and convert it into alkaline water.

While all those are sure to be useful, installing a water filter on every water source around the house can be expensive. If you want to make sure that you get clean and safe water all around the house all the time, why not get a whole house water filter? It’s like having all kinds of water filters for different water sources around the house in one.

1) Pre-filtering – Your first filtration tank or water filter section should be able to remove dirt and sediment, within 10 microns, if possible. In addition, it should be able to remove at least 80% of the chlorine that has been put into the water. This will do for your basic water filtration.

2) Filtration for waterworks maintenance – Depending on the water chemistry, you will probably have to treat the water with a second-stage filter that will remove most of the hard minerals in the water. This will ensure that your plumbing and fixtures will last longer, with less sediments depositing over time. It is also effective for your laundry, as it will prevent discoloration and will allow your detergent to be more chemically active with the water.

3) Filtration for drinking water – You should install a third stage for your water filtration, particularly for the water you will use for drinking. You should use a water filter that can effectively filter particles down to 0.5 microns, and it should a of a solid-block type, like carbon.

One important factor in planning your whole house water filtration system is cost. If possible, it’s probably a good idea to install it in segments first, so it won’t be such a big strain on your budget. In such a case, you could start first with basic filtration, and then keep on adding special filters as you save up more money.

The total cost for a whole house filtration system is usually around a thousand dollars or so, with a lower limit of around $500 to $600 for smaller families and houses. Whole house water filtration may sound like overkill for many people, but it is actually a serious health and safety issue. It is definitely worth the cost and preparation.

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