The 31 best burgers in miami for national burger month by burger beast electricity trading strategies


Long before all these “Pirate of the Caribbean” amusement park, Insta-worthy burgers were all the rage, Keg South was the place to go for a solid char-grilled burger with melted cheese. Years later it still is. Pair it with wings and an ice-cold beer.

It has been almost a decade since I ate my first Pincho Burger. These days, you definitely need to consider what’s on the month’s chalkboard special when making your decision. If you can’t decide, choose the Perfecto Burger. It’s all in the name.

Multiple Miami-area locations: 30 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables; 9860 SW 40 St., Westchester; 4950 W 12th Ave., Hialeah; 12519 South Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest; 12590 SW 88th St., Kendall; 1250 S. Miami Ave., Brickell; 9251 W. Flagler St., Miami; 11. Pinch Kitchen

I come to Pinch Kitchen for one thing and one thing alone: The Pinch Burger. The 8-ounce, custom blend (made locally by Sunshine Provisions) is somehow made better by the addition of Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and aioli on a brioche bun. Bacon is optional and will probably next-level this fella.

There’s only one on the Beaker & Gray menu and it’s a doozy of burger, topped with smoked Gouda, pickled cucumbers, bacon jam, and onion aioli. It’s an absolute winner. Please note the burger is available only on the weekday lunch menu and weekend brunch menus.

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Jr.’s has a long list of accolades that includes winning the 2017 South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash as well as my Hamburger House Party in 2015, People’s Best Burger in 2016 and Judge’s Best Burger this year. I’m addicted to the sliders with only cheese, grilled onions and mustard. For a full-size burger, I’d go with the Outside Is In Burger (stuffed with cheddar cheese an bacon). Throw some blue cheese crumbles on top for good measure.

Matt Kuscher’s Royale with Cheese Burger (topped w/ Canadian bacon, barbecue sauce, diced white onions and shredded Monterey Jack cheese) trumps the one from “Pulp Fiction.” These Florida grass-fed burgers are ground in-house daily. Make sure to check out his other restaurant, Kush, which has different burgers on its menu.

Chef Danny Serfer’s Blue Collar is comfort food heaven, so it should come as no surprise that there’s a great burger on the menu. The Dry-Aged Burger (prime New York strip) is topped with cheese on a Portuguese muffin. Skip the LTO to enjoy simple excellence.

Most folks who visit Hate Mondays are there for great barbecue and the ridiculous smoked chicken wings. But they had to go and win the 2018 People’s Choice at my Hamburger House Party with the Monday Remedy Burger. It’ll take away your Monday blues.

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The 2017 Hamburger House Party People’s Champs have a burger section on their menu that could drive you mad trying to choose. I can make it simple for you: Order the Chef La Burger (grilled onions, sharp Provolone cheese, hot pastrami and Creole mustard) and leave happy.

I was lucky enough to sample a good portion of Chef Richard Plasencia’s excellent menu when Twisted Fork Kitchen opened at The Tank Brewing, west of Miami Springs. All chefs who take their burger game seriously have a custom blend of beef and Richard is no exception. He takes great pride in it and well he should.

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The creations that come out of Chef Reuben Ruiz’s kitchen seem as if Willy Wonka had a hand in creating them. Where else are you going to find a burger with Cherry Cola glaze, Cheetos-crusted cheddar cheese, crunchy garbanzo beans, smoked chorizo ricotta spread and honey-garlic bacon? Nowhere.

I was ready to hate the Cocinero Burger from Bocas Grill when it arrived cut in half — a big no-no in my book. But once my palate wrapped itself around the 10-ounce wagyu patty, topped with Guasacaca mayo, American cheese and chimichurri sauce, all was forgiven.

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Those of you who’ve eaten at 109 Burger Joint have probably enjoyed one of their signature burgers but overlooked a significant option on their menu: Americanized Burgers. You can Americanize your 8-ounce burger into two 4-ounce patties, which ends up giving it a much deeper chargrilled flavor. It’s an absolute win-win.

One look at Killer Melts’ menu and you’re more than likely going to order one of their grilled cheese creations, but that would be a major oversight. The American Gangsta Burger with its two 3-ounce patties, topped with grilled onions, mayo, pickles and bacon, is the menu’s crown jewel.

Nothing excites me more than knowing a restaurant hand-makes their patties, and John Martin’s has been doing it that way for years. Their Signature Pub Burger is blackened and topped with Irish cheddar and bacon, a winning combination any way you look at it.