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Major hotel industry companies such as Cruise Inn have started RV Park franchise networks. world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor Hotel software companies, such as Frontdesk Anywhere are entering the RV campground industry with reservation and management software. Some manufactured housing companies have even entered the RV park industry. And we have all seen the RV Resorts such as Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resorts popping up all over the country with premium campground prices.

So why should you join a RV Campground membership discount club? Because it’s the best way to lower the cost of your stay in an RV campground or park. Passport America, Escapee’s RV Club and Good Sam’s Club discounts can save you anywhere from 10% to 50% off of your campground fee at participating campgrounds. And Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts memberships offer free places to stay! So let’s take a look at these membership clubs in detail to see which are the best fit for you.

A really great feature is that before you decide to join you can check out all of the participating campgrounds and see current prices, discounts, amenities, pictures and any discount restrictions. And all of this can be done right from the home page of the website. Therefore, if you have an upcoming trip planned you will be able to see, before you join, if you will save money or not.

Not all of the participating campgrounds give a full 50% discount. Some campgrounds do not offer club discounts during certain holidays or days of the week. And campsite duration time is usually limited to no more than a week or two. tropico 5 power plant Each campground has their own rules and discount policies and they are all very easy to see as you read through the directory of campgrounds. Pro’s

Like Escapees RV Club states in their logo they are a total support network for all Rvers. Escapees offers a ton of benefits for all types for RVers from newbie to the most well traveled and Escapees members have access to many discounts and support services. They also offer in-person and online RV education classes. If you join Escapees it also includes a membership in Xscapers, a companion club for working age RVers.

There is an additional $10.00 administration fee for your first year but Passport America members don’t pay the admin fee so if you’re going to join both, join Passport America first. The Escapees membership gives you access to the Escapees and Xscapers communities, as well as access to all of their other services, resources, and programs. Who Would Benefit From This Membership?

Good Sam Club is definitely the most well known of the RV membership clubs. The Club has over 2 million members and over 2,400 participating campgrounds but they only offer a 10% campground discount. la gas prices 2016 But, Good Sam Club offers a whole lot more than just campground discounts. They also offer 10% to 30% merchandise discounts at Camping World and gas and propane discounts too. We receive coupons and special promotions almost every week! For an additional cost they also offer road side assistance (which we carry by the way), extended service plans, tire and wheel protection, insurance and many other services, as well. Pro’s

New RVers would benefit the most from this membership but not because of the 10% discount at participating campgrounds. The better part of the membership are the discounts you will receive for buying RV products at Camping World while you are buying products to outfit your new RV. We get coupons all the time for up to 30% off of merchandise like RV covers, winterizing kits, camp gear and the list goes on.

Even though the name is Boondockers Welcome, which gives the impression there are no hookups, many hosts are able to provide electric and water, as well. Guests are encouraged to offer the host a gift or pay a few bucks if hookups are provided. youtube gas pedal Most of the time the parking area will be right beside the property owner’s home or it will be on land that they own but do not live on. Pro’s

Anyone who is traveling a long distance and needs overnight stays along the way would benefit from this membership. It’s a great way to travel almost for free. But if you want to travel cheap, get some information on the local attractions in the area and meet some interesting people then this membership is a terrific choice. It will easily pay for itself with just one or two stays.

Harvest Hosts is a network of over 600 wineries, breweries, farms and other attractions that allow RVers to spend the night for free. electricity diagram flow In exchange for your overnight stay you purchase something from your host to help support their business. They have a website and an app to help you find the locations of your choice. The location gallery on their home page features photos of some gorgeous locations to choose from. Reviews and pictures from guests are provided for each host location, as well. Just click link above to receive 10% off of your membership! Pro’s

Anyone who enjoys unique camping experiences, making friends and supporting local businesses would benefit from this membership. It’s more of a break even cost though because in exchange for your overnight stay you are encouraged to buy something for at least twenty dollars from your hosts business. But if you want to meet some interesting people, stay in some gorgeous locations and have a unique camping experience then this membership is a great choice. Other Memberships for Full-Timers or Budget Conscience RVers to Consider

Overnight RV Parking is a real time directory of over 13,000 free parking lot camping locations throughout the US and Canada, such as, Walmart, Cracker Barrel Restaurants, Flying J or highway rest stops. Some of these locations allow RVers to stay the night and others do not. Overnight RV Parking’s website and app provide you with the correct information so you know the rules before you stay the night. This will help you avoid a knock on the door in the middle of the night with someone asking you to leave. electricity and magnetism review You will also have the most up to date information since Overnight RV Parking members add real time reviews to the directory. The annual cost is $24.95

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is not an RV club but if accepted your membership includes RV parking benefits. There are over 2000 Elk Lodges across the US and many offer free RV overnight parking for members. Each lodge has their own rules and prices but most overnight stays are free and many lodges have some type of hookup available. Each lodge sets their own membership fees but there is usually a $50 initiation fee and yearly dues of $50.

Not all RV campground membership clubs are for everyone. They all appeal to different kinds of RVers with differing travel needs. So the best way to evaluate which discount membership cubs are best for you is to determine which kind of RVer you are first. Once you know that you will have a better idea of which memberships will work best for you.