The 6 craziest state gun laws – the washington post gas vs electric water heater


3. License to kill, even in public: A class of laws, called castle doctrine statutes by supporters, in most states clarify that homeowners who feel gas cap light threatened in their domicile have no duty to retreat from threats or to refrain from the use of deadly force. But most states also have such laws that apply to conflagrations in public places, far removed from the shooter’s castle. That is, these 34 states allow people to use deadly force electricity questions grade 9 when they feel threatened in public.

These laws vary in severity. Five states, including Ohio and Missouri, only provide for the use gas efficient cars 2016 of deadly force when the threatened party is in a vehicle. But most states with laws along these t gastrobar el tenedor lines, most notably Florida, follow the American Legal Exchange Council (ALEC) model law, which bans police from arresting people who use deadly force in public unless there is probable cause that they did not act in response to a perceived threat, and which grants broad immunity from prosecution and civil action to shooters in such case. Indeed electricity kwh to unit converter, someone who shoots and kills in such a circumstance can himself sue law enforcement agencies if they press charges.

Some researchers have found that gaz 67 dakar castle doctrine laws of this scope, frequently dubbed stand your ground laws, have caused a statistically significant increase in homicide rates. The electricity wiki most notorious case where such statutes came into play was the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, Fla., where George Zimmerman pursued and killed Martin because he states he perceived a threat, despite Martin having no weapons and not having interacted with Zimmerman at all. Zimmerman was eventually charged with second-degree murder by a special prosecutor after the state gas vs electric oven’s attorney declined to press la gas prices now charges. Zimmerman could still have the charges dismissed under the stand your ground law if he demonstrates to a judge that he felt threatened.

5. 8-year-olds with shotguns: Federal law mandates that licensed gun k electric jobs test dealers only sell long guns to individuals 18 and older, and handguns to individuals 21 and older. But not all legal gun sellers are federally licensed. For instance, many gun show participants sell guns legally without a federal license. That means that many under 18 and gas 78 21 are capable of buying guns legally. As mentioned above, Vermont allows children as young as 16 to buy handguns without parental consent.

What’s more, federal law allows all individuals 18 and older to possess handguns, and has no minimum age for long gun possession. Only electricity storage association 20 states and the District of Columbia have a minimum age for long gun possession. The age is usually set at 18, but in New York it’s only 16, and in Montana u gas station near me it’s 14. So in Helena, one can legally own a shotgun before graduating from 8th grade. And in the 30 states with no such minimum age, you could own gas bloating diarrhea one when you’re in elementary school.

Further, only 28 states and the District set a minimum age for sales from unlicensed gun dealers. Twenty-two states, then, have no such minimum age. And in three states, the minimum age for sales only applies to long guns. So in 22 states it is perfectly legal for an 8-year-old to pick up a handgun at a gun show, though 66 gas station he cannot legally possess it. In 20 states that 8 year old can both legally buy a shotgun and possess it.