The aggregation of marginal conveniences – accidental fire electricity jokes


we don’t have a dishwasher or snowblower and i don’t have a phone. i also rarely upgrade something that is still working. about 7-8 years ago our old rusty (it was literally rusty as frugal mrs. smidlap bought it from a friend for 25 bucks when she bought the house) died on us. i had just hit a big trifecta at the track for about 1600 clams so i bought a stove (necessary as the old one kept refusing and ruining food) and a fridge. we drink a lot of wine and go through a lot of ice in our house, not to mention being able to chill beers in the classic cooler when a bunch of friends come over. i got the one with the icemaker and had to drill through the kitchen floor to the basement to run the line and pierce a copper pipe. the strange thing is i was just thinking the other day about all the little conveniences in my life and how much i love having an abundance of ice on hand. i keep the dispenser full and am vigilant about keeping a large bowl in reserve in case the white wine from the store is room temp and i want it right away. if i had to have a draft of favorite possessions i think it would be a top 2 pick! i guess that’s just diversity of values and not one being better or worse, just different.

We paid through the nose for two appliance replacements this month – getting what I’d call lower middle-end models, but certainly not the cheapest ones they have. With a family of 6, living in the Summer-Lasts-10-Months Deep Southern U.S., we would have been making ice manually at least 2 times per day. gas constant But, truly, you’re right: that method is something we’ve almost eliminated from our minds as a possibility, what with becoming accustomed to luxury levels of convenience.

I held out on the replacements as long as I could. types of electricity generation methods Had to balance my urge to use them forever vs. my wife’s wishes to replace them long ago. Over the past 10 years I had repaired the stove myself 3 times using YouTube with used parts purchased online (seems like a couple of years after manufacture, new parts become suddenly unavailable – I suppose the makers want us to have replacement as the only option, when something breaks). v gashi 2015 I was able to find a compatible new oven element and replaced that as well, about 3 years ago. But once again we were down to 1 burner out of 5 actually reliably working, with about $50 worth of parts needed for its fifth repair.

While we were at it we finally replaced our 10-year-old fridge. It needed a $170 part in the door, and $240 worth of replacement shelves, and was making increasingly loud clunks day and night. gas prices going up in michigan Over 10 years I repaired it myself 3 times, squeezing another 5 years out of it by learning the self-repair of internal parts. One freezer valve repair was MacGyver’d up, literally, with duck tape. gas bloating pain If it was just me, I’d have tried to keep it another 5 years. q mart gas station It was becoming a “Fridge vs. Man” challenge.

We made one frugal change, for this appliance replacement: I was offended when the store wanted me to pay $20 per appliance for haul-away. gas after eating salad No thanks. I listed the fridge and oven for sale, fully disclosing their issues, and the fridge sold to a young couple who had no fridge in their apartment. They were happy to get it, even in the shape it was in. Couldn’t get any takers on the stove, even for $25, so on the day of delivery I just put the stove on the curb and it was gone in 24 hours. So I saved $40 on haul-away and we have $150 from the fridge sale in our pocket, plus some strangers out there are putting them to use rather than both of them ending up as trash. monroe la gas prices I won’t be paying any stores for haul-away in the future.