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" Double Jeopardy : Brutus may have been “the first” robot to feature projectile weaponry, but Double Jeopardy is the first robot to actually feature it. The robot’s main weapon is an air-powered cannon that can fire off a five pound slug of solid fucking metal. The downside is that the robot only has one shot, but when you’re launching five pounds of “fuck you” at someone at god knows how fast that just might be all you really need."

Thanks to Andre and his latest article for BBU, we finally know what Double Jeopardy‘s weapon is. It’s a one pump chump projectile weapon, oh boy. Also, assuming that it gets all four qualifier fights and makes it into the elimination bracket to the Grand Final, we’re only gonna see it fire its weapon a maximum of eight times in competition. That’s not how many times it’ll hit, just how many times it’ll activate. I’m kinda worried that unless Evan has some serious sniper capabilities, the slug is just gonna sail straight past its opponents. But still, you never know, I hope it’s actually pretty potent.

Can we clear something up though… I’m not sure if it was discussed before, but Red Devils saw did not puncture Witch Doctor to make the batteries smoke. This little bit annoys me because it seems that Skopios and red Devil will still be using saws and I’m willing to bet they won’t do damage to anything beyond cosmetic scratches. What makes me ticked about it is You can even see the blade stop spinning when it comes in contact with witch doctor, and when it lifts as the batteries start smoking, you can see there isn’t even damage to the paint. It just so happens that the batteries are located directly under that area where red devil was attempting to saw. Too many people have been saying that red devil went through their armor and that saws are now meta but I’m in complete disagreement here. The YouTube video exploded and it’s in the top best moments of season two even though it was just a fluke. I Don’t want battery flukes like that in season 3 nor do I want more bots with weapons that do no damage.

Can you elaborate on how things escalated from this to the venue threatening to pull out, and how you were made aware of this? This seems like a really minor thing for the venue to put themselves on the line for a lawsuit from Battlebots for breach of contract, and seems like it would make sense for the venue, not Battlebots, to back down if the threat in your first paragraph was issued, especially since Battlebots had likely been on site for a while beforehand setting up. Why wouldn’t the same thing have happened to any other official competitor parked at the venue, and would they have been asked to withdraw? Or was this when you showed up a week early to an event whose schedule was well known and public knowledge for…reasons? Even if the people you spoke to, or their company higher-ups, weren’t aware of the rental, surely whoever said to Battlebots "don’t let this guy compete in your robot event, happening in our building, or we won’t let you use the building" (which still sounds like a really odd and specific request) knew about it. And what happened with the stolen robots? Something isn’t adding up…