The beauty of 11,000 feet – review of mount elbert lodge, twin lakes, co – tripadvisor gas bubble in throat


We got to enjoy the best of both worlds. we started down at the Barn an 1800’s Log Cabin for a few days enjoying direct access to the river and outstanding views. The river had just started to break up and were warned to stay off for fear we might fall thru. we were a group of 5 and all of us had plenty of space in the Barn. we enjoyed the gas log heater and were never cold even when it was in the low twenties. oh and dont worry from the pics online it looks like the bathroom is directly behind the kitchen, Its not. there is a hall way and a TV room behind the kitchen. Main room of the Barn is a Living Dining combo with Galley Kitchen that has a Large cast iron farm sink. When we called they told us that if we needed most any type of pot, pan or other kitchen item would be provided or found and brought to us from another cabin or storage. We were not disappointed they had it ALL. if you use alot of towels bring a few extra you get the amount in your party. We didnt pay for any additional house keeping. The hot tub is near all the log cabins. After a few days we moved up to their condos Cinnamon Bear & Rinker across the street. built in 2010 they offer great views also each having its own deck and fire pit. The owners were there on site for any needs that may arise or for general information. They can tell you about the near by trails and things to look for. My husband has fallen in love and wants to make it a yearly destination.

This was the 1st time that my girlfriend and I stayed at this place we both agree that it was beautiful there if you wanna be in a secluded cabin away from it all it’s exactly what it is it was very awesome very secluded the new owners are extremely friendly and extremely willing to help you or get anything you may need that originally comes with the place as it did for the last 20 years and of course they are making some changes and though have to work out all the kinks being that this is the 1st year that they took it over. I just felt that I need to say that because the 1st review you look on the site must be a real Snobby uppity person That has nothing better to do then to pick on 2 people fitter actually trying to do something nice. Anyway the place is awesome I think any of the cabins would be great to stand we stayed in rinker which was a duplex weakwhen here our neighbors at all throughout the whole night the place was built very well. Definitely worth staying there whether be a night a week or a month we definitely plan on coming back in the summer time to do some fishing and some other stuff.

We have stayed here several times a year for almost 20 years, and it used to be Heaven on Earth. However, it was sold last spring, and already the quality has abruptly dropped. Our cabin was not clean – we had to sweep the floor when we moved in. There was a mouse in the cabin. The new owner is unfriendly and most of the time, there is no one in the office if you should have a problem. (Previous owners were almost always available and very friendly and helpful) The new owner is from Texas and knows nothing about the hiking trails in the area, nor about the local climate. When I explained to her that the normal weather pattern in the mountains is that it rains suddenly in the afternoon, she argued with me! She has put "fire bowls" right on the wooden porch of the old cabins – this is a terrible fire danger, then lied and said they had always been there ( we know better) Because the new owner is unfriendly and argumentative, we will never come back, at least not until it is under better management.