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This snow blower is manufactured by the popular outdoor tools company named, Snow Joe. As we will explain below, this Snow Joe iON18SB is certainly the best cordless snow blower available in the market today. It is a perfect alternative to a big, heavy duty gas snow blower.

It operates efficiently in almost 8″ deep snow and can clear a path of 18″, perfect for clearing off the sidewalk, deck, driveway and etc. One of the best things about this snow blower is its lightweight design that makes it really easy to use and move around. If you’re wondering about its exact weight, well, it weighs only around 32 lbs (including the battery).

The features of this snow blower by Snow Joe include a rotating discharge chute that can rotate at 180 o and can throw the ice almost 20 ft, a 40 volt rechargeable lithium battery that works effectively for 50 minutes, steel auger and 2 blades that can 8″ deep.

Moreover, this snow blower is extremely easy to maneuver, thanks to its advanced features and design. The steel augers make it easy to push the blower as they partially propel the blower forward. Also, one can adjust the handle to an optimum height making the whole maneuvering part even more easy and comfortable.

In addition to all that, there are safety features in the iON18SB as well that include a light fixed on the handle that is perfect if you try to clear snow early in the morning or even at night, and a feature where the auger stops spinning when the handle is released.

Next one on the top rated cordless snow blowers list is the iON21SB Pro by Snow Joe. It is a bigger version of one of the absolute best cordless snow blowers, the iON18SB. This snow blower is a Pro 21 inch model with all the amazing and advanced features the iON version had. This one is bigger in size and so is a bit expensive as well but is definitely worth its price tag.

It is ideal for clearing snow off large areas like walkways, patio, big driveways and etc. And the best part is that you can easily clear off snow without the issues of extension cords and as it doesn’t require gas or any kind of fuel, there is no carbon emission either.

The features of this Pro iON21SB include a 40V rechargeable battery that can operate on full power for at least 45 to 50 minutes, it doesn’t make much noise as compared to other big snow blowers with engines and etc, has a steel auger equipped with 2 blades that have the ability to cut 8 inch deep and 21 inch wide snow.

The LCSB2140 Max Snow thrower made by the famous hardware manufacturing company named BLACK + DECKER is another top rated cordless snow blower in the market that works efficiently and is absolutely worth its price tag. It has all the features the other best snow blowers have. Perfect for clearing snow off areas like driveways, decks, patio and sidewalks.

This snow blower is a 21 inch version and has a high quality design that makes it durable and makes the whole snow clearing process easy and convenient. Its features include two 40V MAX lithium batteries, push start button, rubber auger, powerful brushless motor technology and a 180 degree movable chute that can throw snow up to 20 ft.

A couple of other useful features include an anti-jam rod and a safety key as well. This snow blower by BLACK + DECKER gives you a 3 years warranty as well. One of the best things about this snow blower is that you get 2 batteries. Now, people think this machine may need two batteries to operate but that’s not the case here. You’ll only need one to run this blower and the other is kept as a backup.

Next is another snow blower by GreenWorks, this one is the G-MAX 40V snow blower. It is a powerful snow blower and is extremely easy to use because of amazing features and an equally amazing and lightweight design. This 40V version by GreenWorks also works without cords and there are absolutely no issues of carbon emissions as no fuel is required for this machine.

It comes with a 4 Ah battery that takes around 2 hours to charge and can give 40 minutes of powerful and efficient snow throwing action. Its main features include the DigiPro brushless motor technology that is ideal for providing high torque and efficiency, it can clear a path of 20 inch wide and 8 inch deep, two super cool LED lights that are very useful if you want to clear your driveway or patio early in the morning or even at night. It also includes a 180 degree rotating chute that has a 20 ft discharge distance rate.

This single stage G-MAX 40V snow blower comes with a 4 year warranty, even though the snow blower and all its components are quite durable but still you get a nice 4 year warranty from the company. Check Price on Amazon Cordless Electric Snow Blower Buying Guide Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in a cold country where it snows most of the time, buying a cordless snow blower for yourself can be both, labor and time saving alternative to shoveling and clearing snow off your driveways, patios and what not. But you do need to do a little research and find a snow blower that suits you the best. And not just that, you need to know what features to look for and other issues related to snow blowers as well. What type of Snow Blower to choose?

There are different types of snow blowers available that include an electric corded blower, gas powered snow blower and battery powered snow blower. There have been many developments in this technology and there are hybrid snow blowers available as well. Now, every type has its pros and cons, but in my opinion, the cordless snow blowers are the best choice compared to others.

The reason is that they do not require any kind of cords, so you don’t have to worry about getting long extension cords and stuff. Second, as they run on charged batteries, there isn’t any kind of carbon emissions issue either. Third, they operate without making much noise and they are pretty lightweight as well that makes them very easy to use. Also, one of the major plus points of having a battery powered snow blower is that they will not require any maintenance work either.

And in the case of gas powered snow blower, first thing you need to know is that these machines are huge. They are heavy duty, high performing and expensive machines. So, you will need to have enough space to store them and also be ready to pay for gas and maintenance for these gas engine snow blowers. Single Stage vs. Multi Stage blowers! Which one is the best?

The single stage blowers have an auger which breaks the snow, lifts it up and then throws it away. If you’re going to buy a snow blower of this type, do remember to not use it on gravel. In these blowers the auger touches the ground, collects everything in its way and tosses it away.

The three stage blower gathers the snow, chops it and then throws it away. Such snow blowers are considered the most powerful of the three as they can cut through thicker snow easily and quickly. What Features to look for in a Cordless Snow Blower?

After reviewing this guide and reading various snowblower reviews, we hope you have all the information you need to make an educated decision on buying the right snow blower. For most people, we believe our overall top pick will be an excellent choice: The Best Cordless Snow Blower for Most People