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This is an evaluation of the “new” Island Watersports Lanzarote, i.e. since they’ve moved to a new location (~200m away from the old one) in the corner of the harbour of Puerto del Carmen. Since 2013, I’ve been every year at their dive centre, this year, for 5 weeks with r gas constant chemistry a total of 52 dives (plus some technical gas zombies dives with other people). I’m a CMAS*** and IANTD FullTrimix/Technical Diver. The Dive Centre: While smaller than the previous building, it’s still larger than most other dive centres and the available space is just enough. There is an office with a refrigerator (with drinks to buy), a desk and some seats, a computer for the guests a number of books and a small shop with the most necessary things like maks and some other tiny stuff. Another room features lockers, 3 toilets and electricity in costa rica 2 showers (with hot water) and a changing room. The wet room is where equipment can be stored and hung up for drying. A room with the compressor includes a small workshops with enough tools to work on equipment if necessary. There are no water tubs for gasset y ortega biografia rinsing the equiment (well there are, but only for regulators and cameras) – much better, the stuff is simply always rinsed with fresh water from a hose, which is much more hygienical than the tubs with day or even days old water known from many other dive cetres. There electricity voltage in india are several bences and tables outside, free WiFi and enough equipment to rent (if needed). A gas station, ATM and several restaurants (with, for example, cheap and tasty sandwhiches) are close. All the equipment is in proper condition and well maintained. Personally, I have quite strict requirements electricity prices by country on this, but Island Watersports is one of the few dives centres (if not the only one) where I’d trust that blindly. The Dive Spots: Telling extensively about the dive spots in Lanzarote would be too much for here. There are a number of dive spots which they regularly go to. El Poril gas and supply acworth ga / Black Beach, which is very close just at the other end of the harbour, which offers quite a number of different possible dives from there. Either they go there 2015 electricity increase via van or using a trolley. The wrecks just outside the harbour, the lava flow La Tinosa or the wrecks on the way to Puerto Calero are usually made by boat (which departs about 50m from the dive centre). Another regular location is Playa Chica, to where they drive via electricity lab activities the van, and which offers a number of differen dives as well. The People: Quite frankly, all of the four, Georg, Iain, John and Marie (in alphabetical ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas order) are just really nice and funny. There’s always a helping hand be it with working on equipment, lifting a tank or unzipping the suit. The instructors/guides know what they’re doing, they find quite some stuff under water and one can feel save when diving with them.

Cleveland Divers BSAC 978, have recently returned from a week of diving with Island Water Sports. The group had a fabulous week with George la gastronomie, Ian and Marie and John. Having dived with them on previous diving holidays our welcome was as warm and friendly as it has always been. Pre arrival communication with Marie was very efficient and informative with a flexible time table given in advance. The first day’s shore dives were from El Poril Black Beach and Playa Chica gas 02, two great dives to wet the appietite and make any necessary kit adjustments. The electricity japan group were particularly excited about spotting two seahorses (notoriously shy and difficult to spot) but these two did not seem to mind our inquisitive divers in addition to seeing Ocotopus, Jacks and Barracudas. The second day’s dives also shore dives to the Cathedral Cave and later Playa Flamingo located at Play Blanca, only 30 mins from Puerto del Carmen, which was well worth the trip. Day 3 was the Blue Hole then gas in oil lawn mower another trip to Playa Blanca to dive the ‘Museo Atlantico.’ a must see dive. Day electricity video ks2 4 two boat dives to a deeper Reef Wall and finally the Harbour wrecks. It was a great week and many thanks for being so flexible and ensuring all our group, non- divers included, were looked after in particular the one with a hand injury and another with ear problems. ‘Your are simply the best.’