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Methodolgy: We base our selections on many different factors, including Beruea of Labor Statistics salary information, employer demand for the online degree, employment growth in fields relevant to the degree, interesting subject matter, and job satisfaction for jobs associated with the degree. The list includes master’s and bachelor’s online degree programs and a couple of associate’s degree online programs.

Description: An online degree in business administration prepares students for careers in leadership. At the associate level, students develop key managerial and administrative knowledge and skills, preparing for middle-management jobs. At the bachelor’s level, students prepare for upper-level management positions. With a master’s degree, students may lead entire companies.

Description: Online degrees in counseling prepare students to aid clients in understanding how to succeed both physically and mentally over a lifetime. gas leak explosion While counselors in different areas of practice offer different, niche services, the fundamental goal of helping people through counseling services remains steady across all discipline areas.

Individuals interested in studying counseling choose from programs in several areas, including general counseling, mental health and substance abuse counseling, rehabilitation counseling, school and career counseling, or marriage and family counseling. Counseling programs typically incorporate theoretical and practical coursework, as well as research and field experience.

At the associate level, students focus on the functional and practical aspects of the criminal justice systems, including police officer and correctional officer training. Moving up to a master’s degree, students gain the knowledge required for success in administrative roles in criminal justice. Graduates of the best online degrees in criminal justice maintain societal order through an array of jobs and functions on the street, in the penal system, and in government.

Early childhood education degrees focus on the educational and developmental needs of preschool children. Students in these programs typically engage in a blend of coursework and field experience. electricity and magnetism notes At the graduate level, students also complete research projects. Some programs provide specialization options, allowing students to pursue study in special education, early intervention, or early childhood care program administration.

Students should not confuse these degrees with an MA in teaching, which focuses primarily on the in-class experience. Master’s in education programs typically incorporate a specialization, such as curriculum and instruction, school counseling, leadership and administration, or higher education. Furthermore, not all master’s in education programs focus on education in schools; some focus on education in the workplace.

Students typically enter these programs with work experience and seek to advance professionally. electricity units of measurement These programs prepare students for administrative roles at the college level, as well as for directing employee training programs in corporations or agencies. The best online degrees in this field typically include a blend of coursework, fieldwork, and research — examining theories of education, educational administration, and their applications.

An online bachelor’s or master’s in finance prepares students to engage with finance in a variety of roles. Some students specialize in financial analysis and examine how corporations use their finances, offering consultation based on the analysis. Others take a more administrative role as financial managers or focus on investment, brokerage, and loan management. Regardless, students develop in-depth knowledge of markets, money, theories of growth and decline, and how to employ the knowledge safely, legally, and profitably.

Bachelor’s in graphic design programs blend coursework, portfolio projects, and field experience to prepare students for a range of careers. For individuals seeking to apply their artistic passion and skills professionally, a graphic design degree offers the necessary technical and practical knowledge. Individuals with graphic design degrees may find success as freelancers or in a variety of full-time positions at corporations, marketing agencies, or non-profit organizations.

Health informatics sits at the intersection of information technology and healthcare science. electricity kwh usage calculator Health informatics professionals must understand enough from both fields to effectively organize, analyze, and utilize health data in diverse settings. Students in these programs engage with curricula that combine the practical and theoretical aspects of technology with healthcare. A bachelor’s in health informatics prepares students for careers, as well future graduate study.

Though students in these programs may immediately pursue a career, many use a bachelor’s in health services to prepare for graduate study in a specialized field. Because of this, many bachelor’s in health services programs come with specialization options in areas like healthcare administration, medical informatics, emergency medicine, or mental health. Regardless, students with online college degrees in this space earn a strong foundation for roles in the health professions.

Graduates of these programs enter careers as hospital or medical practice administrators, but may also apply their knowledge in human resources or social services. These programs utilize curricula that covers the intricacies of the business end of healthcare. Rather than working as doctors or physician assistants, healthcare administration professionals blend medicine, business administration, and insurance to oversee healthcare staff and ensure that healthcare organizations run smoothly.

Students in healthcare management programs develop the skills and knowledge necessary to perform crucial roles in the management of health clinics and hospitals. astrid y gaston lima reservations Though related to healthcare administration, healthcare management programs emphasize the management of healthcare services as a whole, rather than the specific management of staff.

Human resources professionals ensure that businesses run smoothly by taking care of the people that constitute the business. With a bachelor’s or master’s in human resources degree, students prepare for administrative or managerial careers that ensure that employees receive fair treatment, timely payment, streamlined benefits, and a forum for reporting. Human resources professionals exist at multiple levels in corporations, including entry-level, middle-management, and executive-level roles.

Online bachelor degree programs in human services focus on the analysis and improvement of state support systems and services. Individuals in this field study community and society as a whole and offer services like career counseling, substance abuse counseling, and medical assistance to clients. Many bachelor’s in human services programs offer specialization options and blend coursework with field experience.

With an online degree in information technology or computer science, students develop the in-depth technical knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at meeting the technological needs of corporations, government agencies, banks and financial organizations, and schools. electricity generation efficiency Graduates of these programs emerge with an in-depth understanding of the operation, integration, and maintenance of computers and technology.

Online degree programs in management cover fundamental management concepts, including personnel management, financial management, human resources management, organizational management, and marketing management. Many online college degree programs provide students with concentration options to focus their studies in specific management areas. With an associate or bachelor’s degree in management, graduates pursue entry-level management positions or prepare for future graduate study.

A bachelor’s in marketing online degree program covers theoretical and practical approaches to marketing. Graduates of these programs learn how to develop and execute marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns, manage marketing teams, and direct public relations. A bachelor’s in marketing prepares students to enter a range of careers and pursue future graduate study and professional advancement.

With an online associate in medical assisting degree, individuals earn the education necessary to enter careers as medical assistants in hospitals, private practices, clinics, and residential treatment centers. Medical assistants support doctors and nurses by performing clinical and administrative duties, including greeting patients, preparing exam rooms, updating records, and scheduling appointments.

Individuals may become registered nurses through completing an associate program and passing registered nurse certification. electricity year invented Without a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, however, many nurses find their career opportunities limited. After earning these degrees, graduates pursue careers as nurse practitioners, nurse instructors, nurse administrators or managers, and as specialized nurses in a variety of areas.

Project management online degree programs blend coursework, research projects, and field experience to engage students with fundamental concepts in the field. Project management professionals pursue careers in marketing, logistics, sales, technology, and construction. Accordingly, project management online degree programs often provide specialization options.

At the undergraduate level, students engage with fundamental concepts in psychology and develop a foundation of knowledge useful in their careers and graduate study. At the graduate level, students engage with advanced concepts, research, and fieldwork, often specializing in specific areas. Even for students not seeking psychology careers, the concepts gained from earning a degree in psychology prove useful in fields like business and law.

Public health combines aspects of medicine, community organizing, education, and public policy to maintain and improve the health of communities. Public health professionals work in schools, nonprofit groups, research labs, and government to serve people’s health interests. Master’s in public health programs often provide routes for specialization, allowing students to pursue careers in health education, public policy, epidemiology, public health research, and biostatistics.

While many graduates of social work programs pursue careers as social workers, graduates may also perform similar roles in different, relevant areas of practice, including counseling, community services, and probation. Some social work programs provide specialization options to pursue niche areas of practice. Regardless, a master’s in social work helps students assess the needs of clients and aid them in accessing the resources that enable them to develop and achieve their goals.

With a bachelor’s in theology, graduates enter religious occupations, such as the clergy, but may also pursue careers in social work or religious education. Offered at religious schools, bachelor’s in theology programs develop in-depth knowledge of religious concepts and texts, often include field experience, and sometimes come with unique specialization options.

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Online degrees provide invaluable flexibility for busy individuals seeking to advance their education. Interested in some of these programs? Dive deeper and check out our linked ranking articles to find the best school for you. electricity review worksheet Not seeing anything above that fits your specific needs? No problem. Plenty of degrees at all levels are available in the online format. Everyone should earn the degree they want from the school they want, and online degrees make that possible. If you don’t see something above that fits you, check out our other degree and school ranking articles — in areas like economics, information security and assurance, or graphic design, for example.