The best online fax services of 2018 electricity grid australia

Online fax services have largely supplanted the old fax machines and, along with them, maintenance costs and user frustration. For just a small monthly subscription cost, online fax services replace and enhance the functions performed by the old office fax machine. By digitizing faxing, organizations engage in more secure document transmission, establish a digital archive of sent and received faxes, and make the process simpler and quicker.

This guide will introduce you to the online fax service industry, as well as some of our best picks, which include eFax, MetroFax, HelloFax and Sfax. Every organization’s faxing needs are different; some need to receive more faxes, while others send more. Some organizations, like medical practices, also require a higher level of security than others.

Whatever your needs, our comprehensive list of online fax services will help you get acquainted with some of the major players in the industry, and our pricing and negotiations sections can guide you through the selection process. Best Picks

Faxing might seem like a thing of the past, but businesses and customers alike still find faxing to be a useful and even essential part of modern business. But there is a better, more efficient way to fax than maintaining bulky and often difficult machines. A 2014 survey of small businesses conducted by j2 Global, an electronic fax service provider, found that 27 percent of respondents wanted to get rid of their machines.

"The advancement in technology and flexibility provided by online fax vendors enable organizations to automate their fax solutions and hence is a major driver for the growth of the market," the report said. "While the healthcare sector is likely to contribute maximum revenue to the market, the manufacturing, transportation and logistics sectors are going to post the highest-growth CAGR during the forecast period."

Online fax services increase security, speed up the transmission of information, help with archiving and filing, reduce an organization’s paper footprint, and decrease maintenance costs. Digitizing your faxing needs could impact your bottom line and streamline a component of office life. Large corporations are driving the bulk of adoption as well, according to the report.

"Large enterprises are the major contributors of online fax services with 48.6 percent of share to the market," the report reads. "The market for home office users will decline during the forecast period because of the growth of their organizations, and hence adding more revenue to the SME markets."

We invested substantial time to research various online fax services, plans and features. We started the process by coming up with a comprehensive list of vendors that offer online faxing through our own research as well as other lists and reviews of popular vendors.

From there, we visited the websites of each fax service to compare pricing and features. We watched product demos and tutorials, and we sent sample faxes when that feature was available. We used this criteria to narrow down our pool of candidates.

Next, we contacted all the services we were considering, calling and posing as a customer when possible. We wanted to get a feel for how the companies handle actual customer interactions, so we asked each customer service rep the same questions about features, options and pricing, and we noted our reactions to the experience.

For our overall best pick, the decision came down to which company offered the best balance of affordability, robust features and ease of use. We shied away from vendors that offered low upfront pricing with lots of hidden fees or expensive over-limit fees.

In’s evaluation of online fax services, we looked for programs with functions like advanced scheduled delivery, international faxing and integration with Microsoft Outlook. We selected services that allow you to sign documents electronically and send faxes to more than one recipient at a time. We found that the best fax services offer toll-free fax numbers, unlimited fax storage and quality customer support to their subscribers.

We performed hands-on evaluations of each service by signing up for free trials and using the fax services the way we would have as a customer. We developed test faxes that we sent through the online desktop programs and mobile apps, where available. We tracked the amount of time it took for our faxes to send and scored each platform on its intuitiveness and ease of use. The services that allow you to create cover pages in the software, have fax templates and offer fax confirmations received additional points. Reviews