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The British are particularly talented at finding awkward situations and characters for their films and they don’t shy away from taboos – even taboos you’ve never heard of. Death at a Funeral is exactly that. It follows the attendants at a funeral and shows you a very colorful slice of life. There’s a man who has been accidentally given hallucinogenic drugs, there’s a pervvy guy trying to hook up at a funeral, there’s family tensions, and oh yes, there’s also an attempt at extortion at the hands of the deceased’s secret gay lover, who as luck would have it is also a little person. I don’t know why this makes it funnier but it does. Just as you think things can not get any more awkward they do. This movie spirals rapidly out of control as you sit in your seat muttering, "Oh my God…." I think it is the funniest movie ever made but I could just be twisted. There is an American version of this film but I haven’t seen it, nor do I know if it’s any good. I have a hard time imagining this to be any family besides a stiff upper lipped British one.

I ended up watching this movie because the title caught me completely off guard. I was both intrigued and a bit nauseated to know what it meant. Little was I to know I was in for a real treat. This is an independent film that didn’t get a lot of press but it has a small cult following which it is completely deserving of. Basically it starts when a man wakes up in Hell, or what he thinks is Hell. The funny part is that everything in the is new place is the same as in life except one or two shades worse than in reality. Plus no one can smile. It becomes a whimsical adventure to find his way out of Hell, dragging along with him a crazy singing Russian and a mysterious woman who has the same goal as he does. It’s a weird winding story with a lot of bizarre humor including a black hole under the seat of the car – anything that gets dropped there is gone for good! I’m sure we can all relate. In any event this is actually an inspiring film, very sweet, very subtle, and incredibly imaginative. And the acting is just superb for an independent film.

Have you ever wondered how a chronically tipsy mother would look to an eight year old? This movie answers that and so many more questions you never thought you asked! Mary’s mother isn’t a kleptomaniac, she’s just borrowing, or conserving grocery bags by finding other places to carry the produce. Ahem. Mary and Max is an Australian claymation I would never show American children… it chronicles the spontanious penpal relationship between eight year old Mary and a random 40 year old guy she writes to in NYC. Of course her penpal Max has Asberger’s and hence has no idea what is socially appropriate to tell little Mary when she asks things like where do babies come from? Apparently Atheist babies hatch out of eggs laid by dirty whores. Who knew! This movie is an unflinching look into a lot of characters who are severely flawed…. but with some great creative tooling it came out rather sweet and despite how dark it sometimes is (like when Max describes his childhood after his father abandons his mother and she takes a gun after herself) it also maintains a sort of sweet innocence. The combination of these two features makes for a wild psychological ride filled with guilty laughs.

Ever wonder what it’d be like to be a socially awkward British hotel host? I mean what could possibly be funny about that? Apparently everything. This movie tracks the main character’s first night on the job as he caters to four rooms filled with absolutely crazy people. There’s a coven of witches trying to conjure up their lost goddess who employ him to create their final ingredient for their spell. There’s also a man who thinks he’s the guy who his wife is cheating on him with who happens to be thoroughly armed. If that isn’t bad enough the third room contains two mobster children who are precociously manipulative when they’re not using hypodermic needles to play a game of darts or complaining about the dead hooker under their mattress. There’s a fourth room too but that one was written by Quentin Tarintino and well… if you’ve seen one of his drunken blood sopping gore fests you’ve sort of seen them all. I fell asleep but if the moral dilemma you feel over being paid to chop some guy’s finger off is mentally enticing to you then by all means feel free to watch until the end.

Shortbus is not for everyone. It is the most cringe-worthy comedy I have ever seen. It’s not for the prudish or easily offended, that’s for sure! In fact it is the most unflinching look at sexuality in all its forms that I have ever seen on film and it somehow manages to make it very funny and touching at the same time. When I asked my beau what movies I should put on this list he said, "What about that one that starts with a guy trying to give himself a blow job. That’s awkward." I have to agree and the funny part is it didn’t come off as pornographic so much as, "Wow… that was impressive…." The main character of this film is a woman who is a sex psychologist even though she’s never had the sweet bliss of climax. This is a look at her patients, the people around her, and her struggle to achieve the big O. Between the fractured dominatrix, the gay trio, and the poor woman’s clueless boyfriend this movie shed light on so much while still remaining funny, warm, and in some strange way inspiring. It all comes down to love – who can’t agree with that?