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King David Castillo. Traveling to Belize during the off peak season has its advantages. We made arrangements with David Castillo of AlTourNative guide service several months in advance only because David has such wonderful feedback on TripAdvisor. He always responded promptly to any questions we had, which gave us confidence in choosing him for our private tour guide and he DID NOT DISAPPOINT! David provided us with a comprehensive narrative during our whole tour giving us information on anything and everything you’d ever like to know about Belize, which electricity kanji was much appreciated. David also had a great sense of humor which made it even more fun and put us at ease. Because we were in Belize during off season we had most of the activities power vocabulary words to ourselves starting with zip lining with George Felix, who gave us extra lines to zip. David went the extra mile to make sure we got more than our money’s worth during our cave tubing. Our next tour, 2 days later, was up the river to the Lamania Mayan temples in Orange Walk. Javier, David’s associate, was every bit as good as David; knowledgeable and attentive with a great sense of humor. My husband daughter and I highly recommend David who will now remain our friend forever. THANK YOU DAVID! More Show less

This April, I organized an excursion for 9gag tv a group of 11 while on a family cruise. King David was great to work with in the planning stage a week or two prior to arriving. He made sure we had all of the information we needed to get from the cruise terminal to the pickup station. The van was waiting on us and was air conditioned. During the commute to the zipline, he told us about the social and cultural practices in Belize. It was interesting and entertaining. When we arrived at the zipline course, we were guided through and everyone electricity grounding works was professional and made us feel safe. They provided lunch (buffet), which was very good. We were running short on time because we were late getting off of the ship, so David could not take us to do cave tubing. Instead, he worked in another option for us to stop to a beach club. I recommend against this for two reasons that have NOTHING to do with King David. The place looks nice and had good music and a bar, however, the large waterslide is broken near the bottom and 3 of our party got hurt. Also, the self contained beach pool has sludge in the bottom (icky) and one person in our party got multiple infections after being in that water. Again, that’s just a note I would offer to others to avoid this place. We were power definition physics electricity happy to leave him a generous tip for all of his hard work. Never once did we feel like we were being taken advantage of or paying too much for what we got. We loved his enthusiasm and gas after eating fruit the care he takes in treating everyone with respect. He seems to be LGBT friendly. My partner and I were always treated with respect. We made it back on time and enjoyed the rest of our vacation. It was definitely a highlight. Go for it, he’s the real deal! -Kevin J, Chicago, IL

We had booked a cruise to Belize, and none of the excursions seemed like a good value. We came across these reviews for King David and decided to work with him. From start to finish, it was as professional an engagement as once could expect. My email was responded to with a call that evening, and a followup email when I couldn’t get to the phone. We spoke the next day and outlined our desired tour (Altun Ha and then the electricity around the world zoo for the kids). We agreed on a price, which he followed up on in writing. He then sent an informational package on how to quickly depart the cruise ship and find him. He followed up 2 days before the cruise with another email confirming gas tax in new jersey our arrangements. Upon arriving at Belize, we headed right from the tender docks and found terminal two. He was right outside the entrance with a sign, and recognized us immediately (because we were the only family with 4 year old twins there). We hopped in the car, and he whisked us away from all the traffic, tour buses and craziness at the port. He was extremely polite to us and our kids, and was constantly sharing information about Belize in various topics; flora fauna, architecture, policy and politics, economics and so on.You can tell when someone really enjoys what they do. He got us to Altun Ha before the big tours, and we enjoyed peaceful climbs up to the gas variables pogil packet answers tops of the monuments. He even took one of my boys up the tallest tower by himself when our other son got spooked by they heights on temple #3. We forgot to get smaller bills, and rather than have us try to pay with a large bill, he bought drinks and snacks for us and the kids while we were there. As we were departing, other cruise tours were just showing up. Several folks he had worked with in the past recognized him and came up to greet him (we were jokingly accused of ‘stealing the best tour guide in Belize’). It was nice to rest in ice-cold A/C on the trip to the zoo, and when we got there it was deserted except for a school group. We ate at the restaurant there, and then he took us to see all the gas vs electric oven running cost highlights of this zoo. It is small, but it has an amazing layout, and the animals are close by and easy to spot, making for great photo ops. It is also entirely shaded, which we appreciated in the afternoon temps. Back to the cruise electricity projects for grade 6 ship – the whole time he worried about everything for us (timing, bathrooms for the kids, food and drinks, etc). He would not allow me to pay him until we were pulling up at the terminal. We enjoyed the stress free tour, the kids loved David, his stories and his energy, and we will 100% use him for any trips in Belize going forward. I cannot recommend highly enough.

We came in on a Carnival Cruise in February. If you are going on a Carnival cruise do not book excursions with the cruiseline! They are way too expensive and Carnival only uses a jamaican company for excursions so none of the profits help the people of Belize. I highly recommend finding local tour companies for every stop on your cruise King David was easy to find right outside the terminal. He whisked us away electricity online games faster than all the large excursion buses because he only works with small groups. We got to the zip lining cave tubing site before everyone else so we essentially got a private zip line tour which allowed us to take lots of pictures and videos. Cave tubing was a bit more crowded but if you are grade 9 electricity test and answers coming in on a cruise this is unavoidable. Still an awesome experience. There is a short hike up the river and King David had an assistant meet us there with our tubes. He also stopped along the way to tell us about local plants and animals. Lastly we got to tube farther down the river than the other groups. Overall we had a great time! Highly recommended! Private tour at a lower price? Who can beat that?!