The birth of mia alexandra kelly done with electricity tattoo book

I was eighteen when I found out I was expecting Mia. I had done six home pregnancy tests and a faded line appeared on all! That afternoon I went to my gp whom confirmed the pregnancy and said I was aprox 3 weeks. At my first scan I was thirteen weeks and I was given my due date the 9th June 2013. I was sick from 8weeks until 28weeks constant puking. I couldn’t stand the smell of food. I couldn’t keep down any food just water and when I couldn’t keep that down I because dehydrated and was rushed to hospital with severe cramp and a fever. I was then finally given the anti-sickness tablet, but it didnt work for me. I stopped getting sick 24/7 instead it was in the morning, middle of the day and during the night eventually I stopped getting sick, it was only once in a while. Apart from that my pregnancy went perfect, I had found out I was having a baby girl and I rushed to the baby shops straight after to start buying.

On May 28th 2013 I was awakened at 6am by horrible stomach cramps. I thought I was going to be stuck on the toilet for the day making my own explosions! Honestly labour never crossed my mind. Joined in the bathroom with me was a 11ft boa constrictor in a plastic container soaking up some water. The only thing holding this snake back from escaping was two weights put on top of the plastic lid. I swear she stalked me! She was a very “horomonal” snake, so we had quite a bit in common. But no seriously you would never know when shes about to strike even if she looked calm, boom! Her hormones will have a change of heart and you will get bitten! 9am – still sitting on the toilet not taking my eyes of that snake for a second, my pains were getting worse and yet im still sat here nothings happening. So I decided ill take my mind of the pains and was my hair! As I was bent over the bath eyes still on the snake I had to wrap it up. The pains were awful my stomach, my lower back I didn’t know what was wrong with me! 10am – I woke my mum and said somethings wrong, straight away she new I was in labour. As I was drying my hair she was timing my contractions they were 3 minutes apart. My mum didnt think she would make it into the city on time if she was to drive, so an ambulance was rang. Ambulance crew timed my contractions they were now 1 minute apart! I told them I didnt want to lay downvi wanted to sit up. He kept asking me if I feel the urge to push to tell him. I told him im crossing my legs until I get to the hospital I was not giving birth in an ambulance! Got to the hospital I was strapped up so they could monitor my contractions and the baby, I was checked to see how far I was dilated. I didnt believe it 1-2cm dilated! Ive to get to 10cm right?! How will I do this, its already very painful! I was offered gas and air and paracetamol I refused I wanted to give birth without any pain relief. Hours walking up and down the street outside the city hospital, eating bars of chocolate and drinking the place dry of tea! Finally they had a bed for me.

After 2 hours in that bed I was then moved to the prenatal ward where there was 5 other woman (none in labour). As I was walking to that ward I felt like my baby was going to fall out! I was told by the young trainee oh no dont be silly you are only 4-5cm dilated. When I got to the bed I told her I think I need to push, she checked me and ran off! I was lay there with a small blanket over my legs stopping my roomies from seeing my (fajay)! My body started naturally pushing I couldn’t stop it. Then in comes a midwife whipping the curtain closed after the lovely trainee left it wide open! Ok she said its time to push she asked the trainee to go fetch another midwife and the equipment. I dont know what happened to that trainee but she didnt come back on time! After many pushes, Mia pooing inside me, passing out twice because I was so tired I literally couldn’t get her out. Bless the midwife she kept saying the equipment will be here any second and then I can help you. One big push she roared! Thats when shit hit the fan I had just felt myself rip and to traumatize me more I could hear it! I was told not to push as the cord was wrapped around Mia’s neck. Five more pushes and out came my baby girl! A whole 6pounds 12ounces at 17:53pm. She was perfect. Mia had to stay under a light to get her warm as she had gotten cold. I received 5 stitches 3 on the inside 2 on the outside.

Th e next day we were discharged from hospital. Mia was a true gift from the angels, she never cried, she slept through the night although I always woke her up for the first 3 weeks for a bottle I was told by midwifes I was not allowed to go over four hours without feeding her. I soon learned Mia woke when Mia was hungry! She would fuss with the bottle if I was to wake her, plus she was still putting weight on fine so all in all she was such a good baby, slept from 10pm-8am solid. I was truly blessed!