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After Spotify came to Brazil a lot of independent bands had the opportunity to showcase their amazing sounds to people like me, that wanted to find good bands in Brazil but couldn’t because there is only shitty Brazilian music being played on the radio and TV

Banda do Mar is Mallu Magalhães (great in her solo work) and her now husband Marcelo Camelo (vocal/guitar and one of the main composers of Los Hermanos, arguably the best brazilian band from the last years). The two of them manage to unite the best characteristics of their music in only one project, it’s a shame they’ve only released one album so far.

Ricardo Ravel: this guy lived in the same city as me for years and I didn’t know about him O____O nobody knows about him but his songs are great! It’s a shame you guys don’t understand portuguese, his lyrics are good too, especially this one

Soulvenir: These guys look like a heavy metal band with rastafari hair, but they sound completely opposite to it. I don’t know if they changed their looks already, but it seems they’ve released a video clip from one of my favorite tracks. Oh, and they sing in english

It’s one of those songs about lost love, but the way the lyrics are written and performed is really remarkable because the tension is built until the climax (right after the solo that you liked). The way this guy phrase his lines is really particular, and he definitely know how to control the emotion he puts in his voice.

You know when you realised for the first time that you’ve really lost that loved person, and your heart starts to hurt, and your eyes get hot and wet, until a fat tear drips through your face? And this happens in 1 or 2 seconds. In my interpretation, the whole song is about the moment between this realisation and the fat tear.

So in the beginning he starts with something like "It’s ok, I didn’t even liked you. And that talk of ‘loving you’ was only to spend my free time", but then his voice grows softer when he is remembering the time he spent with his loved person, until he says in a very low voice "que pena!" which is like an interjection meaning something like "it’s really a shame, isn’t?!". That low voice with that line was what hooked me into this song, my heart dropped, it felt really heartbreaking!

Jaloo: Gender fluid artists are traditional in Brazil since the 70s with the Tropicalia movement and the rise of Ney Matogrosso/Secos e Molhados as one of Brazil’s household names in terms of music. But Jaloo brings a more electronic sound to the tradition, that blends in with his native influenced aesthetics (before seeing him I could never picture a futuristic visual that is at the same time reminiscent of native brazilian O.o). This is his best song IMO

Silva: As Osiris asked for bossa nova I’ll present some MPB, which sometimes is thrown in the same box as bossa nova for people who are not brazilian. Silva is the new name of MPB, he even made a whole album covering queen Marisa Monte. This is my favorite song by him, and the MV is hot as hell (don’t wacht it if you don’t like gay sex)

Mahmundi: now, this girl alone is already reason for this post to be considered one of the most precious of this thread. Everything she does is AMAAAAAAZIIING, even her personal playlists from her personal account at spotify are awesome. As soon as I heard her for the first time, she became one of my favorite artists ever, she is pure electro-MPB goodness (maybe this genre doesn’t exist, but I’m labeling her this way)

Boogarins: I clicked on an artist’s page on spotify just because the image on their avatar was awesome, and I found the sound was awesome too! After some months I heard a familiar song coming from my roommate’s room, and he also had discovered this awesome band and now was obsessed for them! I guess they my fit into that neo-psychedelic genre that became really popular in the last few years. This is the song that my roommate kept on listening on repeat for almost a week, and that’s why it stuck in my mind as their representative song:

Johnny Hooker: A friend of mine was listening to this amazing song and I thought the singer was the legendary Maria Bethânia, but it was actually a guy. He is another amazing gender fluid kinda artist, but he is different in the sense that he makes clear in his love songs that he is singing about love between two gay guys. However, later on I felt a little bit disappointed because there were many rumours that he is actually a regular heterosexual guy who branded himself for the LGBTQ+ community just to be trending, WTF. Here is one of my favorite songs:

Liniker e os Caramelows: Liniker appeared very recently in the MPB scene, but we can already say that he is one of the best Brazilian artists of the decade. He is another gender fluid artist, but instead of going with only MPB he went for a Soul/American funk (I make this distinction because there is a completely different genre in Brazil called funk, which people outside of Brazil call Carioca funk) influenced sound, which has always been a more "macho" tradition here with Tim Maia, Cassiano and Ed Motta. Here is my favorite song, but you should check all of his band’s songs: