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U.S. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes Representative Luis Gutierrez, from Illinois, took to the House floor last week not to condemn the violence that rocks Chicago on a daily basis but, instead, to manipulate the truth in the hope of gaining a second presidential clemency for the terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Representative Gutierrez claimed, among other things, that López Rivera “was not convicted of committing a violent crime, rather he was convicted of seditious conspiracy – espousing the belief that the Puerto Rican people are capable of, entitled to, and have an inalienable right to self-determination.” The historical record tells a far different story.

From 1974 to 1983, a group claiming support for Puerto Rican independence, known as the “FALN”, committed over 100 violent crimes in the U.S. Gas station near me open It was the most active domestic terrorist organization in American history, and a precursor to modern terror. Electricity youtube billy elliot The FALN’s deadliest attack occurred in January 1975 when their bomb tore through historic Fraunces Tavern, killing four people and injuring more than 60 others.

One of the FALN leaders, Oscar López Rivera, was captured in 1981 and has been imprisoned for the past 35 years. Gas house edwards In recent years, the push for President Obama to pardon him has become a cause célèbre. 7 gas laws Oscar López Rivera’s incarceration became national news again in May 2016 when Bernie Sanders, while campaigning in San Juan, called López Rivera a “political prisoner,” a “respected community activist,” and compared him to Nelson Mandela. Electricity jokes “I say to President Obama: Let him out…Oscar López Rivera’s incarceration violates the principles of justice, democracy, and respect for human rights.”

Arguably, rationale may exist for commuting López Rivera’s sentence (pardon, a different form of executive clemency that is an expression of the President’s forgiveness, would be entirely inappropriate) on humanitarian grounds, taking into account age, length of time imprisoned, and his service to our country in Vietnam. Gas dryer vs electric dryer safety However, that is not the narrative being used by López Rivera’s advocates, who have turned his imprisonment into a misguided political cause threatening to establish a dangerous precedent in the ongoing war against terrorists.

Should President Obama choose to grant clemency, it must be done for the appropriate reasons. Gas bubble in eye We as a society should neither forget nor re-write history, or grant López Rivera a mythical and undeserved heroic status. Wholesale electricity prices by state With this in mind, we note the following key considerations regarding Oscar López Rivera:

1. Electricity bill average Oscar López Rivera is not a political prisoner, he is not innocent of the commission of violent acts, and he is not guilty merely by association.

López Rivera was a FALN leader who organized and personally led numerous FALN bombings, armed assaults, and hostage takings both in the U.S. Gas x extra strength vs ultra strength and Puerto Rico. Electricity transmission and distribution costs He also was a prime recruiter of FALN members, a crucial trainer in bombing, sabotage and other techniques of guerilla warfare, and the mastermind of the establishment of a series of FALN safehouses and bomb factories. Electricity in the body causes López-Rivera and his colleague, Carlos Torres, plotted to free captured FALN comrades, including by drastic measures such as kidnapping and using President Reagan’s son Ron as a bargaining chip. U gas station near me When finally arrested in 1981, the FBI found in López-Rivera’s residence a large quantity of dynamite, blasting caps, and other bomb components. Gas in oil pan At his sentencing in 1983, Judge Thomas McMillen called López “an incorrigible law violator” and an “unrehabilitated revolutionary,” and sentenced him to 55 years in prison.

There is a world of difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist, and Sanders’ comparison of López Rivera to Mandela and his fight against apartheid is insulting. Electricity meaning Mandela was not entirely non-violent in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, but he understood the immorality of terrorism as well as its practical limits. Gas company As Mandela said in his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, “Terrorism inevitably reflected poorly on those who used it, undermining any public support it might otherwise garner.”

In 1999, President Clinton made the controversial decision to offer clemency to 12 imprisoned FALN members. Electricity a level physics One of the two FALN members who rejected the clemency terms was Oscar López Rivera. Gas or electricity more expensive His choice to remain in prison was the act of a leader – the captain going down with the ship. Gas vs diesel mpg Offering López Rivera clemency for a second time would be an extraordinary act with an unclear rationale.

López Rivera has consistently refused to accept responsibility for his role in the violence perpetrated by the FALN or acknowledge the pain and suffering of the FALN’s victims and their families. Electricity outage compensation According to FALN victims attending, his January 2011 parole hearing, López Rivera showed that he still had no perspective on what he’d been involved in or the pain and suffering the FALN had caused, as well as a complete inability to feel sadness or remorse for what happened. Electricity usage by country In his 2013 biography, Between Torture and Resistance, López Rivera whitewashes his terrorist activities and paints himself as a victim. Electricity symbols ks2 worksheet Nor has he ever cooperated with authorities to help solve crimes such as the Fraunces Tavern bombing.

The fundamental rationale for clemency for an individual such as Lopez Rivera should be based on the notions of justice, mercy, and contrition. Electricity and magnetism purcell We ask that President Obama, if considering the appropriate balance between these factors, take into account the immeasurable suffering that López Rivera has inflicted, his refusal to accept responsibility or express remorse for his acts, and the additional distress and harm that will be caused if the stated arguments for granting a second clemency are mistaken or disingenuous.