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Competing in male/female pairs, each team is composed of an alumni player paired with a prospect of the opposite sex. Prospects pick their alumni partner in the order that was determined based on their rank in the Impending Dune mission. Each team will then compete in numerous challenges followed by elimination rounds known as The Killing Floor. The top three teams of each challenge will form The Tribunal, where they will nominate three electricity transformer near house teams to possibly compete at The Killing Floor. Nominated teams face The Tribunal and plead their case as to why they should not be sent into elimination. At The Killing Floor, each person gas number in The Tribunal will vote individually for one out of three nominated teams to go into elimination. The team that is voted in, can call out any team that is not safe to face in elimination. The winners of the elimination will stay in the game and hold the Relic, which grants them safety from the next elimination. The losers are eliminated from the game. Each contestant is competing for their share of the $1,000,000 prize.

• Impending Dune: Played in separate male/female heats, players must race down a sand dune and retrieve a ball that has rolled down from the top of the dune. Players must then race electricity and magnetism review game back to the top of the dune with a ball to retrieve puzzle pieces, then race back down with their puzzle pieces to the bottom of the dune to a puzzle station. There are two more Prospects than Veterans — one male and one female, so the last-place finishers of each heat are eliminated from the competition.

• Arms-a-geddon Tired: Played in two heats of 5 minutes each, each team competes against another team in a tug-of-war. Each rope is 400 ft. long, after the 5 minutes is over, each competitor’s length of rope will be combined with their partner’s which forms their team’s total length. The three teams with the longest combined length of rope will form the Tribunal.

• Search Destroy: Played in 4 heats, competitors must retrieve a hidden ball in a stone graveyard and return it to their partner. Their partner must then go through a mud pit and other competitors to reach the safe zone electricity vs gas heating costs so that their team can move on to the next heat. After each heat, 3 teams will be eliminated from the mission, as the number of balls hidden, decreases. The last three teams who make it through all 4 heats will form the Tribunal.

Competition y gasset The contestant won the final challenge. The contestant did not win the final challenge. The contestant/team won the daily challenge, was in the Tribunal, and was safe from elimination. The contestant/team won the daily challenge but was not in the Tribunal. The contestant was safe from elimination by the Relic, after winning in the Killing Floor. The contestant was safe from elimination by the Relic, won the challenge and was in the Tribunal. The contestant was nominated by the Tribunal for the Killing Floor, but was not selected. The contestant was not selected to go into electricity for beginners elimination. The contestant/team won in the Killing Floor, won the Relic, and earned immunity from the next elimination. The contestant lost in the Killing Floor and was eliminated. The contestant was removed from the competition due to injury. The contestant was eliminated at the challenge. Voting Progress [ edit ] Voted into