The coleman academy for girls week 35 overview electricity generation definition


First, we started out the week with a visitor. A 3 year old, boy visitor. You won’t believe it. He listened to all the read aloud and history. He read independently for 30 minutes when our 3rd graders did their own reading. He colored when they colored. Played piano when they played piano. And we got all our work done! That was the most impressive part of the day!

One of the truths we keep coming back to each week is that it is not enough to believe who God is and even who Jesus is. Even those that were cast out of heaven know those things to be true. The difference is who we serve, who our Lord is, who we submit to… if we are willing to confess our sin, repent, and live in Christ.

Shakespeare was born 6 years after Elizabeth I took reign. She loved music, composers, and poetry and she loved William Shakespeare’s plays. He wrote comedies (checkout Taming of the Shrew!), tragedies (Hamlet), and historical plays (Henry V). He wrote more than 40 plays in all and they have been performed over and over for the last 450 years! Many things we say come from his plays. Here is an example:

Basically, during Elizabeth’s reign, Elizabeth didn’t want Spain becoming more powerful than England (Spain was setting up colonies in North and South America) so, she sent Walter Raleigh to set up a colony in Virginia (Roanoke Island, now in North Carolina) in 1584. There were two attempts and both failed. Unrelated, Walter secretly married one of Elizabeth’s ladies in waiting and when the Queen found out, she had them thrown in the Tower of London. After her death, he was released and the new king said he would spare his life if Walter went to South America and brought back gold. When Walter returned empty handed, the king had him beheaded.

During the attempt at a colony on Roanoke Island, John White (one of the settlers) had to leave his family and travel back to England in search of food. When arriving in England, Raleigh was filling a ship with provisions for White, but Elizabeth I had to use the ship to fight the Spanish Armada, so White was unable to return to Roanoke for 3 years. When he returned, the colony was gone, never to be seen again. The lost colony is a mystery.

Human use of land impact on the ecosystem, methods farmers use to increase yield, expense of organic foods, farmed versus free range animals, make-up of dirt, soil layers, how farmers look after soil, weathering, how cover crops are beneficial, road crews and climate, and erosion.

Our 6th grader started reviewing and working in a new math curriculum for grades 8/7. So far, she has covered sequences, number lines with negative numbers, lines and angles, improper fractions and mixed numbers, computing with fractions, percents, elapsed time, measuring angles with a protractor, polygons, perimeter, exponents, and square roots. She’s doing amazing!

We have had a fun time exploring more difficult multiplication problems, such as 287 x 54. Until now, we only used multiple digit factors x a single digit factor. Everyone picked up on this new skill very well. We also continued our practice of long division using a single digit divisor. We checked our mastery of skills retaught in the last couple of weeks.

We played outside, played inside, practiced piano, and got to do some really fun and different lessons meant to increase reading comprehension. Sometimes it’s beneficial to start with music or a painting before moving on to written stories. It’s also beneficial to give students some sentence starters to help them formulate their thinking about the music, paintings, or stories. We will include some photos of our sentence starters in chart form in Week In Photos.