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Created by Wabigbear under "The Masters Guild" label for Citytrader’s "Bedford Falls’ holiday bench, based on the movie "It’s a Wonderful Life". Includes various store signs, banners, gas pump and clothes line items based loosely on the movie. electricity invented Also includes new windows in regular, offset and diagonal formats, and several turret roofs. Belisha Beacons by Elmer BeFuddled

The second set within the Laugh Country series. Inspired by Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan; Bird House expands upon the Laugh Country series in it’s legacy with new high quality and recolorable textures, diagonal alternates and various wooden beams and fencing. Bird House is designed to lend well to queue structures, and finds itself at the junction of the other Laugh Country Sets. Birds by PB&J

ImagineerJohn was nice enough to take the Canal Boat Locks from my ‘TMG Canal Boat’ Set and created a ride event with it While of course we can model either water nor the boat actually rising, the boat entering the lock, the first lock gate closing and the second lock gate (if used) opening adds kinetics to your park and ride. The locks fit a 4 tile wide waterway – 2 tiles at the center with a tile on either side sloped down to water to keep boats/cars centered. Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. CanalMeow’s Biggies Set by CanalMeow No Known Working Download! CanalMeow’s Chair by CanalMeow No Known Working Download! Candy Shop by patti333

A large set themed to the circus. Included are assorted circus tent walls which work with Shyguy’s Circus Tents, in both 4u and 6u height, tent poles with ropes and stakes, three sizes of circus rings, including one that matches a round iron cage, trapeze and high wire, assorted circus barrels, boxes, stands balancing boards, balls and rings, cobra snake in two sizes, circus cannon, clown car in two sizes, clown fire engine, clown burning building prop in two sizes, animal cages, bales of hay, assorted circus wagons, alpha overlays for plain circus wagons, midway vendor booths, assorted sideshow banners in two sizes, Peg Leg Pete sign, ‘Midway’ and ‘Games’ signs, Circus themed gate, assorted Disney character alphas. Create for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. DA Civil War Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Assorted ‘historical’ type objects. A wooden printing press (high poly) and stack of papers, exterior cellar doors, diamond pane windows, diamond pane bay window, DA banners, straight and diagonal ‘fort’ windows, a ‘medic/red cross’ alpha decal that works with the plain circus wagon from the DA Circus Set, a Conestoga medical wagon, medical tent, straight and angled cannon, straight and angled large cannon, mortar, swiveling cannon, Liberty Square sign, straight, angled and damaged caisson wagons, left and right fence pillars, Statue of Liberty with fort base, Statue of Liberty without fort base, large and small Minuteman statues. Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. 76 gas station locations Danger Radioactivity by Dylan Prod

Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. Set contains a number of objects with either a "WWII" or "Native American" theme. Two tanks, fuel truck, jeep on side, assorted ‘axis/allies’ flag signage, Victory Field Dogfight ride signs, assorted DA banners,assorted French advertising signs, assorted French ‘frontline’ walls and path tiles, assorted rubble piles, assorted ruble walls, assorted burned out/damages rooves, VF water tower, Hall of Presidents sign, rusty barrels, barrel stove, lifthill roof, Northwest Native American cedar longhouse front and section, Northeast Native American birchbark longhouse rood, walls, corners, and entrances; moose, caribou, bear, beaver,beaver swimming, sheep, horse (all High Poly).

Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park, the set contains a varied set of objects. Included are assorted historical Ford signage, Donal Duck theater curtain, Peg Leg Pete sign, straight and angled DA ride booths, assorted DA banners, ‘Lewis & Clark’ Explorer’s boat with flags, assorted Disney alpha standees, Civil War Observation balloon, fancy plain gate, Disney gate alpha decals, large tents, pup tents, stew pot, rifle tripod, cannon blast ground alphas (work best if over white or black ground texture), three Native American canoes, ladder parts, tank of molten iron for factory, two sizes of ‘furnace doors’, left and right iron ‘S’ bends, oil well tower, ‘Victory Field’ gate, wooden water tower, Statue of Liberty unlit fireworks alpha, assorted ‘ivy’ ground cover, straight and angled patriotic bunting, assorted Gingerbread trim alphas, Conestoga wagon, supply wagon with assorted supplies, Signage ‘backers’, assorted ride signage, assorted Civil War Union troops/drum corps/colorguard/soldiers/officers, assorted Civil War Confederate troops/drum corps/colorguard/soldiers/officers, two sizes of Baseball field scoreboards, wooden grandstand, brick grandstand, baseball diamond ground cover, recolorable ‘white sock’ and recolorable ‘black sock’ baseball player, straight baseball grandstand, corner baseball grandstand, straight grandstand bunting, corner grandstand bunting, straight grandstand billboards, corner grandstand billboards.

The set contains letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and exclamation and question marks.Two different versions are included: normal and lighted. Normal does not glow at night whereas lighted does. Ecclesiastical Theme – Gothic Walls and Windows 1.3 by The_Cook Ecclesiastical Theme – Vaulting 1.3 by The_Cook Eckl nostalgie Geisterbahn Testveesion! by Franky

This set contains over 80 modular tree parts in two sizes: full-tile diameter trunks for giant red-wood-sized trees, and quarter-tile diameter trunks for smaller trees. Decorate your trees with the giant clusters of flowering tree foliage and hanging flowers in pink, orange, yellow, and blue…and colorable versions too. The set includes magical creatures and amazing particle effects created by n7 specifically for this set. There are ivy and fallen autumn leaves groundcover subsets in both conforming and non-conforming configurations. Entenangeln by crange97

A small set with some objects from my previous Minicoaster AddOns, this time optimized for Intamin tracks. In addition, some new objects are included; the set covers of various Launch-and brake fins, LSM stators, to hide the original brake modules on the track. Of course, the set as well as for all track suits is suitable based on the Gigacoaster or Storumrunner.

A bit of a ‘grab-bag’, this set includes another of the Colonial Towers with a specific placement, assorted ‘clothesline’ alphas, a 2 tile wide gate for ‘Sleepy Hollow’, both 2-tile and 3-tile versions of ‘Liberty Square’ gate, store awning, newsstand, shoeshine station, straight and angled fruit vendor counters, straight and angled worn wood vendor carts, straight and angled white wood vendor carts with DA logo, straight and angled white wood vendor carts without DA logo, and a horse cart (high poly). Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. s gashi Hexenhaus by RCTchen

The first set in the Laugh Country series. LBB was inspired heavily by Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England. Originally a massive file, the set has been updated to reduce the file size greatly. New items and geometry have been added. Since this set will not overwrite its previous incarnation, it is very strongly suggested that you delete the old set, your computer will thank you. This set is not recolorable. Little City by Daddyreign

Now you can add arena/stadium seating to your parks! Create amphitheaters, sports stadiums and arenas, and more with this set! This was my first successful custom scenery pack, which took about 3 weeks from concept to completion. I had my struggles with learning the importer and techniques, but I was finally successful, and can now share my Stadium Seating set, which has been needed in the game since it came out IMO.

A huge collection of walls, floors and stairs in several different brick and stone patterns. Items include walls in straight, diagonal, and curves matching shyguy’s planters, straight and curved stairs, and floors sets to match all of the above. The download also contains Dutchers Texture Switcher program, which includes many more textures for the Building Collection. Path And Train Covers by LittleMac

5 vending machines. Rctmaniac’s Amphitheatre Set v1 by rctmaniac Rctmaniac’s Billboards Pack 1 v1 by rctmaniac rctmaniac’s Coaster MaNiA by rctmaniac rctmaniac’s modularz by rctmaniac RCTManiac’s Oddities by rctmaniac rctmaniac’s Path MaNiA-Trial Version by rctmaniac RCTManiac’s Racing Mania by rctmaniac rctmaniac’s restaurant MaNiA by rctmaniac RCTManiac’s Sign Post by rctmaniac RCTMORE and Dr. Pest’s Amps Version1.1 by rctmore & Dr. Pest

Everything you need to make realistic rivers, waterfalls, and waterways. gas in babies treatment The set includes water pieces, whirlpools, particle effects, animated river textures and waterfalls. The pieces come in straight and diagonal positions, and there are many pieces designed to fit the in-game White Water Rapids ride. Road Barriers by GRP-Disneycoaster93

A large and versatile Western themed set in an aged wood texture. The set is compatible with Stressed Out West, and features many recolorable pieces and a complete diagonal set. Items include cornices, walls, wall decor, doors, crates, windows, posts, signs, railings, and walkways. Stringlight (XPAG Stringlight) by Rollerbote (Rollermessenger) Strobes & Lights 2 by Cap’n Pogo

A nice billboard set to compliment your park. T4L – Counters and More by T4L (tycoon4life) T4L – Death Ride Events by T4L (tycoon4life) T4L – Fences and More by T4L (tycoon4life) T4L – Lamps and More by T4L (tycoon4life) T4L – Paths and More by T4L (tycoon4life) T4L – Rocks and More by T4L (tycoon4life) Table by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

This set is made up of objects representing the type of canal boats used in New England early in the 1800’s and the canals they traveled. Included are four different boat type, as well as a set of canal walls meant to mimic the towpaths used by horse to pull the boats upstream. These include straights, curves, stations and flanking paths to take the towpath up and over the station. There are also several types of ivy that fit over the walls, as well as matching path covers. Included is a stationary, non-functioning canal lock gate, used where locks raise and lowered the canalboat. There is a matching ride event gate available in another set. A matching Canal Boat ride created by ImagineerJohn is also available. Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. TMG Colonial Tower Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park, this set contains objects themed to colonial America. Included are a number of Colonial tower toppers in various placements, sizes, and with differing details. Also included is an entrance gate for DisneyAmerica park, a DA logo sign, several American flags, bales of ‘cotton, assorted DA banners, a decorative arch piece, architectural trims, and a herringbone path cover set.

Although this set contain all pieces found in Tube end walls set (Tube Wall Ends), the equivalent pieces have a slightly different mesh and texture, so they are not identical; some people may prefer the pieces found in the old version at a given time. electricity jokes Besides, both sets can be loaded in the same game, so both are listed here. Tubes v.1.0 by RCT3robin Tunnels by miku12 No Known Working Download! Turmuhr (Clock) by Eviron

ImagineerJohn was nice enough to take one of the Canal Boat models from my ‘TMG Canal Boat’ Set and created a custom ride with it. Note that this ride was in fact created back in 2008, we’ve progressed some since then with ride creation. One quirk is the length of the boat can cause it to ‘bleed’ into the ride station if it starts a turn right away, or makes a turn to return to the station. You can get around that somewhat by using cs like fences under the water to create a barrier that the boat will pass before turning and/or line the boat up before arriving back at the station. Created for Citytrader’s DisneyAmerica Park. Candy Cane Express by Weber

For dark/themed rides with a rail only (i.e. you can build any floor underneath). Set consists of 234 track sections for maximum freedom in your layout, including revolutionary stations, tilted pieces and special "timed stop" pieces! (Version 24.10.2011) You’ll need the CTR Creator to install. CTR-Track "Guided Tour – Wood" by Markus Lomberg

A drop tower CFR based on the ride at Busch Gardens Tampa. Seats 32 peeps per cycle. Download includes two versions of the ride: one is a complete CFR, and the other is just the tower top and ride vehicle. The tower for this version is in a separate CS folder to be found in the walls menu. Feng Ju Palace by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22) Ferris Wheel by Carlos Menezes (CFH Rides)

ImagineerJohn was nice enough to work with me on an idea that never quite panned out as I hoped. I envisioned a way that we could use a single custom flat ride – an invisible grandstand – that had a number of different styles of grandstand custom scenery models that could be placed over it. electricity use The idea worked, however it’s very difficult to use since the grandstand is, in fact, invisible! There are four different grandstand CSO pieces that work with this CFR. One – the recolorable ‘Grandstand-WoodSlat’ can be found in ‘WAGI-DA Circus Set’. The other three – ‘Wooden Grandstand’, ‘Brick Grandstand’ and the straight Baseball grandstand from the ‘WAGI-DisneyAmericaSet3’ also work. Peep pathway is from the backside of the grandstand along the leftside to their seats, although not perfect every time.. HINT: When placing this ride, by default, the grandstand front is towards your right, carefully rotate to place it as you wish.