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According to, Middlesex County, NJ has an average listing price of $1,395,000. The runner-up is Bergen County in northern New Jersey, with an average listing price of $591,296. Every county in the Garden State has average listing prices in the six figures. The lowest prices are in Cumberland County, at $125,872. Check out the chart below to see how massive the spread is between NJ counties’ home prices.

New Jersey rents are well above average. A studio apartment in New Jersey goes for an average of $1,408 per month, according to That’s $353 above the national average. A one-bedroom in New Jersey rents for an average of $1,366, $365 more expensive than the U.S. average.

If you want to rent a place with two bedrooms, brace yourself. The New Jersey average rent is $1,757. That’s $526 over the national average. Three-bedroom apartments in the Garden State go for a whopping $2,238 per month, a full $705 above the U.S. average. Utilities

While housing costs are high whether you rent or buy, there is some good financial news in the Garden State. The average monthly utility bill in New Jersey is $105.65, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That’s about 7% below the U.S. average of $114.09.

Want to stock your home or apartment with groceries in New Jersey? Expect to pay above-average prices. Compared to a national average indexed to 100, groceries in New Jersey come in at 107. Another study found that New Jersey’s grocery prices were the eighth-highest in the nation. Transportation

New Jersey taxes are among the highest in the nation. The top tax rate in New Jersey’s progressive state tax system is 8.97%. That may sound high, but it’s still lower than the top income tax rates in California, Hawaii, Oregon, Minnesota and Iowa.

Property taxes in the Garden State are the highest in the nation, however, with an average effective property tax rate of 2.19%. Check out the chart below to see the average effective property tax rate in the 10 counties with the steepest property taxes.

New Jersey is home to Princeton University, which consistently ranks as America’s best college or university. Princeton also ranked as America’s best college town in a SmartAsset study. For a college with a lower price tag than Princeton, New Jersey residents have lots of options. In-state tuition and fees at Rutgers (ranked #72 by US News and World Report) total just $14,131 . Healthcare

Now that the Affordable Care Act requires everyone to have health insurance, those without employer-sponsored coverage may want to choose their state of residency carefully. The second-lowest-price Silver plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace in Newark, New Jersey goes for $330 (for 2016 coverage). That’s up 4% from the previous year. For a detailed look at all the healthcare options in the Garden State head here. Extras

Many of New Jersey’s attractions are free. It won’t cost you a thing to stroll along the Atlantic City boardwalk, admire the Victorian houses of Cape May or check out the Princeton University campus (and the excellent free art museum there). Ready to splash out? You can visit the Liberty Science Center for $21.75 or the Grounds for Sculpture art park for $15. Tips for Understanding How Cost of Living Impacts You

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