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I’m talking of course about Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, who today in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the International Astronautical Conference Laid out over the course of an hour his entire vision for not just sending a mission to Mars, not sending a rover to Mars, [NOISE] just-

[LAUGH] I feel like if you’re gonna say, this can happen in 100 years, then I can say that because I’m not gonna be accountable cuz I’m not gonna be here in 100 years.

I sent the first half of my career covering a lot of politics and covering a lot of environment and all issues so that’s kind of a field of journalism that tends to breathe a lot more citizen than optimism.

So there’s part of me that gets really excited about the idea this guy is actually talking about starting to send people to Mars, like within about a decade and then a million there within a 100 years and laying out concrete steps for how to do that.

But, then, there’s the other political reporter side of me that’s like, you know As a species, we have a really hard time pulling off the Olympics every few years.

Over the course of the next decade, starting to actually send space ships to Mars within about 5 years and then maybe by 10 years we start to send people.

I just think promising something like this, with a time frame of 100 years, is kind of silly cuz none of us are gonna be around in 100 years to go, hey, wait a minute.

I think he envisions getting it going That SpaceX is going to provide the transportation infrastructure to get there and that investors are going to take over and start to build the propellent plants on Mars and start to build the infrastructure and that capitals will basically take over at some point.

Like they have to make their own propellant on Mars and also refueling in space as opposed to just launching a giant ship that’s gonna fly straight to Mars.

The Falcon 9’s that go up and deliver something to the space station and then they come and land back down so they can be reconditioned and refueled, so.

They get launched from Earth once, and then they kind of seem to travel back and forth from orbit to orbit so you basically have these refueling stops that’ll happen in orbit.

And they had photos of the huge carbon fiber capsules and they’re just, they’re small buildings that’ll carry 100 people, and then he said eventually 200 people.

And then you have rockets that are basically carrying the fuel back and forth from the surface of the Earth to orbit or from the surface of Mars to orbit.

He’s not a person easily to be dismissed and, you know, obviously the Wright Brothers were dismissed at first as well as were any number of visionaries.

Tesla, which is electric cars and SpaceX, which is kind of the furthest one that had ideas which is we’re probably not gonna be able to create a fully sustainable earth so, eventually we’re going to have to move off of it.

He wants [CROSSTALK] He wants someone who wasn’t so hungry for profits and stuff or more like changing the world and making more energy efficient travel and stuff.

Because we have a lot of problems that need fixing on Earth that it would be nice if we didn’t just give up on Earth and go to another planet and **** that planet up.

It would be kind of awesome if we had more visionaries down here that were like well here’s how we save the oceans, here’s how we stop climate change, here’s how we keep each other from killing each other.

I sent you a link to a post that I ran actually last year, when we were talking about Mars One, which is another Less likely effort to get to Mars.

I think that would be great if someone made a film, so if anybody’s listening that’s a film maker, if you could make a short film out of Eric’s article, out of all the different ways to die on Mars, I would back that Kickstarter.

I was at a space conference, and it was basically a conference of all the companies that are interested in doing business in space, except SpaceX, they were like the only one that wasn’t there.

And it’s like, it’s funny that the idea is to become a multi-planetary species because I don’t know the Earth, there might be an Apocalypse, the Earth might not be around forever, climate change, whatever you’re concerned about.

But you know in Star TRek, you’re basically not supposed to interfere in civilizations that are less developed, and so there’s an idea called planetary protection that is kind of the same idea like, if we’re gonna go to Mars we have to do it in a responsible way Where we won’t disturb what might already be there.

That’s why went they sent the Rover to Mars it had to be totally sanitary and it was like a big deal the Rover might have been contaminated with molecules of methane.

That, basically States the party must avoid harmful contamination and also adverse changes in the environment, resulting from the introduction of extraterrestrial matter on earth, and that would also apply to other planets, the way I understand it.

I love how precious we are about that stuff, cuz it’s like, you know we’re just humans, and we only have one planet, and we’re putting all this Rules on other planets, we don’t own those planets, there’s just planets and we have enough space junk in space that if we really cared about these things we wouldn’t just dump everything into space like we have been for how many decades now?

I don’t Kelsi, you looked like you wanted to say something about terraforming, so.>> No, it’s just, when he’s done.>> They had a vide, they had the video they showed at the presentation today, it ends with, they zoom out and you see Mars and Mars spins around and it morphs from being dead red Mars that we know to a Mars with an atmosphere and an ocean and it’s green and blue and red.

I mean that’s what scientists have been talking about for a long time, is heating up and getting the You know melting all the ice under the ground and creating a new atmosphere on Mars.

I think Scyfy has worked us to the point now that we expect all these things so when [UNKNOWN] say that I kept thinking of every Scyfy that’s done this already.

Next time they do this they really net to vet the questions because some of that was I mean, I am no paragon of being smooth or anything but I was [UNKNOWN].

So yeah, no, I agree with what you said, Bonnie, about that I think Sci-Fi has kind of warped us, I guess, to the point where we have billionaires that are really pursuing this with their fortune.

But I feel like, talking to scientists who work in planetary science, I have to assume that I talked to some before the speech but not after, I have to assume that some of them are freaking out right now because most of them are concerned about even like sending like astronauts, like half a dozen astronauts in space suits, that that could contaminate this place that they still want to explore for science I actually, I got a quote here.

And he says, the big issue with all missions to Mars is we don’t wanna create a situation where we are impacting future light detection science.

Well, that’s why you have a difference between NASA, who are scientists, versus SpaceX which has scientists but also has more of that human businessmen entertainment value.

So NASA would never make those kinds of promises but then SpaceX wants to make those kinds of promises cuz they want to get people to say that they need the funding, blah, blah, blah.

So, when you go to jury duty, it’s boring, a lot of the lawyers aren’t very articulate, none of them look like actors, half the jury is on their phones secretly, It’s not the same thing.

So in space I feel like we have these Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Red Dwarf, take your pick of whatever your idea of what space should be and we’re not there yet and we’re taking too long, and it costs too much, and we’re talking too many, almost, I would feel like as scientists we’re kind of We’re being too careful, and I feel like Space-X is kind of like the, eh let’s just nuke it and terraform it.

that doesn’t feel like it’s very systematic or scientific, it’s kind of like well in 100 years we’re gonna do all this great stuff and we’re gonna be on this other planet And I love his sense of adventure and excitement.

Because again, we have lose stipulation of we don’t wanna **** up the planet by doing all these things, thinking that it’s gonna help us get there faster but it may Mess up future endeavors, so I don’t know.

So he pointed out that, this is a quote from him, we know absolutely for sure that kids would grow up weak on Mars and they would probably never be able to visit Earth.

I just wonder if it would end up kind of like Blade Runner in the sense that Earth would be where all the poor people end up cu they can’t afford the off world colonies.

It’s gonna be interesting cuz if this does happen, just the possibilities of what that means for culture, for society, for the gap between the halves and the halve nots.

I still think, I’m a big proponent of all the Sci-Fi out there, I do think Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the closest to whats going to happen.

Is we’re going to be in the way of some sort of construction project of some other aliens and they’re going to be like just blow up Earth, its in the way.

He’s gonna have to build enough support around it, enough enthusiasm around it to number one have the amount of investment he’s gonna need to change laws to make this possible.

Ya I think people get behind it but again Im wondering if people get behind it because we’re so warped and we want the sci-fi to become real.

Sci-real instead of Sci-fi that we would do this or I dont know like, I mean its hard to get this country, let alone the world to agree on one thing.

So, if we’re sending a couple of those unmanned to Mars Over the next 5 years, and then sending people and then starting to build the infrastructure exclusively

I though that was very interesting, and very ballsy.>> All he needs is like, maybe a handful, or 100 other really excentric billionaires to help him.

I mean once the system was set up to get people back and forth to the point that you could actually survive there, you know he was talking about it would cost about 200,000 dollars in today’s dollars for somebody to move to Mars And if that, if you get to that scale where that’s possible there’s probably a million people.

So, if climate change is happening the way it’s happening whether or not you believe If we did it, or it’s Mother Nature doing it, it’s happening, so the Earth is changing, and there’s a lot of cities that are gonna be under water.

If that’s the case, that’s why these types of people, like Elon Musk, saying well, if the earth is going to implode on itself, or if we’re going to destroy earth, here’s another option.

And so, we either need to figure out, okay, how are we going to survive on this planet once mother nature takes over and decides to get rid of us.

Yeah, and I thought that’s where we were going with international space stations with, okay, is it possible to live for many years on a space station, and how big can we build these space stations?

and I saw him give a talk once where his whole thing was we should be spreading throughout the solar system as far as we can just because because we’re just like this infant civilization.

Imagine we’re capable of amazing things right now in terms of things that we’ve created and things that we’ve built and system that we built.

He never really talked about, we have to get off this planet because it’s getting warm and Our atmosphere is disappearing, he was talking about it like we need to be a multi-planetary species, that was kind of his main pitch, so I thought that was cool.

He did mention, at the very beginning, he’s like, yeah there could be an apocalypse, I don’t know what it will be, but we should probably worry about that.

Which is a point he made you know is that you can’t really rely on agencies like NASA because they’re politically motivated, and They’re motivated by the space race and fear of the Soviet Union to get to Mars.

Of how many people?>> A small crew.>> Okay.>> Like Matt Damon and his crew.>> [LAUGH] Sly Stalone.>> I think it could be a small group.

Well we already have robots there.>> No i mean real robots, not robots like Curiosity.>> The mars rover is a real robot.>> No, I know, but I mean humanoid robots.

I don’t know, I have Blade Runner on the mind because they’re doing the sequel with that, and I’m trying to figure out how they’re going to put Elon Musk in the sequel, Blade Runner 2, so I think I’m just thinking replicate minded.

But it sounds like he’s gonna, through shear force of will and through the money he’s got amassed and the support he has now, I think he can at least get people there quicker than anybody else So that’s something.

There’s gonna be a whole lot more coverage on CNET over the next hours and days, so be sure to check back with us and also check back next month for a brand new show that may be a little different.