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Further into the garden there were interesting plants such as Cascabela thevetiaor yellow oleander, Caesalpinia gilliesii (syn. Erythrostemon gilliesii) a beautiful shrub commonly known as bird of paradise tree (it is not related to Strelitzia reginae; which is also called the bird of paradise). electricity lessons for 5th grade Leucophyllum frutescens, or barometer bush, has small vibrant purple flowers when watered or after rain; this is a compact but loosely branched shrub that Pam shapes in her garden.

Following the garden tour Yvonne Innes gave a fascinating talk about her commission for the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show. gas tracker Yvonne is a garden designer and plant consultant who has extensive experience, including work in Spain and France. After George Harrison’s death she designed a Chelsea Flower Show garden in his memory, commissioned by Olivia Harrison, his wife. The main focus for this evening’s presentation was the background, design and implementation of this particular garden called ‘From Life to Life, a Garden for George’. The design for this memorial garden for George Harrison was a celebration of his life, music and philosophy, created to depict his life and journey from the material to the spiritual world.

George and his wife Olivia loved going to the Chelsea Flower Show each year and they brought many ideas home. 5 gases in the atmosphere He was said to have viewed himself as a full-time gardener and part-time rock star. Yvonne spoke of ‘his incredible eye’ and considers that he could easily have been a garden designer himself. gas 10 8 schlauchadapter Clearly, this is what he was in his own garden of 60 acres, which had been neglected for many years when he bought the derelict property in 1980. It had originally belonged to an eccentric who had created areas of several different microclimates including rock gardens, caves, moss, water gardens and a lake.

To provide the context for her design, she started by giving insight into the background of George’s own garden at his home in Friar Park, Henley. gas oil ratio units She has been involved in designing and planning sections over the years and she retains her links there. gas 76 station This was fascinating and helped provide ideas for the design of the memorial garden. Friar Park remains a private garden; key plants and features chosen for Chelsea were those that were much loved there, such as maples, ferns, grasses, moss, Japanese anemones and other perennials.

The Psychedelic Garden is jam-packed with hundreds of plants of vibrant colours. Yvonne had submitted a plant list with the design plan to provide the effect she wanted, but she explained that the planting list you start out with is not necessarily the one you end up with, as plant crops may fail or their names are changed etc. origin electricity login So it is really a sort of plants ‘such as’ list with a few definite ones which plant enthusiasts will be able to identify themselves. The whole Chelsea week is so rushed that there is not time to redo the list with the additions of plants you have managed to scavenge from local nurseries.

Plants such as Acer palmatum "Atropurpureum" and Heuchera micrantha "Palace Purple" provide purple foliage, with Allium "Purple Sensation" and Lupinus "Masterpiece" for purple flowers. Examples of yellow and orange foliage were Heuchera "Caramel" and Ligustrum ovalifolium "Aureum", while for yellow and orange flowers Achillea "Moonshine", Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus and Forsythia "Lynwood Gold" were planned choices. Centranthus ruber, Lupinus "My Castle" and various roses were examples of red flowers. Blue and silver foliage examples were Achillea "Moonshine" and Santolina decumbens (syn. Santolina incana), while for flowers Ceanothus "Blue Mound", Delphinium "Bluebird" Lupinus "Gallery Blue", and Rheum and Hosta varieties. gas density calculator Pittosporum "Garnettii" and Miscanthus sinensis "Variegatus" provided variegated foliage.