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Hello friends and my dear color enthusiasts! How are you? Eek I am sooo excited that June 1st is the 10th anniversary of “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” and it’s almost here!!! Thank YOU for getting me to the 10th coloring challenge … I have all of YOU to thank for that! Your participation, inspiration, support and time is what keeps me coloring and doing these 30 day challenges!! Thank Y.O.U.!! I think the 10th is a pretty big accomplishment for all of us for whatever type of participation we did during the past 30 day challenges. Woo Hoo!

If you have NOT done one thing to prepare do NOT worry because I haven’t either … seriously not one thing!! (to clarify coloring related prep I have NOT done just other stuff for the challenge) If you want to see my previous video of essential supplies click here (they are still the same except for the corner rounder).

On December 13 I had a photo request and so many of you were so kind to send in photos & I thank YOU for doing that.THE VIDEO REPRESENTS OUR COMMUNITY THAT HAS BLOOMED AND I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR … IT’S MY WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU FOR BEING AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT. If you missed that opportunity please send send in a photo.

I commissioned Josh to collect & edit the photos to give them a cohesive look and then all I had to do was the voice over. I will be adding more photos for this challenge so if you missed it don’t worry. Click here for the photo info. (I will slow down the next video lol)

I will be sharing daily here on my blog and Instagram and hopefully FACEBOOK PAGE where you can share your coloring (it’s a private group). Keep in mind I am not super active at FB but, we will have a presence there and the focus is community.

WHAT IS THE GOAL of the challenge: To color something daily even if it’s a few minutes but, certainly not required. (I know that I am happier when I am coloring even if it’s for 10 minutes.) Hopefully together along the way we will all stretch our creativity a little bit more. IN A NUT SHELL … it’s anything goes challenge … and whatever you feel inspired to do. Any medium of your choice including “coloring” with ink. Some days you will have more time than others but, it’s just about adding more time to color and carve out a little time for you.

CAN ANYONE PARTICIPATE IN THE 30 DAY CHALLENGE? YES please! If you want to participate you can jump in at any time during the challenge! Feel free to include your children and grandchildren. If you miss a few days don’t feel like you have to catch up. We all know life can get in the way.

HOW DO YOU SHARE WHAT YOU ARE COLORING? On Day 1. I will have a place for you to share on my blog with a link up. ( here is the last challenge link up if you want to have a look) Two more ways to share are FaceBook or Instagram (these are more interactive) When you use the hashtag #thedailymarker30day I can find what you are doing . Kids & young adults use #thedailymarker30daykids.

WHAT IS A GOODWILL AMBASSADOR? Each challenge a group of people are chosen that were very active during during the previous challenge. They will be helping me spread love on Instagram and Facebook. The challenge is about coloring & it’s about community, spreading kindness & support for each other.

A huge shout out to these ladies Patricia, Tracy, Carol, Daniela, Janelle, Jean, Cheryl, Kristina, Barb, Sharla, Barb & Rubeena . Here are their IG handles (@rubnaz , @bdengler4 , @sharla3511 , @1busyb , @ruok72 , @cardsandclutter , @jeanchaneyaz , @nelljones2411 , @pepitahasenkens , @c.ann.h, @mycornerofcraft22 @scrapflower )

WHAT IS “THE COLORING CHALLENGE ROAD TRIP” ? If you are new to the coloring challenge you most likely don’t know about the road trip. I have taken the coloring challenge on the road to create some happiness with a feel good all day event that is affordable plus give back to the community at the same time . The Coloring Challenge Road Trip will has & will continue to have lots of stops that will be all day meet-ups for anyone who loves to color and wants to be with like minded people. You can check out the Dates & Locations for “The Coloring Challenge Road Trip” here.