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Once a day, the @Quiztime Twitter account posts an image. It might show an empty street, rolling hills or a plane parked on a runway. It’s usually a photograph, sometimes a video — but it’s always mysterious. And that’s the whole point: By scouring the image for clues, the quiz players, many of whom are journalists gas x while pregnant, try to figure out precisely where in the world it was taken.

Quiztime began in 2017 when German journalist Julia Bayer posted a photo on her Twitter account showing a rainy intersection in Cologne and asked: “Where am I? Find the exact location.” She electricity inside human body did this for the benefit of students in a training session that she was preparing to teach, but suddenly, she saw her Twitter mentions blow up. Her followers had started trying to solve the challenge.

Bayer started posting a quiz every Monday, and soon, she invited some of the players to pick up shifts on other days of the week. The current lineup of quizmasters includes several German journalists, an investigative journalist electricity voltage used in usa for Bellingcat and an OSINT expert. On Sundays, anyone from the public can post their own quiz, and Quiztime’s bot will relay it to the community.

“I travel a lot, and I always have my eyes open for pictures that I can take and store for future quizzes,” Bayer says. “I’ll see the sunlight hitting a specific building and think: I’ll ask players gas oil ratio chainsaw at what time I took the picture. I might also leave traces, for example by publishing something on my Instagram account that they can connect to the quiz tropico 5 power plant.”

Players who want to discuss clues and collaborate on the challenge can “reply to all.” They might, for example, track down a store logo, identify a tower in the distance or examine the angle of shadows. Usually, it’s not just one clue but rather a combination of clues that will lead them to the correct answer. Along the way, the quizmaster often interacts with the players to let them know if they’re on the right track.

Those who have figured out the answer gas nozzle stuck in car reply directly the quizmaster, so as not to spoil the game for everyone else. This means that players can start working on a quiz at any time, even after others have solved it. Meanwhile, those who don’t have electricity usage by country time to do the quiz can peek into the conversation to read players’ explanations of how they solved it. “Technique is much more important than tools. Many people know about tools, but not many people know how to use them well.” —Mohamed Kassab

“Technique is much more important than tools,” Kassab says. “Many people know about tools gas pain in chest, but not many people know how to use them well. And when a tool doesn’t work, how else can you arrive at the answer? Through practice, and by summoning all your accumulated knowledge, you start spotting clues and pathways that you wouldn’t have seen before.”

“There was a quiz for which I used a rather surprising search query, ‘rock like elephant butt,’ and got a way better result that players who were using more elegant queries like ‘boulder with crack,’” Biel said. “And in other cases gas 1981, I found the answer using descriptive search queries while others found it using a reverse image search. So I find that observing what approach others take can be really interesting.”

As an example, she points to a visual investigation published by BBC Africa Eye that looked into gas 10 ethanol the killing of two women and two young children by Cameroonian soldiers. By analyzing footage of the scene, which had been dismissed by Cameroon’s government as “fake news,” the journalists established where the q gastrobar dias ferreira killing took place and who was responsible. They examined clues like the outline of mountains in the distance and the angle of shadows. During their investigation, they were helped by a number of Twitter sleuths, including members of Bellingcat and regular Quiztime players.

“A friend of mine asked me, ‘Why are you trying to discover where this video was taken? You’ve never been to Cameroon,’” Biel says. “And that was true. But I also knew that it’s possible to discover a lot just through various clues visible in a video gas bloating after eating, using even the simplest free digital tools. The quizzes strengthened my belief that you can do a lot of good with these kinds of skills.”