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The thing about the Coalition is they don’t take long to re-group. Remember their plumping for the widely-distrusted if not loathed Turnbull within their own ranks as a stop-gap until Minchin and his cronies sorted themselves out? Then they sucked the foolish narcissist into the transparently-concocted ‘utegate’ and the dopey ‘Looney Toons’-named Godwin Grech as a fall guy to oust Turnbull?

A major problem for Australia since colinisation is the introduction of hoofed animals e.g. cattle,sheep,horses and goats. These animals have ripped up Australia’s perilously thin 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore top soil ( similar to the SCG after the rugby game the other night), All indigenous animals to Australia have padded feet thus ensuring that the top soil is not ripped up and blown away. Less and less good top soil make it more and more difficult to crop and graze. Australia’s meat of choice should be kangaroo,emu or any other soft padded animal e.g. camel.

ABC News had gas efficient suv 2015 a story this week about the ash left from burning coal and the pollution it was causing to water. Then a potential solution, making building blocks that were cheaper and lighter than concrete but the company couldn’t sell them. There must be a role for government in both stopping the pollution and supporting alternative uses. Like turning old tyres into road surfacing. So many innovative solutions to waste control but gutless governments won’t act. Good luck RJ

When our National Curriculum was reviewed in 2014, Kevin Donnelly said that including sustainability as a cross-curriculum focus was “bloating” the curriculum and crowding 5 gases out more important things like “A greater focus on Western civilisation and Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage in the history curriculum” and “was impacting on the time available for religious schools to imbue the curriculum with their own values and beliefs.”

On a positive note, my daughter, who is an early childhood teacher, went to Sydney yesterday to see how another pre-school was incorporating sustainability. She said they had a pile of stuff, literally including the kitchen sink, and they looked at how those things could be repurposed for use in the centre eg as a water play area or to grow plants in or whatever. (I didn’t get a chance to ask her more about it yet).

This statement ignores the historical fact that Australians have been in the forefront of inventions for the past 230 years. We led agricultural machination into the 20th century with Mackay Harvesters, Howard Agricultural Machines and others. We led many medical research ventures into human health, the list is only matched by the number of vocations that are chosen.

@A J O’Grady: You have overlooked the most damaging species; the meddled headed Homo sapiens agriculturalisatae who thinks making $2 per acre per year while creating $20 per acre per year environmental damage is good profit because they will not have to foot the gsa 2016 catalog rehabilitation costs. A bit like MDB water theft is good practice because SW Qld and NW NSW broad acre farmers get the first and only use of available MDB water flows.

All music to my ears except the clanger appealing to people with someone in their family under 20 they’d be concerned for, in order to be interested in saving the planet. To me that’s just self interest in another guise. It is possible to not want to see the whole thing destroyed and to feel affected and to want to weep at every species that goes under – to be horrified at the levels of consumption and waste, even if a person has no family at all.

New England Cocky, It is not all Homo sapiens that have caused gas x coupon 2015 the problems that afflict Australia. Aborigines had good sense and good planning that was sustainable and sensitive to managing and working with nature.The Colinisers and their ilk today are only interested in short term profit, greed and corruption. One has only to look at the mining industry and how they want to pass on mitigation costs onto taxpayers in their race to privatise profits and socialise losses.

Kaye – we are always hearing about the economy – doing well or not – and v gashi kenga e zagrebit we hear loads about the GDP. But the whole point of having a government supervising the economy is that it is supposedly intended to be performing for our benefit – and we know how much truth there is in that! At this point in time it would be suicide NOT to spend money on slowing, stopping, reversing global warming. If we fail to do that, then we can forget about commercial viability because commerce won’r have any customers! If we were surgeons, we would be amputating a limb to stop gangrene from spreading to the whole body!

New England Cocky gas news – One of the worst things this government has done has been to cut the wings of the CSIRO. It needs to be boosted 200% and put to work again – but not all changes are scientific. During WWII in the UK, we recycled everything. It was ingrained in us and was our civilian continuing contribution to the war effort. We now need to engender a similar attitude – particularly in developed countries addicted to the throwaway approach to life. EVERYONE needs to think twice about disposing of ANYTHING, replacing ANYTHING and WASTING ANYTHING.