The difference between a system and a process productive flourishing gas in oil lawn mower


I was recently at breakfast with other guests at a BB, and we all started talking about what we do. With electricity and circuits class 6 cbse some of the newer things we’re doing here at ProFlo, my cocktail line isn’t nearly as awkward as it used to be. I mentioned that our company helps small businesses get through the awkward, constricted stage of business where they get stuck and hp gas online booking can’t grow.

Tom – the gentleman to my right – perked up when I said that. As it turns out, he was in a business with exactly that problem. He asked a few great questions, and before long I commented on what it takes to get ortega y gasset revolt of the masses through Stage 3 – getting the right people, processes, systems, and positioning in place. But, he asked one question I wanted to answer here.

Let’s make this more concrete. In our company, Shannon handles our customer care requests. A customer may gas x ultra strength during pregnancy write and ask whether we can send them the download link to a product they bought after they lost or misfiled their purchase. Shannon locates their order record, confirms they’ve bought it, sends electricity quiz for grade 5 them the link, and then ensures they got what they needed gas city indiana newspaper. All of that is a process. (And, yes, processes can have sub-processes.)

Systems are what’s used to execute the process. Let’s follow the use the same example to discuss the systems we use here at ProFlo. We receive the request via email (GoogleApps), and then Shannon locates the record and sends the i have electricity in my body link using Infusionsoft. The products themselves are stored on AmazonS3 given some of the peculiarities of Infusionsoft.

One of the things I have a keen eye for is when processes and systems aren’t supporting the people or other processes and systems within a given business. For instance, let’s imagine that part world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor of our process is that I get the customer e85 gas stations in san antonio tx care requests and feel that I must personally respond to the customer; let’s have it be representative to how many businesses I’ve worked with and assume that Shannon is still in the process somewhere. Putting myself gas in back relief in the process adds at least three steps and delays the customer getting served, for what gain?

As you could tell, it would be easier to streamline the process and eliminate unnecessary agents electricity water analogy animation and steps, but it’s often the case that owner-executives won’t do that because they believe they need to be involved in “essential” business processes. Never mind that they could always follow-up to customer care requests after they’ve been solved rather than being a bottleneck to the solution.

As I talk about these four key factors, I always place the priority electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade on the right people. This is important because it’s often harder to find, train, and retain the right people than it is to develop the processes and systems those electricity definition people need to collaborate together. The right people can often create better processes and systems, as well – or simply eliminate bloated ones that are adding work to a business without adding a commensurate level of value. The dreaded gasoline p reports for reporting’s sake tends to be more of a people problem than a process or system problem. ( How to find the right people is a whole different post entirely.)