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Be a Hero. Armsmaster will approve. Miss Militia will either be happy to have another semi-sane Hero involved, or terrified of Armsmaster having an apprentice(Always two there are, a master, and an apprentice). More Heroic Rep, might stop Lung from breaking out. Will put Machina on peoples radar as a new and active Independent Hero. Little or no Endbringer support. More interactions with Armsmaster and the Protectorate. Potential interaction with Ash King.

Discretion is the better part of valor. Stay away from the dangerous fight where you will have no or limited Endbringer support. Don’t get more involved in the coming gang war just yet. Don’t interact with Armsmaster or the Protectorate. Armsmaster and the Protectorate are unlikely to realize that you chose not to help. No possibility of Interaction with Ash King.

An evolution of the Predator Drone. Built for the US Military as a way to find … and kill Parahumans. And it did so quite well. Infamously known to have been quickly retired from military-use due to the combined effort of both Anti-Drone Strike & Pro-Parahuman Organizations. OOC: ???

You guys are roast chicken. Currently unknown payload. Unknown additional abilities. Mystery box covered in PAT RIO TISM. Armsmaster probably approves. Miss Militia might RED, WHITE, A N D BLUE-screen upon being shown that there might be two of them now.

It was a week after the incident I was still getting to grips with my nanites, I had spent an entire day staying in the house because I had no idea what was happening to me then. Dad bought the lie I told him about not feeling well and let me stay at home, though he had some people from the union check up on me.

I made my way to leave while keeping my head down, as I walked I listened carefully to any movement from Lung as I let my eyes drift to the water. Could I jump in and swim for it if he tried to chase me? It’d be slower but it might be enough to get Lung decide I wasn’t worth the effort.

“Yes, I am Taylor Hebert” if things go south I’ll have to use my powers to make a run for it, if I can make it to the Rig I’ll be able to sign up for the Wards and get protection for myself and dad. It didn’t want to join the Wards but if I have to out myself-

Bet my left leg that picture was from the incident, thanks Emma on top of betraying me, using ever personal thing I entrusted you with, stepping on and literally defiling my mum’s mementos and memories, leading the entire school on a bullying campaign against me AND causing the second worst day of my life your actions somehow got me fucking LUNG’S attention.

L- Kenta snorted “I don’t concern myself with the typical secret identity most other Capes worry about, I wear this mask to make a statement and as a symbol of my power and authority. As for why I wish to talk to you…” Lung paused as he looked out to sea, his eyes gaining a distant look to them before turning back to me “I suppose it’s to share some words I wish I had someone to tell me many years ago” he fished out an old photo from his jean’s pockets and showed it to me.

“This picture was take during one of the last peaceful times we had, I keep it as a reminder of my parents and my former self in the picture” Kenta held up the picture to look at it himself “As you can see, we share a certain trait. Or, at least I had it for a time”

“These are the words I wish for you to take to heart; don’t let the world win or have it mold you into something it wants. Be true to who you are and don’t allow the sneers and laughter of others who can’t fathom what you have experienced break you or run away from your problems, face off against everything that stands in your way. Be not the who is molded by the world, instead be the one who molds the world itself”

I wasn’t sure how long I stood there, I just knew that Kenta’s words had resonated with something inside me. His words were similar to thoughts I have had before, but there was something different in the way he said them. His words were tempered with experience and held a hardy resolve.