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The Canadian oil industry shed tens of thousands of jobs in 2015, and it’s expected to cut even more this year. Ideal gas definition chemistry Yet, there are still some areas in the sector that are relatively unscathed – and even growing. 1 electricity unit in kwh The key factors that created this skills-gap safe haven are the rapid advancement of oilfield technologies, the constant drive towards cost-cutting innovations, and some new sectors opening up. Power kinetic energy “The industry has changed dramatically in the past few years,” says Carol Howes, the vice president of Petroleum Labour Market Information (PetroLMI). Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers “The expectations of oil companies have changed.” New Technology

The recession is decimating some professions but it is also driving advanced technology that boosts operational efficiencies. Gas 76 station PetroLMI, the human resources division of oil and gas safety association Enform, has published a report highlighting these changes. World j gastrointest surg impact factor It identifies increased use of measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling tools, which collect data to improve drilling accuracy. Youtube gas pedal Another career-opening new technology is micro-seismic monitoring of fracking, which collects and analyzes data to map geological impact, boost output and minimize the number of wells and fractures required. Gsa 2016 calendar “These types of technology will drive the need for workers with backgrounds in field operations, geophysics, geology, and reservoir and completions engineering,” the report says.

Fracking brought other seismic shifts to the labor market. Gas and supply NGLs output has leapt dramatically and is still increasing, requiring process operators. Gas x strips review It also boosts the wastewater and desalination sectors. Gastritis The recession is increasing the need to cut costs for trucking in water, boosting recycling technology demand. Electricity and circuits class 6 So despite spudding slowing to a near standstill, throwing drillers out of work, fracked wells are still creating new jobs for some professions. Gas pains 6 weeks pregnant “Disposal wells and process recovery disposal units are somewhat recession proof in that they do typically handle both drilling wastes and production wastes,” says Gibsons Energy spokeswoman Amanda Condie. Electricity kwh to unit converter “The drilling volumes have definitely come off for ourselves and all of our peers, but the produced water volumes are holding up very well. We have only seen a minimal number of shut-ins to date and overall production is still growing, which helps to sustain activity levels in this portion of the business.” For those in the water sector, not only is it stable work, but the retraining and skills building is constant and ongoing. Gas and bloating after every meal Each water or wastewater operator is required to complete educational units every year to ensure they remain up to date. Gas and bloating Other boosts

Ironically, protestors who dislike the oil industry have helped create and expand professions within it. Electricity definition chemistry Increased public scrutiny of fracking and pipelines has created new growth in the regulatory, stakeholder and aboriginal relations fields within the energy business. Gas city indiana Qualifications required to enter the latter typically include a degree or diploma in public relations, communications, journalism and/or business. Hair electricity dance moms Public scrutiny has coincided with the search for new markets, such as for LNG and for crude exports to Europe and Asia. J gastroenterol hepatol impact factor Together those have expanded the number of environmental offshore monitoring jobs. Gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore This is in addition to the specialist engineering, business and marketing roles that new markets bring.

Part and parcel to public scrutiny are the ever-increasing regulatory requirements on the industry, which drive demand for regulatory and compliance roles. Electricity of the heart To comply with regulations, as well as to prevent oil spills, pipeline integrity specialists keep a keen eye on the sector’s aging infrastructure. Gas zombies Chris McNelly, the chief executive of Human Resources Institute of Alberta, says that pipeline maintenance and monitoring careers are only growing in importance. Electricity examples “There’s an incredible amount of pipelines in Alberta,” he says. Electricity experiments Furthermore, the constantly expanding pipeline network also raises demand for midstream pressure welders at a time when upstream structural welders are being laid off. Gas in oil Another area of growth is crude by rail. Electricity lessons for 5th grade In Alberta, railway terminal hubs are booming, requiring terminal attendants, tracks men, control center operators and land technicians. Mp electricity bill pay indore Positioning for the bounce back

The slump in traditional energy professions will bottom out. M gastrocnemius And in addition to the rebound creating future jobs, there is a very large percentage of baby boomers who will retire over the next few years, which, Howes says, “is helpful for young students thinking four or five years out.” PetroLMI did a survey of a number of companies in the industry and 50 percent of respondents said that those staff who are eligible to retire will retire. Gas block dimple jig The survey found there will be increasing demand growth among accounting and financial professionals, heavy equipment operators, geoscientists and engineers. Electricity in costa rica Back to school

Educational institutions are rising to the challenge to reflect the rapidly changing labor market. Gasco abu dhabi contact The use of advanced technology makes computer literacy essential to nearly all jobs in the patch. Inert gas definition chemistry David Schneider, an education manager at CDI College in Calgary, which offers a diploma in Oil & Gas Administration, says the school routinely sees established industry professionals enrolling to update their digital literacy. Gas in babies home remedies The pipeline integrity industry does much of its own in-house training because there are no pipeline engineering degrees. Electricity magnetism Right now, inspection companies are seeing a lot of job applicants but very few have the specific skills needed, such as non-destructive testing (NDT) pipeline integrity technicians with up to 12 months of training. Gas bijoux discount code Some firms say that most roles need individuals with electrical, mechanical or instrumentation tickets, in addition to a high school diploma. Electricity production by state This spring, SAIT will launch a new pipeline technician course. Electricity distribution companies Meanwhile, Edmonton’s Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is in the process of determining how much demand exists for a future pipeline inspection course.

Another growth area in the downturn is for steam power engineers who operate industrial boilers such as those used in the oil sands. Gas quality comparison “Industry keeps saying we need more,” says NAIT business manager, Todd Sumner. La gasolina lyrics translation Those oil sands plants will keep running, regardless of whether the expansion of the oil sands has slowed or not. 9gag instagram videos Old Dog, New Tricks

Lenny Nanaquawetung has learned a few things during his decades in the oil industry. Gastric sleeve scars He worked as a rig hand on the Arctic islands in the 1970s for Panarctic Oils. Electricity research centre Out of work after the National Energy Program of the 1980s, he bought a taxi and drove the cab before heading back to the rigs when things picked up.

He enjoyed toying with young roughnecks who believed him old enough to have worked on traditional cable tool rigs, prevalent in the early 20th century. Gas oil ratio formula When they would ask what his first job on an oil rig was, Nanaquawetung would reply with a poker face that it was shooting woodpeckers off of the wooden derricks. Gas station car wash He chuckles as he recalls their believing expressions.

Nanaquawetung left the industry again in 2007 to care for his late wife. Basic electricity quizlet But again the industry beckoned, and last year he graduated from CDI College with a diploma in oil and gas administration. Arkansas gas association He pitched a plan to the chief of Saskatchewan’s Fishing Lake First Nation to buy two rigs for $12 million, and help the band enter the industry. Electricity notes for class 10 It didn’t work out, but due to his administrative credentials and lifetime experience, the band offered him a new career in the medical transportation field. Gas x side effects “First Nations are being hammered by diseases such as diabetes, which is hitting people as young as 30,” he says. Electricity out in one room With a background in professional driving and caregiving, he says he’s a perfect fit for the job. Electricity word search answer key At his graduation ceremony last year, speaking as the class valedictorian, Nanaquawetung said, “What I have learned is that I had the ability to learn.” He’s 70, but he isn’t sure if he’s considered an elder yet. M power electricity “This leads to my final career in life – I’m going to help other people,” he says. Electricity formulas physics “It’s not about me anymore.” Supply in Demand

The economics of the energy industry have shifted from new construction to operations and maintenance. Electricity experiments elementary school That’s bad news for project managers, but leaves supply chain managers in a more secure spot. Electricity journal Fortunately for project managers, the skills are transferable between the two. Gas symptoms Key skills include cost-cutting, such as slashing wait times by improving logistics and material management; and managing the risk of non-availability of goods and services at crucial points in a project. Gas news of manipur This is where having experienced project managers can make a big difference in the supply chain. Gas upper back pain Kevin Lawrence, a recently laid-off veteran project manager, says of supply chain and project management, “I see them being very similar, particularly in the oil and gas maintenance and turn-around portion of the business. Gas chamber jokes Materials and services are very often the responsibility of the project manager. Gas oil ratio calculator Although supply management is considered long-term and project management is short, the goals are the same.”

Marc Hebert, a former project manager, who moved into the patch as an industrial maintenance manager for oil services firm Tenaris, agrees. Gas near me cheap “Anything I have touched in my PM manufacturing experience has been steeped in risk management of the supply chain,” he says. “Supply chain management and project management skills are very transferable, which was why I was able to slide into the PM role that I had with ease.” Hebert says that managers of projects, supply chains or maintenance are always looking for improvement. Gas x while pregnant “If you have a recurring issue you look for the root cause and implement the best solution. 5 gas laws The results are better quality, productivity and safety.” Lawrence’s advice for anyone in the profession is to get a project management certificate. Electricity 101 youtube Before the slump it didn’t matter, experience was enough, he says. Electricity trading More posts by Nick Wilson