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The ePipe Forum (EPF) is an online community dedicated to the hand crafted ePipe, preservation and conversion of classic tobacco pipes to personal vaporizers (PV’s), free exchange of information regarding ePipes of any an all imaginable types, and the ePipe collections (often obsessions) of its members. The general feeling in these parts is that a metal tube is, after all, a metal tube, but a nice hunk of wood in your hand is…well, best not to finish that. However if you choose to, this is the place to learn about and share how you finish your wood.

ePF is a community of the ePipe enthusiast, by the ePipe enthusiast, and for the ePipe enthusiast. gas hydrates india It is especially attentive to the new vaper and to the experienced vaper with an interest in ePipes. Its focus is a free of exchange of ideas, its nature an ever evolving collaboration, and its foundation an uncompromising sense of equality for each and every member. ePF prides itself on its dedication to freedom and irreverence…as it was founded specifically to allow its members to express themselves as they see fit. The only one, true guiding principle here is RESPECT…respect for one another and respect for the vaping community at large. While the bedrock of ePF is freedom, blatant disrespect for its members will not be tolerated. electricity youtube Disrespect in the form of belligerence, trolling, baiting, libel, or otherwise intentionally malicious behavior is both disrespectful and inappropriate, and as such does not fly here. That said, ePF encourages it members to be honest, use reasoned judgment, and to speak their peace. electricity flow chart To quote Winston Churchill, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

ePF offers a community unique to the constantly expanding vaping community, and the world as a whole, in that is encourages open, virtually unabridged dialogue between vendors and its members. It is a community where vendors can safely discuss the development of their products and business models with experienced vapers, and where vapers can develop personal relationships with vendors of all sizes. We at ePF believe that the collaboration of vendors and its members is what distinguishes this forum as among the most informative and balanced forums on the Internet, and that this same collaboration is essential to the preservation, development, and sustainability of the vaping industry at large.

ePF offers vendor services that include personalized subforums as well as storefront hosting. Here some of the world’s most renowned ePipe artists collaborate with the aspiring home woodworker, while top vendors from all areas of the vaping community brainstorm with consumers and do-it-yourself (DIY) experimentalists alike. ePF prides itself on the personal, cooperative relationship its registered vendors enjoy with its members. gas laws worksheet with answers For information on becoming a Registered Vendor please check out our Vendor Application & Rules .

The forum offers an extremely diverse and knowledgeable member base from around the globe. From the beaches of Southern California to the theme parks of Orlando, Florida, from pubs of the United Kingdom to outback of Australia, the ePipe enthusiast and those curious about the ePipe phenomenon congregate here to exchange ideas and to have fun doing so. In addition to all things ePipe, ePF offers subforums with focuses that cover a vast array of vaping topics including technical support, vaping news and politics, general vaping hardware, premixed and DIY juice recommendations and reviews, vendor discussion and reviews, DIY pipe conversion, handcrafted PV’s, innovation technology, a thriving classifieds section, and member Co-Ops.

Did we miss something? Have an idea for a topic the forum is not currently covering, or clarification regarding something that is not being covered properly or completely? Have a new and emerging product under your sleeve or experimental technology on your workbench? Are you just stupid bat shit crazy obsessive over ePipes and have finally found your own personal Xanadu here with us freaks? Good. a gas mixture is made by combining That is the point. gas leak los angeles california You are in the right place. Dip your toe into the milk of ePipe vapeage. The water is warm. Enlighten us. power per kwh Take full part in the festivities. Pull up an aged leather recliner, load up your favorite naturally extracted tobacco (NET) eJuice in your most beloved briar calabash ePipe, and join us, won’t you?