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One of the doctors told us this is incorrect, that OU only referred to the prescription being the same in each eye, not that we were to order 2 boxes for each eye…I don’t have a problem with being compliant with a drs. request but it sure has stirred up a hornets nest at work, to the point the GM (unlicensed) will have a talk with the doctors that we didn’t work for them and they don’t need to tell us what to do….so I’ve been looking in my dispensing books and have found OU as “both eyes” but I have not substanciated clearly if it refers only as OU same prescription eyes or is it more broadly used i.e., 2 boxes OU meaning I want 2 boxes for each eye no matter what the prescription…does a GM really have that much authority to tell the doctors the tecnical part of their job. Also today we were told we can dispense contact lens boxes before the patient is finished with their final progress check and that is was ok cuz we work under doctors license of the owner of the chain from KT….uhm…real questions here….I called state board got a busy signal all day. Reviewed my TN Rules…0490-01.-10 p.11 and 0490-01-.22 p.40 paragraph 1 states “a dispensing optician may not fit contact lenses except in the presence of and under the direct supervision of a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist” direct doesn’t sound like a doctor licensed living and working in another state to me…also paragraphs a and b state “upong delivery of a written prescription by an opthalmologist or otometrist, the licensed dispensing optician will deliver the contact lenses to the patient

I hope someone could helpe me . gas prices going up or down I’m a opthamoligest I graduate from ukrain and I came to the USA. electricity merit badge requirements Memphis ,TN so I could worke her as opthamoligest but I don’t know wher to start from and who to ask about what I need to study or what kind of examination I need to do . And every university I ask here they don’t now because their not spacilized in opthamolig that’s My email

Editor: Masoud … you are what we would call an FMG (foreign medical graduate) or IMG (international medical graduate). electricity experiments for preschoolers The process of matching in ophthalmology is much more difficult in these situations. You typically have to pass the USMLE tests to obtain your medical degree in the US. You’ll have to go through an entire 4 year ophthalmology residency training program in the USA to practice in the USA. t gasthuys You’ll apply for ophthalmology positions with the “match process” along with other USA candidates. la gasolina reggaeton explosion The match rate (even with your experience) for IMG applicants is not very high (around 6%) but it can be done … but you may have to put in some time doing research to become a better candidate. The first step, I believe, is to pass (and do really well) on your USMLE tests. gas meter reading You may want to contact your closest medical school and enquire about that process … or continue searching this route online.

Words cannot begin to capture the immense gratitude I feel for your dedication and continued contributions towards medical education. I am currently a 4th year medical student applying for a residency position in ophthalmology and I owe so much to you and the fruits of your tireless labor. Your focused, easily digestible and often silly approach to learning is a welcomed breath of fresh air to the mundane rigors of traditional medical training. You were a HUGE part in me choosing ophthalmology and I hope to carry on my learnings to my patients and other aspiring students and health professionals in the future.

I just purchased the first volume of ophthobook questions, the most recent edition to your vast collection and again I was blown away. Education and teaching is something I hold close to my heart. z gas tijuana telefono Having served as a tutor/mentor at several levels, from high school students to fellow medical students, I realize the importance of medical education and feel a sincere drive to contribute and teach. I read your call for help to contribute to the expanding collection of books/resources at the end of the publication and I would like to say that I would be honored to help out in whatever capacity.