The glens of antrim – mountain log cabin – settlers ridge electricity physics ppt


Serenity is your ticket at The Glens of Antrim mountain log cabin. 2 bedroom- 1 full bath 870 sq. ft. private suite with den kitchenette + 300 sq. ft. covered porch. Bold creek that runs 430’ along the property boundary with waterfalls. Rustic den is an Irish pub. 9½ foot ceilings. Private entrance. Gorgeous 1.6 acre property in a cove of mountains at 3800’ elevation with large hardwoods apple orchard. 1.5 miles to Cataloochee Ski Area. . **Signed Rental Agreement Required**

The Glens of Antrim is in a secluded mountain cove off the beaten track. Traffic is virtually non-existent and the area was electricity invented during the industrial revolution is crime free. Neighbors are friendly and helpful. Homes are on large lots and somewhat scattered across two subdivisions. It’s a short drive to a walking entrance to the Smoky Mountains National Park on the other side of the cove – perfect for hiking. The mountain cove area is often rocky and mostly wooded with lots of tall hardwoods, evergreens, and other foliage. Occasional wildlife: rabbits, turkey, deer, and on very rare occasions black bears..

Paved roads all the way to the property. Last 1.5 miles of access roads involve steep inclines. Neighborhood roads are well suited for a nice nature walk with moderate to steep inclines. 4-wheel drive vehicle may be necessary in the winter months depending on road conditions. Occasional snow in the late Fall to early Spring months gas x side effects liver can cause access and egress issues, so be sure to discuss this with the owners.

*Den is The Beyond the Pale Irish Pub with rustic cypress walls and ceiling; Seats 6; French doors open to covered porch; Pub table, Queen sofa bed; Ceiling fan, 50” Plasma TV, DISH Network with 230+ TV channels including 9 HBO channels and 120+ music channels including Sirius XM, Surround sound home theater, DVD movies, Board games: Great for family gatherings, games, movies.

Guests have exclusive use of their suite space which consists of the entire ground floor area. Also guests have full access to the outside property including the lower covered porch. This includes the creeks, the creekside deck and chairs, the creekside bench, the fenced pet area, the steep wooded area, and the grassy area of the apple orchard. Parking is available in the driveway near the cabin, or just off the driveway on Plum Tree Lane (gravel road that crosses the property) as needed gas pains or contractions. Parking / driving along Plum Tree Lane or the grassy areas is strongly discouraged for non-4-wheel drive vehicles.

Interaction with owners is as limited as the guests want it to be. Guests occupy the ground level exclusively with their own entrance. Owners occupy the upper levels with their own entrance. Owners are frequently on-site and physically available, or by telephone as needed. We are always pleased to offer tips on any subject to our guests, and a ‘Tips for Guest List’ is posted for your full enjoyment of the unit.

*Near the Cataloochee Ski Area and the Cataloochee Horse Ranch. 1.5 miles via Yellow electricity for beginners Patch Road off Hemphill Road. This is a rugged, unmaintained, curvy, steep mountain road with no guardrails– 4-wheel drive vehicles strongly recommended, and use during icy or slick conditions can be dangerous. Paved road access to Cataloochee through Maggie Valley along Soco Road is 15 miles.

Occupants and Children: The individual making the reservation must be 25 years of age or older, and must occupy the property for the entire term of the reservation. Overnight occupancy is normally limited to six persons y gasset unless otherwise authorized. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, normally limited to children age 12 and under. Children under age 12 may not be left unattended on the property. $5/night additional fee for each person in excess of 4 occupants.

Let’s start with our arrival. Our fault for not reading the small print which suggested one have a four wheel drive vehicle. The driveway was a real challenge for me, and my wife would not even attempt it. About 150ft. to 200ft. long. Very narrow and no where to turn around. So you either back in or drive straight forward in and back out. Just wide enough to accommodate a vehicle. Mountain one side sheer drop-off the other. A very steep incline form main road to drive and when exiting a blind spot preventing electricity electricity lyrics one from seeing approaching vehicles coming down road your are trying to get onto..

The cabin was clean and you had four sheets of instructions to guide your use of this place.The bed mattress was very old noisy. The heat was controlled by the upstairs apartment. They did provide two space heaters which did the job – but also blew the circuit breaker on two occasions. The view from the outside porch was nothing spectacular because the trees were very dense. The apple orchard did not exist. Cooking their was somewhat of a challenge – Microwave/hot plate/toaster oven. This would not be for a family wanting to cook meals. The sound proofing between electricity vs gas heating costs the lower and upper level left a lot to be desired. One could easily hear the dog and tenant moving about. I would suggest bringing a sleep unit with you.

The property is at an elevation of 3800 feet, so you do have to go up a mountain to get to the property. The incline is moderately steep for the last couple of miles, as should be expected. The driveway is about 220 feet long, over 80% of which is level, with a moderate incline at the road. It is at least 12 feet wide, and there is room at the end of the drive, next to the cabin, for 2 vehicles to park side by side. Four-wheel drive is only needed in the winter months when there is a possibility of snow and ice, which was not the case during this guest’s visit.

Regarding the unit itself, there have been plenty of family groups that have been guests here who have had no issues with the kitchenette cooking facilities. There is also a gas grill on the porch that is available for cooking. Space heaters are provided in each room to supplement the heating during cold weather. However, operating more than one heating appliance at the same time on the same circuit gas in michigan will pop a breaker. We have replaced the bed in question with a king size bed and mattress. And although there is insulation in the space between the upper and lower floors, the sound-proofing is less than perfect. But every effort is made to eliminate unnecessary noise when the upper level is occupied.