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Two things. A mainstream media who have an investment in a conservative government. They are in business after all and lets face it – Murdock is the king of them all in this country and he is most immoral of them all from what I can see as well as being the most influential. This is the way that we ordinary mortals get our news unless we’re smart and search out a venue or venues we can trust. Of course the ABC is no longer entirely trustworthy either. Outlets like the Guardian which aren’t rampantly right wing, don’t ask the sorts of questions which would illuminate necessarily but what electricity ground explained would be the point? Only the slightly more discerning go there and I used to just about gag every time I read a Katharine Murphy article about Malcolm.

The second thing is a population with the intelligence and interest in politics of a woolly sheep. Whenever one of them jumps the others follow suit so that unexamined, falsehoods such as the LNP being superior economic managers, continues to play in the pubs and suburbs of the nation. We force these people – may of whom could not even tell you who the Prime Minister of the country is, to vote. We need a different electoral system. Even a random selection of candidates like gas 99 cents a citizen’s jury could be a better bet, with a limited tenure – no more than two terms. At least it would shake things up a bit.

@Harry …”The budget balance is basically irrelevant ” Correct, it is BASICALLY irrelevant. I like to counter the argument pro gas variables pogil answers extension questions surplus economics by asking people whether they know that th SNOWY scheme was constructed during years of budget deficit under Menzies. There were few, if any surplus years. The rest is political spin to frighten voters.

The government and opposition talking about surpluses now is madness as is the business community’s continual war on wages. If people have less disposable income then businesses have less customers. Big comanies are making record profits but that is not filtering through. Whilst unemployment is comparatively low, underemployment and insecure employment are a great concern, leading to a class of working poor.

What is even more crazy is that federal government surpluses inevitably deliver recessions under the economic circumstances Australia faces which leads to lower taxation revenues and higher social support expenditure as more people seek unemployment benefits static electricity jokes and gain higher family tax benefit payments for example which then rapidly leads to the surplus becoming a deficit which only gets worse UNTIL the federal government finally decides to stimulate the economy with an even larger deficit until growth eventually returns.

The phenomenon of recessions leading to falling taxation revenues and increasing social support expenditure is actually beneficial as these ‘automatic stabilisers’ act to reduce the recessionary pressures arising from government surpluses by forcing the federal government back into an economically beneficial deficit. The reverse happens in growth phases where taxation revenues increase and social support expenditure decreases leading to an automatic reduction in federal government deficits or even surpluses which acts gas key staking to dampen down economic booms.

The bottom line is the federal government must in general run deficits to compensate for any currency leakages and to enable economic growth, unless the business cycle is in an excessive boom phase which it certainly isn’t in currently, in fact we are heading towards a recession. The main currency leakages applicable to Australia’s current circumstances are ongoing substantial current account deficits (which comprises our international trade and capital flow balance) and increasing net savings which results from Australia’s wealthy increasing their wealth/savings even faster than most of us are reducing our savings to meet rising living costs. Further as our population is increasing it is necessary that the economy be allowed to grow which means our deficits need to be even larger than that needed to just compensate for any currency leakages.

Sufficient that the economy delivers full employment – is the answer and the most effective way of automatically setting the optimum deficit is with a federal Job Guarantee. The JG acts as a powerful automatic stabiliser that expands during economic downturns gas vs diesel mpg and contracts during growth phases. It also sets the income floor at a liveable wage, provides a pool of immediately employable and trained workers, and greatly reduces the waste of human output and talent and the appalling social costs of mass unemployment and underemployment.

Having an optimal deficit also provides more fiscal capacity to the federal government to improve government services such as education, healthcare and pensions for example; and also to fund improved infrastructure and the needed transition to environmental sustainability is an important example; and also provides the means to improve federal funding support for the states and local government.

Unfortunately neither of the major party blocs have understood or adopted this fiscal reality but clearly the conservatives are worse as they inevitably strive to deliver surpluses even during economic downturns and electricity was invented recessions (or they claim that they do) whilst the ALP strive to deliver surpluses during growth phases that ‘pay for’ the deficits needed during the economic downturns. So one is wrong and the other is generally half wrong. Note that federal deficits do not actually incur 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh any debt as they were funded by currency issuance by the RBA and not by the issuance of treasury bonds and similar securities as most mistakenly believe.

Both party blocs have also accepted high levels of ongoing unemployment and underemployment presumably because that is what the business sector wants because it reduces their input costs and creates a desperate and compliant underclass. The reality is however that most of the business sector would also gain from the increased sales that arises from the increased aggregate demand that results from full employment and from wages that rise with any increases in productivity.

There are a lot of people hanging a lot of hope on a Federal ICAC. As much as I like the thought of one going after all those greedy politicians 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat and their mate and locking them up and making them bend over for the soap, the reality is that I’m betting it will do 2/10ths of SFA. Let’s face it, Labor, the LNP (and the Greens for that matter) aren’t going to kill the golden goose and they have learnt from their State counterparts how to control a recalcitrant watchdog. It’s called TREASURY.

I’ve consulted into the Qld State Govt for years and have been around the traps for a while now to know that all the watchdog agencies gas kansas city up here don’t like turning over rocks. “They don’t have the budget for it”, “not part of their focus”, “doesn’t fall into their remit” – I’ve heard them all before. I know for a fact that some of the recent scandals happening in Qld where all brought to the attention of management at various watchdog agencies here in Qld by underlings and the result? Crickets. It’s all too hard and heaven forbid if you upset the Govt and find your budget is slashed next year. So now most of the agency’s management positions are filled with sycophants who’s only skill is polishing their own turds and will only remove their tongue out of someone’s arse to find out which way the political wind is blowing.

Yes, I’m sure Labor will love setting one up and having a dabble at settling some old scores. Hey, they might even sound out the LNP on some possible payback Malcolm (oops did I say that out loud?? I meant) candidates. But once the fanfare is over and the dust settles, there will be the odd sacrificial lamb offered up every now and again b games 2 when it all gets a bit too much. But the reality is that the gravy train has long since moved on from that station and is merrily heading towards destination Pork.