The green new deal is no joke gas tax rates by state


It is tempting to laugh at the Democrat’s Green New Deal. This reaction should be reconsidered, but not for the reason z gas tecate you might think. This thought occurred after exploring a report by Peter Wood and Rachelle Peterson titled “ [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]” published by the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (NAS).

Their report describes a brilliantly sophisticated and successful plan by the radical left electricity definition physics to merge climate-change activism into the old cultural Marxism indoctrination strategy of the Frankfurt School, commonly known as the long march through the institutions. The old strategy was quite successful in planting the seeds of socialism throughout academia starting in earnest with the 1960s sexual revolution, but needed revitalization by the end of the 20th century. By assimilating the new sustainability 9gag nsfw element which includes Al Gore’s radical anti-fossil fuel, pro-renewable energy ideology it now offers a much more virtuous appeal.

Colleges and universities in all 50 states took the bait and now offer nearly 460 sustainability degree programs including doctorates. I Googled my own alma mater (Virginia Tech electricity videos for 4th grade) and was stunned by the number of sustainability offerings. To a biology graduate who once sent résumés to the NOAA and the EPA in the early 1970s, many of the degree programs seemed appealing. What young student would not be eager to earn a degree that will help save the planet? However, the degree requirements appeared a bit light ideal gas definition chemistry on hard science and math, and perhaps too heavy on the social justice side. A few observations from the NAS report summarize what is going on:

“We see in the sustainability movement a hardening of irrational demands to suspend free inquiry in favor of unproven theories of imminent catastrophe. And we see, under year 6 electricity worksheets the aegis of sustainability, a movement that often takes its bearings from its hostility towards material prosperity, consumerism, free markets, and even electricity bill average democratic self-government.”

The Green New Deal was no doubt inspired by the sustainability movement. Both are a roadmap to a socialist utopia where all human conflicts, inequality, rising seas, and extreme weather will simply disappear. Unfortunately, this vision is built on a foundation of exaggerations and half-truths including the fabricated consensus about CO2. Anthropogenic climate electricity news philippines change is a minor worry compared to the accomplishment by the left to indoctrinate this fantasy into a massive and ever-growing population of smart young adults who will not hesitate to vote for candidates supporting a Green New Deal; a deal that will unintentionally set America on a fast path to national suicide. It may not happen until a Democrat wins the presidency, but it’s coming.

The indoctrination aspect is a vital electricity billy elliot lyrics key to success for this madness. Indoctrination begins early in public schools preparing children to be the next generation of evironmental zealots; the next rank and file in an army of insanity intent on using environmental correctness as a bludgeon to beat the unbelieving world into submission. This is simply empire building. The claim is that it is for the gas zone edenvale greater good of the planet, but it is simple empire building and a willingness to do whatever it takes to crush the opposition. The means of success is always mental manipulation (brainwashing) or indoctrination. And all 4 gas giants names when indoctrination begins at an earlier age, it typically has greater success. Home schooling is huge detriment to the plan because it precludes children from early indoctrination so that by time they engage more in public schools they are less easily manipulated; they have learned to think on their own…hopefully. Home schooling can be problematic too, but my point is that it is an obstacle in the way of indoctrination of our nation’s youth; the next generation! Once indoctrination is effective enough our great nation will reach a tipping point and then you have electricity symbols and units the problem of so many unbelievers who own guns….