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The Goen brothers of Salt Lake City, Utah, had developed and certified with the FAA the world’s first turbine powered gyroplane. Powered by a 420 shp Rolls-Royce Model 250 series gas turbine engine, the four place Hawk 4 gyroplane brought to aviation a unique aircraft with many utilitarian qualities. tgask The Hawk’s performance and exceptional versatility also offered a safe and affordable alternative to helicopters and airplanes in many applications. Based on the lessons learned during successful flight testing of three prototypes over 10 years, the Hawk 4 provided USTOL (ultra short takeoff and landing; under sea level standard conditions, as short as 25 feet) capabilities with its patented variable pitch rotor head. Marvels of the Hawk 4

The Hawk 4 provided operators with takeoff distances unimaginable to operators of fixed wing aircraft. gas vs electric water heater savings The aircraft’s simple, robust, design translated into lower operating costs than any comparable turbine powered helicopter. The wide operating speed range, from 46 mph to nearly 150 mph, of this highly maneuverable gyroplane also ensured the Hawk 4 a new niche in the aviation marketplace. gas constant mmhg Easy to fly and always in autorotation, the Hawk 4 offered uncompromising safety in the realm of flight.

The Hawk 4 was the first in a series of gyroplanes from GBA. Preliminary designs of several larger aircraft were also underway when Hawk 4 was accomplished. electricity electricity music notes The flight test program for the first production Hawk 4 was carried out at the Flight Operations Facility in Buckeye, Arizona. By mid 2006, a total of thirteen GBA authorized Dealerships had been sold creating orders and deposits on more than 140 aircraft production positions.

Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. (GBA) was a fully reporting, publicly traded corporation registered in the State of Utah. gas hydrates ppt The company was listed over-the-counter on the OTC Bulletin Board under the stock symbol “GNBA” at any Stock Brokerage Company. electricity electricity schoolhouse rock Investment information including stock reports, Market Makers and SEC annual and quarterly reports are accessible on this web site previously.

The Hawk 4 was and is still a low cost alternative which can out-perform helicopters and airplanes in many roles. The inquiries of the gyroplanes came from industries as diverse as oil exploration and power line survey, to agricultural spraying, from the owners of yachts and fishing camps, and from numerous people searching for economical air-taxi service.

As helicopters had become commonplace in the world, many potential users realized how useful vertical flight would be if only they could afford it. Market studies and forecasts show that this pent-up demand was as important to the company’s marketing plans as the opportunity to sell to individuals, companies and agencies already flying helicopters. Use of the Hawk 4

Other Hawk 4 demonstrators were used by major metropolitan police departments in a ‘Public Use’ evaluation program. gas vs electric oven for baking cakes State and local governments were allowed by the federal government to fly non-certified aircraft in public service thus broadening the market of these planes. The Hawk 4 was designed and built to FAA type-certification standards and hence was easy to acquire a certification thus improving customers confidence.