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The Bears have everything to play for, having announced themselves to the world with their defensive masterpiece over the Rams last Sunday night. electricity and magnetism review sheet Suddenly, they have their eyes on a first round bye and if they keep on winning they just might get it. They’re as healthy as they could be, with only WR Allen Robinson listed on the injury report–and he’s likely to play.

Mitch Trubisky, back from a minor shoulder injury, looked awful in the Rams win and is itching to pick on a Packers secondary that looks nothing like the one he faced in the opener. He probably has to use Wikipedia to figure out who some of these guys are. He’ll use his legs to keep the Packers’ linebackers honest and will depend on the Sproles-like Tarik Cohen to make the Pack pay in the passing game.

What we learned by watching their convincing win over the Falcons was that they weren’t quite ready to fold their tent and call it a season. Offensively, they looked sharper, with Rodgers getting the ball out of his hands quickly, converting third downs and leaning on Aaron Jones in the second half. Defensively, we saw an actual pick six and a unit that contained Matt Ryan for most of the afternoon. electricity usage in the us There weren’t even any major special teams gaffes.

Much of this was expected following the debacle against the Cardinals and the subsequent removal of Mike McCarthy. Joe Philbin showed he was up to the challenge of taking the reins and calling the plays, despite the calamitous start which saw both challenges used up in the opening drive (I still don’t understand how the Packers lost the first one. gas pump icon The second one should not have been challenged).

They will be uber motivated to knock off their rivals; to officially end their season and get a measure of revenge from their second half meltdown in the season opener at Lambeau. They are 5 and a half point favorites to end an eight game losing streak at home to Rodgers and the Packers. If the Pack can make it nine in a row, well then we can say the team has come out of their funk. It would probably be too late for any post-season fun, but it would provide a nice spring board to whatever comes next in 2019.

I have a feeling the offense will be much more productive on Sunday and will look better over the last four games. Of course, it will help if the right side of the offensive line is healthy–something we don’t know yet, since Bulaga and Bell haven’t practiced this week. But I think Philbin and Rodgers will work well in collaboration and things will click a bit more and look more like the offense we’ve grown accustomed to. electricity laws in india Look for better tempo, look for more slants and screens and look for Aaron Jones to get much more than 50% of the offensive snaps.

Let’s say that happens and let’s say the defense, despite now having four starters on IR (Daniels, Wilkerson, Perry and King) and several others injured, continues to handle their business and show steady growth under Mike Pettine. I think it’s in the best interest of the Packers to try to keep Pettine around amid all of the housecleaning. The players have said they love to play for him and enjoy the system. Chances are this unit could take a major step forward in the system’s second year, helped in part by re-enforcements that will be coming via free agency and the draft.

If the Packers’ new head man is a 30-something offensive guru-on-the-rise, it will mean that he wowed Murphy and Gutekunst and just as important, he wowed Aaron Rodgers. gaston y daniela Because make no mistake, this hire is all about finding someone who will have Rodgers’ respect and his ears. There is a narrative going around that Aaron Rodgers is uncoachable; I find that hard to believe. What I can believe is that Rodgers is frustrated by the lack of creativity and innovation in the Packers’ scheme and is itching to take a page from what is happening in LA, KC, New Orleans and even Chicago.

So let’s say the Packers land on that kind of guy. Rodgers loves him. h gas l gas brennwert Murphy and Gutekunst are equally smitten and it allows them to keep Pettine and the majority of his staff. I think there’s a guy out there who could check all those boxes and it’s Zac Taylor, currently the Rams’ QB coach and a young man (he’s 35) who is seen as one of the most promising offensive minds available. The former Nebraska QB got his NFL start from none other than Joe Philbin, who hired him to coach QBs in Miami in 2015 and is credited with getting Ryan Tannehill to play some of his best football. Maybe he would keep Philbin around as his OC. gas in dogs causes Maybe hiring Zac Taylor would remove the temptation to blow everything up.

As for the game on Sunday, these teams are a long way from the teams that met in the NFC Championship a couple years ago. The Falcons have dropped four straight, are even more banged up on defense and are playing out the string. The Packers should be more motivated to atone for last Sunday’s travesty, which accelerated McCarthy’s departure. By the way, I love the fact that the Pack brought Mike back to speak to the team one final time and provide closure for both sides–a very classy move.

With the playoffs out of the picture, these last four games are a chance for the Pack to look at some of their younger players and I believe they will–in a couple of weeks. The team needs a bounce back game on its home field this week and needs to do all it can to knock off the Bears next week. The final two games could serve as an opportunity to give some guys a lengthy audition.