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Stuart just wrote about the new M18 High Output batteries last week, and how Milwaukee is doubling down on their M18 Product line. With that in mind, let’s start off with a product designed to utilize this new battery: the M18 Fuel Table Saw. M18 Fuel Table Saw

One of the most impressive new “Next Breakthrough” tools was the M18 Fuel 8-1/4” table saw with One-Key. Frankly I wasn’t sure that you’d be able to run a table saw on 18V, let alone have it perform seemingly as well as a corded jobsite saw.

What happens if you don’t have a new High Output battery? They said that you could use any M18 battery, but we wanted to see that for ourselves, so they demoed the saw ripping a 2×4 with an M18 5.0 battery. It was able to make the cut, but it definitely sounded like it was working harder.

After looking at this video again, I’m seeing some problems. It looks like the M18 Fuel chainsaw is cutting the top of the log, which is slightly smaller in diameter than the bottom. You can also see the gas chainsaw is spitting out fine dust while the M18 is spitting out chips (look at the ground). It would have been interesting to get them to swap chains and run them again.

Above you’ll see three more new Packout products, full-width and half-width low-profile organizers and a flat dolly. Stack two of the half-width organizers on top of one another and it’s the same size as a regular Packout organizer. The low-profile organizers are impact resistant, IP65 rated, and the lids keep the contents from spilling all over just like the full-height organizers.

I believe they have a few patents but it’s not as cut and dry as you are saying. One is a technical loophole; a patent on 20A+ draw from lithium ion battery packs. I don’t know how that can be patentable. It’s like having a patent on producing 5 gallons+ from a hose. Makita was first with lithium ion. All of this patent stuff, and the suing of other companies by Milwaukee only leaves a bad opinion in the minds of the actual tool users. It likely does their image more harm than good when bragging about “the patent”.

In fact, have a good think about what they released. They all seem to be the tools (or features on tools) that made huge waves and got a lot of attention in recent years; the “hot topic” tool releases. This might be why Milwaukee chose them to be released rather than others. They’re big on marketing, and they were the big marketing/publicity tool releases of recent years. It’s likely why they refuse to bring out a new OMT, there’s not a lot of publicity or marketing value in doing so.

Somebody should have called bullshit and asked to see the chains during the demonstration of the chainsaw and they should have exposed how phony the demonstration was. The fact that they said it was a Stihl without saying the actual name makes it look even more phony. That gas powered saw looked like it was 10 years old and I doubt that it was a Stihl. Like I said before, they set up the demonstrations for their convenience and they are set up to make sure their products will outshine anything else during the demonstration. Which is why there will never be a dog & pony show that has all the big names under one roof. If the Milwaukee chainsaw is that good then why did they paint the other one gray? And I doubt Stihl donated one of their saws to Milwaukee for the demonstration. There’s no trademark or copyright infringement. So why did they paint it? And why did it look like the other dude wasn’t even trying to cut the wood? Like I said somebody should have called bullshit on Milwaukee, but they would probably throw you out and you probably wouldn’t be invited to the next one. Which is why the general public is not invited to these events.