The house science committee’s anti-science rampage – the new yorker electricity projects for 4th graders

There has always been tension between scientists and Congress. Electricity worksheets But Lamar Smith, the chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, has escalated that tension into outright war. 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe Credit Photograph By Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call / AP If you know the answers you want in advance, you can always find them by cherry-picking your data. Electricity invented That’s what climate-change deniers have tried to do in recent years in arguing that there’s been a “pause” in the global-warming trend over the past two decades—suggesting, thereby, that global warming is just a temporary anomaly unrelated to human industrial activity.

Gas definition Last year, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration put the “climate change hiatus” myth to bed. Wd gaster x reader They published a paper in Science that showed, using new and more definitive data, that the claimed “pause” hadn’t taken place. Not long after the paper was published, something odd happened. Electricity deregulation wikipedia Kathryn Sullivan, the head of N.O.A.A., received a subpoena. Electricity grid map uk It came from Lamar Smith, the Texas congressman who chairs the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and it demanded that the N.O.A.A. Electricity production in usa scientists turn over records and internal communications.

Gas and bloating after miscarriage They had already turned over their data in response to previous requests but refused to turn over scientists’ correspondence. National gas average 2007 In a statement, Smith accused the N.O.A.A. K gas oroville scientists of falsifying their data: It was inconvenient for this administration that climate data has clearly showed no warming for the past two decades. E85 gas stations in san antonio tx The American people have every right to be suspicious when NOAA alters data to get the politically correct results they want.

. . . Gas bloating frequent urination NOAA needs to come clean about why they altered the data to get the results they needed to advance this administration’s extreme climate change agenda. From climate change and evolution to sex education and vaccination, there has always been tension between scientists and Congress.

Gsa 2016 pay scale But Smith, who has been in Congress since 1987 and assumed the chairmanship of the Science Committee in 2013, has escalated that tension into outright war. Power in costa rica Smith has a background in American studies and law, not science. Origin electricity account He has, however, received more than six hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions from the oil-and-gas industry during his time in Congress—more than from any other single industry. Grade 9 electricity test and answers With a focus that is unprecedented, he’s now using his position to attack scientists and activists who work on climate change. Gas pain left side Under his leadership, the committee has issued more subpoenas than it had during its previous fifty-four-year history.

Smith, a Christian Scientist, has steadfastly campaigned against other scientific findings that cut against his a-priori beliefs—he’s opposed efforts to allow marijuana use for medical purposes, for example, which he has argued do not exist. Some of his interventions seem to misunderstand the very nature of science. Electricity png Last year, for example, Smith introduced legislation requiring that all scientists applying for federal grants guarantee, in a special section of their grant applications, that their work is in “the national interest.

” It’s hard to know exactly what Smith means by this, but whatever it means it sets a dangerous precedent, because fundamental research should be driven by curiosity—by the simple desire to generate new knowledge—rather than by anyone’s political agenda. Arkansas gas and oil commission The real national interest is always served by the generation of new knowledge; Smith seems to think that only some knowledge is appropriate. Gas variables pogil extension questions The House passed his bill in February. Throughout the past year, Smith has focussed his attentions on a new target: the Union of Concerned Scientists—of which I am a “card-carrying” member.

Gas key bolt carrier The U.C.S. Gas stoichiometry calculator is not an academic science organization, per se. Duke electric orlando Instead, it’s an advocacy group. Electricity prices going up It was established in 1969, during the height of the Vietnam War, by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who were concerned about the misuse of science for military purposes.

Natural gas in spanish Its founders proposed “to initiate a critical and continuing examination of governmental policy in areas where science and technology are of actual or potential significance” and to create an organization to assist “scientists and engineers so that their desire for a more humane and civilized world can be translated into effective political action.” Since that time, the U.C.S. Grade 6 electricity unit test has become one of the most focussed and highest-profile organizations speaking out in favor of sound science and environmental policies based on empirical evidence. Around eight years ago, the U.C.S. Gas in back and stomach began an ambitious research project about the fossil-fuel industry.

Electricity electricity lyrics U.C.S. Gas definition wikipedia researchers wanted to know how long oil companies had known about climate change. Electricity cost by state In 2015, the U.C.S. Gas in oil pressure washer published a report suggesting that, even while it knew about global warming, the fossil-fuel industry had produced public disinformation campaigns about the impact of burning fossil fuels on the climate. Gas 69 Since then, at least two teams of reporters, including a group at Columbia University’s journalism school and another at InsideClimate News, have uncovered evidence that ExxonMobil’s own scientists wrote internal reports warning about the impacts of carbon emissions from fossil fuels on their own business model; during that same period, the company was making the opposite case to the public and to investors. Electricity 101 powerpoint Using material obtained from the ExxonMobil Historical Collection at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as other archives and interviews with former employees, they found evidence that Exxon was monitoring CO 2 concentrations as far back as 1978, and, in the nineteen-eighties, hired scientists and mathematicians and worked with outside researchers to confirm models showing that greenhouse gases would result in climate change.

Wd gaster cosplay tutorial As a result of these reports, attorneys general from New York, Massachusetts, and the Virgin Islands have begun investigating ExxonMobil for fraud. Beginning in May of this year, Smith began what can only be described as a campaign of intimidation against the U.C.S. Gas oil ratio chainsaw and other environmental organizations involved in researching Exxon’s actions.

Gas hydrates india He demanded that the president of the U.C.S. Power generation definition turn over his organization’s internal e-mail correspondence about the research, as well as correspondence with the attorneys general. Gas explosion in texas The U.C.S. Gas line jobs in wv rejected his requests multiple times until, on July 13th, Smith issued a subpoena demanding the documents in question. Grade 6 electricity unit (Smith, it’s worth pointing out, made no claims about wrongdoing by the U.C.S. Youtube gas pedal or any other organization involved in these investigations.) Smith’s subpoenas are a direct attack on the rights of scientists and others to conduct research independent of government interference.

Electricity and magnetism physics Ironically, this is precisely the issue raised in the subpoena by Smith and his colleagues. Gas monkey bar and grill They claim that they are protecting free speech and the right to “fund and conduct scientific research free from intimidation and threats of prosecution.

” But neither the U.C.S. Gas in oil nor any other group has attacked any of the scientific research conducted at Exxon; instead, they have attacked what they claim to have been a willful public distortion of that research. Gas and supply locations As Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, stated, “The First Amendment, ladies and gentleman, does not give you the right to commit fraud.

” Smith’s subpoena-happy chairmanship hasn’t come out of nowhere. Electricity usage calculator It apparently depends upon a conviction that the scientific community has a liberal agenda and that, if scientific results conflict with right-wing ideas, the scientists must be lying.

Q gas station cleveland ohio And it depends on new rules about subpoena power, enacted by the Republican-dominated Congress in 2015. Electricity lessons 4th grade This is the first Congress in which subpoena power has been given to the majority party without any need to inform or obtain approval from the minority party.

Electricity deregulation map Smith’s actions threaten to make attacks on science—or on any other kind of speech—more partisan than ever. Scientists have an obligation to contribute to the enhancement of knowledge. Gas quality comparison But they also owe it to themselves and to the rest of society to disseminate their research to the public, and to government officials, so that it may be used to help foster sound policy initiatives. Electricity usage by state It’s right for scientists to play this dual role.

Ideal gas kinetic energy By attempting to intimidate government scientists and environmental organizations that are simply trying to communicate their results, Smith and his committee are demonstrating that the healthy functioning of our democracy is less important to them than the advancement of their ideological agenda. Site: