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It has never been about Palestinian Liberation or about Religious Liberty, it has always been about a fundamental inherent hate for Jewish people in both the West and the Middle East. gas vs electric stove cost This is the historic legacy of Christianity and Islam, since their formations as proselytizing indoctrination religions. So long as there are Christians and Muslims, there will be anti-Semitism in this world targeting Jews. electricity in the body symptoms And, if unchecked, more race-based Christian and Islamic slavery. This is just the inherent nature of theistic belief, an idolic self-righteous belief in false gods and their human written moral laws.

Until we abolish the existence of ghettos, the segregation of people by race into separate communities, the problem of racism and racial inequalities will not be addressed. Honestly, now, how can you expect white people, who’ve never had to live with non-white people as neighbors *and* as equals, to understand how systemically pervasive racist mentality still is throughout the United States?

We humans are a member of the primate species. electricity office near me No amount of human denial will ever change this simple biological fact of life! No version of human written origin fiction changes this fact. It was not that many years ago in planetary history that we self-named Sapiens shared our planet Earth with three other human primate species – Neanderthal humans, Denisovan humans, and Flores humans. That is, until we drove these other human primate species to extinction while claiming their lands for ourself. e electricity bill payment We mated with them, we fought with them. Since their extinction, we human Sapiens have been alone for so long that we forgot we had brother and sister species.

We began to think that we self-declared “Humans” are special, not a primate at all, not a member of the animal kingdom. electricity youtube billy elliot But, this is our species hubris showing. electricity 2pm lyrics Nothing changes the biological fact that we are a human primate species, self-named Homo Sapiens and that, for social construct reasons only, we then divided ourselves into “races” based on surface characteristics alone. When we developed writing and sacred myths, we then added religion affiliation to our species racial discrimination. electricity 220 volts wiring But, regardless how much we seek to divide ourselves, we are always one single primate species. And we cannot get our extinct brother and sister human primate relatives back from ground that we put them into.

No human created “salvation” indoctrination will protect us from: our own ignorance over how proselytizing threatens the vulnerable tribal members of the human community with plagues of death, over our wilful ignorance of the causes to climate change and its increasingly destructive patterns, and over our own direct role in being the Devils of this world that so many religiously indoctrinated minds fear so deeply.

Even though Chau wrote in his journal, “I hollered, ‘My name is John, I love you, and Jesus loves you,’” the Sentinelese cannot decipher a message of love from one that is threatening. To the Sentinelese, Chau represented a person attempting in infiltrate and steal their resources. Of course, they would defend their land by killing off the threat Chau imposed on them. The Sentinelese acted precisely how they have for hundreds of years. They protected their land, their culture, and their existence by killing Chau.

“It’s not impossible that the Sentinelese have just been infected by deadly pathogens to which they have no immunity, with the potential to wipe out the entire tribe. Uncontacted tribes must have their lands properly protected. They’re the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. Whole populations are being wiped out by violence from outsiders who steal their land and resources, and by diseases like the flu and measles to which they have no resistance.” – Stephen Correy

The U.S. electricity and magnetism Constitution guarantees every citizen a wall of separation between church and state, so that religious liberty is not destroyed and so that the inalienable natural rights of all citizens – regardless of religion, race, place of birth, first language, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or lack there of – are not infringed upon by politicians, judges, and preachers. This week teach the truth to everyone who is confused on this!