The j6 journey year 3, december 7th-9th, 2018 the beginning, the middle, and the end gas bubble in chest and back


Yes, circle of life stuff. Because, it did finally happen. z gas ensenada telefono Shauna’s mom passed away early on Friday morning. Gary, Leah, and Aaron drove through the night and didn’t get here in time, but were here soon after. We kept the girls until after lunch, when Aaron and Shuana came to pick them up and take them back to Gary and Leah’s and told them. I then was able to tell our kids. Justin asked if she went peacefully, and she had. Keturah didn’t try to change the subject, but didn’t dismiss the news either, which is a sign that she is maturing. I had already wept hard when I went to bed knowing it would be soon. It was a pretty somber day, but everyone was able to rest in the afternoon. Then Grandpa wanted us all together to give out souvenirs and to try to cheer everyone up. We all complied, but not until after Nora told Grandma, "Why don’t you tell Grandpa no?" when he wanted to order more pizza to share. We got a good laugh with that one because even when you tell Grandpa no, he still goes and does. But we had some good conversations, Shauna visited with us, the kids wrestled with Uncle Jared, and Abishai ran around like the wild child his brand new shirt from Grandpa said. Everyone was beyond exhausted, so we all went to bed earlier than normal.

On Saturday, we were "back to normal." We weren’t responsible for the girls anymore, Benaiah had a morning shift at CFA because he’s in the musical this evening, Jared got to sleep a little more after dropping him off, Keturah and Justin puttered the morning away, and I took it slow and hung out with Jared and Abishai. I’m actually feeling a bit down because I loved having the girls here and I don’t want them to go back to New Orleans, although I know they need to. They will most likely leave by the end of this next week after the funeral (which is midweek). I wanted to do so much more with them, too. And no, we aren’t going to get together on Christmas Day unless it’s through Skype. Pretty low key Christmas with no traveling. That’s a good/bad thing. I’ve enjoyed the lighter schedule on school, too, and it’s going to be hard to get back into routine, whether it’s now, or after the New Year. physics electricity and magnetism study guide I’ve like having the excuse of taking care of the girls so I didn’t have to work on my projects or heavy duty schooling. I’m working on changing my medications, too, so of course that plays a role. It’s been nice to have a more normal Saturday, but sad at the same time.

I am pretty excited about the kids’ musical tonight, though! Benaiah gets to perform, as well as Keturah! Second to last musical for Keturah before she ages out. Then we have to wait a couple of years before Abishai can join. And join he will for sure. I’m excited it’s a program Benaiah and Justin was in before and I’m excited for Benaiah and Keturah to share the stage because now they will have something that bonds them, whereas they typically fight and have nothing in common. I’m stoked!

But then he found Paw Patrol bubble bath and all was right in his world! He picked the pink doggy named Skye instead of the fire doggy named Marshall. I think it’s the first time I’ve bought something that you typically think the opposite gender would like more. But I think he just likes that she has a helicopter for her paw patrol car. And it was shampoo and not bubble bath, so it didn’t bubble up very well. It’s been many, many years since I bought a themed bubble bath or shampoo. I thought it was about time to have a treat.

She’s getting so grown up. And yes, we had my favorite spot to set up the video camera. We are one of only a handful that actually record the whole thing. I had one lady approach me to ask to buy a copy. gas out We don’t use the big cameras because it’s expensive and we would need to pay an operator. Maybe they would volunteer, though. Who knows. I’m content with what I was able to capture.

Sunday Funday as normal. Keturah and Justin went with Nora, Everly, and Grandma for both services. Everly went with Justin to middle school Crave and then helped out in Grandma’s 1st grade classroom with Justin. Benaiah was picked up by Matt and drummed over at the Shelby St. campus. Jared had to go pick him up though so we could eat Sunday lunch together, the 12 of us, which was probably the last time we will have a meal together this round. Abishai fell asleep on the back, though, lol. Jared and I both were feeling yucky overall, and I even had to sit down during the last song because I felt weak and hungry and not myself. For me, it could just be the switch over on meds, or the very cold weather. electricity shock in the body It was 18 degrees F this morning, so I put on my thick tights under my pants. My knees were very happy about that. I try to tough it out somewhat, but I have a limit as to how much I can tolerate before the fibro flares. We had tacos for lunch, and then some mutual friends came over so their girls could play with Nora and Everly. I ended up staying with the two other girls and Nora and Everly, with Abishai, while Jared, Gary, and Leah went to church with Keturah, who was doing KP worship. Justin and Benaiah had gone back to our house. Justin did eventually make it to small group, but Benaiah’s high school group was going roller skating and he was too exhausted to go. He actually napped while we chatted with the other family. Aaron and Shauna went to do some more errands for the funeral. gas bubbles in colon Then the girl’s dad picked up all 4 girls to take them back to his house and Aaron and Shauna were going to pick up their girls from there. Yes, complicated, but that’s what happens when we have 12+ people involved. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned for my afternoon and evening, but I’m grateful to finally have time with the new girls, because I’ve been following their story on their mom’s social media accounts. Their dad grew up with Aaron. Abishai had a great time playing with them, though.

But now it’s time to regroup and prepare for the week, whatever it will bring. I have no idea what exactly it will bring besides my normal appointment on Monday, visitation on Tuesday evening, funeral on Wednesday morning, and Keturah, Justin, and Bailey and I are going to the Nutcracker ballet on Thursday morning. Benaiah might have been permanently moved to the moving shifts on Friday and Saturday, so that changes some scheduling things for us. Keturah has basketball on Wednesday night and Saturday. Justin has Bible Bowl and Benaiah has school, leadership, small group, and worship practice. He’s playing drums on Sunday at Franklin Rd. again. Fun! He says he likes playing the Christmas songs/hymns because of their pretty easy drum rhythms, lol. Yes, those songs are supposed to be easy for a congregation to sing. Speaking of singing, he had a hard time choosing which octave to use on his solo in the musical. He couldn’t go high because he couldn’t reach all the notes, and when he went low, it was almost too low or weird. gas giants I totally get it because my natural voice in a lower key than most women. Poor guy. He did alright for the effort he put into it. Even now that kid is not afraid of the stage. He’s a young man of many talents and I’m grateful he’s using them at church. He’s a jack of all trades at church and some church is going to be very blessed to have him on staff or as a permanent volunteer.

Because he’s an old dog now, Socks sleeps on a softer surface like Benaiah’s bed most of the day. He’s always been allowed to sleep with the kids, but not on the living room furniture. hp gas kushaiguda phone number Well, there’s been a few times we’ve caught him getting down from the couch. At this point, we aren’t going to punish him because it’s only at night and we understand that sleeping on the hard floor isn’t good for his joints. And right now, he isn’t shedding, so he’s not leaving anything behind. Sweet old doggy.

Then the Graham girls, Ellie and Harper, came over to play. Chris is one of Aaron’s childhood friends, and Mary grew up in the same area as Shauna. They used to live a couple of streets over from us in Beech Grove. The big wooden "J" Jared carved out of a tree trunk was from the front yard of their Beech Grove home. Ellie and Harper are Everly and Nora’s ages. I "know" them because I follow Mary through social media, her blog, and her podcast, but they have no clue who we are. It was fun getting to see their personalities in person!