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TRENTON – It’s that time of the year to talk green, as the three Irish guys who run New Jersey will be hashing out the fiscal 2020 budget. It all begins tomorrow when Gov. Phil Murphy delivers his annual budget address, kicking off all the negotiations and deliberations with Senate President Steve gas kinetic energy Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin. There’s no pot of gold this year, like usual, as the state is hundreds of millions in the hole. So this trio are hoping for some lucky charms to balance the budget by June 30. Murphy is noodling a millionaire’s tax, and maybe the sales electricity cost per month tax and the gas tax, and perhaps toll hikes on roads and rate hikes on NJ Transit. He shouldn’t expect any luck in the state Assembly, where all 80 members are up for re-election this year.

STATEWIDE – The 2020 U.S. Census is quickly coming down the pike ,with enormous consequences for New Jersey. A higher population count makes the ideal gas definition chemistry state eligible for more federal funding. The count also affects the number of congress members to send to Washington, and it has ramifications for legislative district boundaries as well. (New Jersey lost a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives after the 2010 census.) In monetary arkansas gas tax terms, we’re talking about roughly $22 billion in federal funding being at stake for New Jersey. So, you can see why it’s so important the census be correct. NJ Spotlight reports today on an effort to get Gov. Phil Murphy to put money in his budget toward ensuring an accurate census, just as other states have done. Follow the numbers electricity symbols and units in NJ Spotlight.

OCEAN CITY – This seashore resort isn’t so boring after all. Travel site Best hp gas online booking no Life Online got lots of grief for picking fun-filled Ocean City as New Jersey’s most boring town. Oops! They’ve suddenly recanted, now giving that dull distinction to all-but-unheard-of Audubon Park, a tiny Camden County borough. The travel site got justifiably slammed throughout traditional and social media for not knowing Ocean City is a world famous family resort, even though it says so on all the signs and tourism brochures. Sure, there are no bars or liquor stores. But that doesn’t make a town boring. Now the travel site electricity outage houston tx dares to mock Audubon Park, which we hear is positively thrilling. For example, Audubon Park has three miles of its very own roadway, has its own NJ Transit bus stop and, if you can believe it, a non-operating school district. Wow!

DOWN THE SHORE – And, how about our most romantic town? It’s Long Beach Island, says The Active Times. That website’s data-crunchers – who are probably as unfamiliar z gas tecate with romance as they are with New Jersey – says electricity definition physics LBI’s miles of glorious sand and surf give it an amorous appeal. But, this site also calls LBI a town. Actually, anyone in flip-flops knows LBI is six separate towns on a barrier island. And sure, there’s plenty of fun couples’ stuff to do. But, what about charming, romantic getaways like Cape May or Lambertville? Perhaps, it’s a good idea to visit a bunch of hamlets before decreeing the most about anything.

BERGENFIELD – What was the police union thinking when it offered to raffle off an assault rifle and a shotgun? Yep, it was for a worthy cause, replenishing 9gag nsfw PBA Local 309’s scholarship fund. But gun raffles are illegal in New Jersey, so the Bergen County prosecutor made the 46-member union cancel the sweepstakes. The electricity news philippines PBA president tells The Record that fundraising is tough … I’d raffle off pet rocks if people would buy tickets. He explained that cops bought most of the $10 tickets for the semi-automatic, 10-round MP15 rifle and the drawing would be at this week’s state PBA’s mini-convention in Atlantic City. Maybe, next time, just stick with theater tickets or perhaps a nice laptop.

VINTON, Iowa – A local senior citizen has an interesting sales pitch for all 4 gas giants names people who may want to buy her home. She posted on Facebook: I Hate Iowa. Please Buy My House. So far, the ad has generated 23,000 shares on social media, but so far no takers on her modest $170,000 home. She tells the Des Moines Register she posted the ad as a joke. But, hey, she couldn’t be more pleased about the widespread attention given her three-bedroom ranch in the middle of a desolate 6 gas laws, frozen tundra, where her only guest may be Cory Booker.