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We all know Kawhi Leonard is definitely staying. It’s hilarious think any electricity questions and answers pdf other outcome is even possible this summer. The Clippers can talk a big (and creepy) game, and project themselves as this grand franchise just waiting to steep itself in newly-accrued history, but they’re still the goddamn Clippers, man. The Knicks? Ha. Brooklyn? We all know how to fill in that blank. The Lakers are the exact kind of self-aggrandizing shit show Kawhi seems to despise. It’s gonna be Toronto. It just is.

But for a second let’s just pretend we don’t have such accurate foresight. A lot of things have happened to and near Kawhi Leonard during his first (of many) season(s) in Toronto, each of which helping to build the the “He’s Staying” case. But which screen-grab, quote or fact of life has been the most convincing piece of evidence pointing toward Kawhi’s decision to stay put in Toronto? That’s what we’re here to determine.

Rather than exploiting teens and pretending like we know what collection of unpaid labourers will triumph over all the other unpaid labourers, Sean Woodley and Jay Rosales are here to talk about the cold hard facts behind the soon-to-be handsomely paid member of the Canadian work force. In the The Bracket of Ka-Why Leonard is Staying, 32 nuggets of information will be pitted against one another, with just one being gas south chosen as the most convincing reason for Kawhi’s impending decision to become a dual citizen.

JR: The last time Kawhi was in a Spurs uniform at his peak superstar powers, he was single-handedly destroying the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the 2017 Western Conference Finals. Fast forward a year and a half and Kawhi finally gets his revenge — albeit in a late-November game with no Steph Curry. After the victory, as if to signify in his own quiet way, “I got us,” Kawhi’s giant right hand touches (caresses?) the Raptors logo.

After the dust settled from the trade, excitement started to dwindle as Raptors fans waited for a tweet/quote/rumour/ANYTHING from Kawhi. Then, it happened. A simple photo, taken inside the Raptors’ practice facility, with Bobby Webster to his right, and Masai Ujiri to his electricity hero names left, posed Kawhi Leonard and… wait a second… are those… his teeth?!? Is Kawhi smiling??? As this entire bracket is outlining, the “Kawhi is Staying” phrase has been used a plethora of different ways over the season. But the very first time it was used, is something quite unforgettable.

SW: Ugh. I wanna go with lingering hand here. I really do. It’s delicate and chilling and makes my stomach flutter just the tiniest little bit. He didn’t put the hand ON the logo, though. He could just as easily have been gaining leverage as he walked around the corner. It’s just not conclusive upon review that he’s reaching out to graze the logo of his new beloved squad, which pains me deeply to admit.

That first photo with Kawhi… man. I remember that thing coming across the TL so vividly. It was proof that all of it was real; that Kawhi Leonard was, in fact, a Toronto Raptor. It was also the first opportunity we all got to dunk on Chris “He’s Not Coming” Haynes. After that week of uncertainty and the slightest sense that it could all fall apart, that photo gave us permission to cast aside all reservations. I badly would like to know who took it so I can send them a card.

SW: Not much in the way of fanfare here. The Raptors can offer Leonard more money than anyone else — five years electricity magnetism and light/$190 million vs. four years/$141 million from teams without his Bird Rights. For a guy with an injury history, that is not nothing, even if the supermax rules offer diminishing returns for guys who are gonna be rich as hell no matter what version of a max deal they sign.

Pitted against the financial advantages of the Raps’ position is the possibility that maybe Kawhi just really likes to look at snow. I get it. It can be pretty as hell. I personally am a winter over summer guy. Why is it so crazy that Kawhi might be one too? In addition to this pull quote from NBA All-Star weekend’s media day, there’s at least one other instance of Kawhi referring the natural beauty of fresh-fallen snow electricity labs for middle school back when those dumb LA reporters kept asking him about the weather and Christmas.

JR: As you’re about to read in the next match-up, Kawhi really purchased TWO multi-million dollar homes since joining the Raptors. You could look at that two ways. 1) He has so much money, it doesn’t matter if he loses several millions on his next deal, or 2) He needs to recoup some of that dough and go where the cash flows. On the flip side, Kawhi’s been seen multiple times wearing un-winter-like clothing during very winter-like weather. He may not only love the snow electricity generation but, dare I say, loves the cold! Have I just convinced us to go with this tourney’s first ever 8-over-1 upset? (Or did you screw up the seeding again?)

JR: Kawhi buying a home, as opposed to renting one, is definitely bracket-worthy. The fact that he ended up buying another home in California — albeit, 2.5 hours away from Staples Center — steals a bit of thunder from the Toronto purchase. It’s ot so much that he bought a home in California, but that he’s so rich he purchased two homes inside 6 months. It just seems like he a thing he does. It’s good-not-great news for the Kawhi-is-Staying crowd.

SW: Another example of me over-seeding something. The house thing is nice and certainly doesn’t hurt, but even in the insane Toronto housing market, an NBA star buying a new pad is no more harmful to the wallet gas vs electric oven for baking cakes than when I sometimes level up and get a king-size chocolate bar — the difference being that I can’t resell the chocolate bar and make a killing if I decide after eating it that I’d like a different one with more nougat. But Kawhi will not be selling his place in our fair city! Because he’s staying! And the additions of Castleberry and Handy probably played a role in that. Easy win for the 5th-seed.

Up against Toronto’s conveniently timed trip abroad is the ascension of likely Most Impoved Player, Pascal Siakam. Kyle Lowry is amazing, but he’s turning 33 next week. While playing with him is certainly a short-term carrot to dangle in front of Leonard, Siakam’s transformation into a fringe All-Star with ludicrously good on-court impact metrics give the Raptors a legit dude to sell Leonard on teaming up with for the long haul. No, he’s not one of the other superstar free agents in Leonard’s class, but he certainly seems less odious to play with than the Durants, Irvings and Butlers of the world.

SW: The New Balance thing definitely raises my eyebrows. And had Kawhi been featured in the Raptors’ promo video announcing power in costa rica the Japan preseason games — like Marc Gasol was — I would be picking it to win. But man, Pascal Siakam is so freaking good now. If the NBA weren’t so predicated on good players teaming up to win stuff, I’d be less inclined to choose his growth as the winning pick here. There’s a world in which Siakam gets ranked higher on SI’s Top-100 next year than DeMar DeRozan ever did; he’s a real recruiting tool, so I can’t choose the shoes. But maybe the blind poll will.