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Evan, observant as ever, noticed that we have our second ‘ Black Mountain” whisky in this year’s Advent, as Beinn Dubh is Scots Gaelic for Black Mountain… Beinn Dubh is a whisky produced by the Speyside Distillery, in the region of the same name. This has created quite a bit of confusion in the market, as there are some 60 distilleries operating in the Speyside, and a lot of undisclosed “Speyside single malts”. So if you whisky is called Speyside, in this day and electronic age, it is sure to get lost. 5 gases Accordingly, the owners of Speyside Distillery sell most of their whisky under the brand “Spey”.

The Speyside Distillery only dates from 1990, but its origins as a croft and barley mill go back to the 1700s. The distillery sits on a piece of land near Drumguish, Kingussie, just off the A9. The land was acquired by George Christie in 1956. The following year he opened a grain distillery in Alloa. hp gas online booking In 1962 Christie commissioned the construction of Speyside Distillery, the work would take 25 years to complete. The mill continued to operate until 1965, and after a change in ownership in 1986, the distillery was finally completed the following year.

We have another Cadenhead single malt today, and will thus continue the Cadenhead Tale with Part IV. When we left off with George Duthie’s untimely demise, Ann Oliver took over. electricity vs magnetism For the next 4 decades Ann Oliver, who is remembered as something of an eccentric, ran the business how she saw fit. She was better at purchasing than selling and had a reputation for buying liberally and often. When she was finally forced to retire the Cadenheads warehouses were overflowing with not just wine and spirits, but also empty bottles and labels. But that wasn’t the worst bit of news, it seems Ms. gas hydrates wiki Oliver was also not a fan of bookkeeping and had kept practically no records. Without records, the bank deemed Cadenheads insolvent and the business and all of its assets were put up for auction by Christie’s in early October of 1972. The sale’s catalogue ran to 167 pages.

The auction caught the attention of Hedley Wright, owner of Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown. While the firm itself and its whiskies would certainly have been of interest to Mr. Wright, it was the stock of empty bottles that most interested him. shale gas in spanish There was a shortage of glass bottles in the UK at the time. In the end, Hedley acquired Cadenhead through J&A Mitchell, and in the terms of the agreement, it was made clear that he wanted Cadenheads stock of empty bottles. The sale went through, but the bottles were never found… Continue reading →

The original Wolfburn Distillery was built in 1821 by William Smith. It resided just west of Thurso, Caithness. electricity word search puzzle At the time it was the largest operating distillery in the area of Caithness, producing up to 125,000 Litres of spirit annually. The old distillery was operated successfully and was handed down through several generations of the Smith family until 1837. It was run at least once more in 1852 by David Smith, but that only lasted the year. gas monkey bar and grill It may have operated sporadically as well in the 1860s but no official records of this have been found. Not much is known about exactly when and why the original finally and completely distillery shut down, but it did, for good at some point in between 1850 and 1872. When the very first ordinance survey of the area was commissioned in 1872 was made, the distillery buildings were listed as ruins. There are no known photographs of the original distillery. All that remains are the ruins and the production records to mark its existence.

In May of 2011, a team went in search of the long lost distillery of Wolfburn. Nothing of the original distillery survived except the cold clean water from the nearby Wolf Burn they used to produce their spirit. gas after eating The following year, again in May, work began to rebuild what would supplant Old Pulteney as the northernmost mainland distillery. After breaking ground in August of 2012, construction on the new Wolfburn Distillery was completed with impressive speed, and on Robbie Burns Day 2013 (January 25th) spirit began to flow off the stills for the first time. Continue reading →