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The Ketogenic Diet is comparable to a low-carb diet, where it initiates the production of ketones in the body’s liver so it can generate fuel to the body in the form of energy. There is a specific food list that you abide by, along with other protocols that help your body continue in its ‘Ketosis stage’. It is through the process of Ketosis, where your body is expelling ketones, that it uses its fat stores instead of glucose or insulin as energy.

When a person is not eating adequately or is ill, the body initiates the natural process of Ketosis to help it sustain and survive. Ketones which are generated in the liver due to the breakdown of fat (not glucose) are produced during this “survival mode” state of the body.

The main purpose of The Ketogenic Diet is to force your body into the state of Ketosis so that it burns fat and increases your metabolic rate. It is not through the starvation of calories, but the starvation of carbohydrates that this phenomenon occurs. The Ketogenic Diet: What Benefits Does It Have?

The weight loss benefits of The Keto Diet are amazing! When you make your body tap into its fat stores for fuel, your insulin levels decrease naturally. This basically “transforms” your body into a fat-burning machine. You can lose weight without starving, and without the need to exercise for hours a day to reap significant fat and weight loss results.

The Ketogenic Diet has been shown to improve triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels associated with arterial buildup and blockage. Many studies on low-carb diets show better improvement in blood pressure over other diets. Some blood pressure issues are associated with excess weight, making The Keto Diet more beneficial since it leads to weight loss.

On top of that, fat is naturally more satisfying, and leaves us in a “satiated” (full) state for longer. The abstinence from eating carbohydrates will also reduce your body’s cravings for them, so you’ll be better able to avoid foods containing a high content of sugar.

Science shows that ketones are fuel for the brain! The Keto Diet is touted by many for its ability to improve mental performance and focus. By following a diet with a small amount of carbohydrates, it helps your body to avoid blood sugar imbalances. The “brain fog” induced by carbs and by irregular blood sugar levels dissipates, improving performance in all areas of the brain where focus and clarity are key.

Before The Keto Diet became what it is today, it was used to treat children suffering from Epilepsy during the early 1900’s. It has long been recognized as one of the most effective epileptic treatments, and is favored for children because it omits the necessity to use other harsh medications. Recently, it has shown positive results in clinical studies performed on its impact in treating adults with epilepsy.

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Rule of thumb: The more you starve our body and skip carbohydrates, the faster you will reach the state of Ketosis. 15 grams per day is ideal. However, everyone is unique. You may want to start out slow and gradually lower your carbohydrate intake, or you may just want to jump right in.

When you limit your carbohydrate intake you will primarily get your 15g of carbs or more a day from nuts, dairy, and vegetables. You will be encouraged to AVOID potatoes, beans, fruit, legumes, bread, pasta, cereal, and any sugar (refined carbs and starches).

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• Carbohydrate Restriction: Carb restriction is key to reaping benefits from The Keto Diet. Do not place your focus solely on net carbs, rather limit all carbs. If you stick within the 20-30g total carbs limits each day, you’ll see results! If you are a beginner, do not fuss with the breakdown of net carbs/total carbs.

• Don’t Sweat The Fat, Lose It: We know that typically a low fat diet is touted to be healthy; however, The Ketogenic Diet focuses on fats to help you to lose weight and be healthier. Fat is the sole source of fuel for the body when you are starving it of carbs, and not enabling it to use glucose as its source for fuel and energy. So not eating an adequate amount of fat will not produce the results you desire.

• Hydrate: Experts recommend drinking 6-8 full glasses of water a day. Stay hydrated so you can flush the fat and toxins from your system and optimize your body’s performance. Drinking plenty of water will also help you to satiate your appetite!

• Enhance Results With Exercise: Exercise is great for cardiovascular health, but it will also improve and enhance your weight loss results with The Keto Diet. Start off slowly, but it’s certain that you will feel better in the long-run using your newfound energy to adapt healthier lifestyle habits.

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Not only does The Ketogenic Diet help you to lose weight and alter your metabolic state, but it will also help you to become healthier overall by lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, regulating your insulin levels, giving you more energy, eliminating unhealthy food cravings, and improving your mental performance.

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Regulating Blood Sugar Levels: In studies, Raspberry Ketone Extract demonstrated that it naturally regulates blood sugar levels. Although The Ketogenic Diet does this by forcing the body to use fat instead of glucose as its main source for fuel, UltraPur Wild Raspberry Ketone additionally prevent crashes and spikes in insulin levels so that your body continuously avoids using glucose for fuel.

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