The labyrinth a series of art. {part five wild wood} rebelle society emitra electricity bill payment


The Wild Wood is an incredible place. There is so much going on in the woods. k electric jobs 2015 All manners of life, death, destruction, creation, fighting to survive, pushing towards the light, seeding, teaming, germinating, pollinating, operating in accordance with Nature. It can be a battleground, it can be a fertile ground, it can be a peaceful ground, it can be a common ground.

It can be soft and encompassing, or it can be treacherous and scary. It is a place that tests everything you are made of and leaves nothing out, and what it spits out after is pure essence. I think a lot of us feel this energy or essence when we enter the woods, even if it’s subconsciously deep inside of us. gas news uk We still feel it, a connection. A freedom?

To help illustrate, I want to share a personal story of one of my own experiences with the Wild Wood. I went backpacking in the Cascades of the Pacific Northwest with a friend once. We got a late start and hiked into the night trying to reach a lake. At one point, we suspected that we may have missed the trail-head marker for the fork in the trail that would take us to the lake.

Being the more experienced hiker, my friend determined to venture ahead a bit, to see if we were still on the right trail or if we needed to turn around and backtrack. I was content to wait on the path, and knew if he wasn’t back in 30 minutes, I should make my way back to civilization and call for help. gas symptoms We’d been hiking for about two hours.

It was cold, and oh-so-very dark. I could hear things in the woods. Crackling, scampering, echos of encroaching shadows. In an attempt to see more clearly, so as to eradicate the harsh and false shadows, I turned off my headlamp. gas konigsforst My friend was gone. I couldn’t hear any part of him, not even the muffled thud of his boots or the swishing of his cargo pants in the night. But I did hear the night.

I flicked my light on for a moment, and it was mice that kept darting across the path of my light. I flicked it off, allowing myself to sit with the sentinels and the creatures and cold and the dirt, suddenly becoming one with it. Surrendering to it. electricity office Seeing it all, not as a threat, but instead working with me, comforting me. I no longer felt alone.

For as much beauty as the woods bring, they also bring a kind of violence and competition for survival of the fittest, putting us in tune with not only our will to survive, which is more a primal instinct, but also something that is beyond this world — our larger, higher sense of awareness that is one with the cosmos and in alignment with the natural order of things far removed from the limitations human tyranny has placed upon the natural methods of being.

Nature, though it holds both predator and prey, is not good or bad. static electricity how it works It’s just predator and prey. They are what they are, but both are necessary for the establishment of the ecosystem to operate in balance and strength, as one unit. They all serve the One Bigger Thing. They all operate in accordance with the One Bigger Thing. Nature is not evil. It is only nature.

A Christian prophecy talks of the day when the Lion will lie down with the Lamb. c gastronomie mariage But, if we are to truly look at the concepts of a lion lying down with a lamb ( predator and prey), it might look something like true nature operating in balance with the mind. Being able to consciously observe the tyrant within us, and calming it down to lie next to the natural order of our being-ness. As I did in the woods that night.

This is the heart of the matter — the root. The health of the roots sets the homeostasis and vitality of the being ( spiritually and physically), and when I say roots of the being, I mean your personal foundation. How solid is it? How has it shaped your life? How has it made your mind feral ( out of place in its environment)? Made you seek other answers? Imprisoned you?

The mind is not grounded, it is a tool only, but an important one, and our first line of defense. It’s capable of great and powerful things, but it’s not deeply rooted. electricity deregulation map It is, however, the root of the issue here. Push through the conditioned mind and you will find the heart, the deeper core — and this is where the Wild Wood comes into play.