The leadpile waaagh-wierdo’s!!!! – chaos freebooterz gas ninjas


Waaagh Orks is the last RT book that I covet. It shall be mine one day. But I’ve got the other two and I hug them at night till I fall asleep. The previews that were published in White Dwarf all those years ago, lit a green flame in my heart that, although it spent a time hidden and guttering, has never been extinguished. And now that I am repainting some of those very figures that I painted back then I have begun to pore over the minutiae all over again (time in the drops is very useful for such a project).

The Orks books are, in their own way, as monumental a collection as the two Chaos books. No other single race in the 40K universe got three hardback books covering their entire existence and many a orc player owes their love for the green skins to delights hidden with their pages.

As you may (or may not) know. WAAAGH ORKS! is the book of fluff, full of all the fun details of Orky life and has never really been surpassed for Orky lore. Almost all of what we know about Orks today is passed down to us from this might tome. ERE WE GO, the 2nd book contains the Rules. Oddboyz, Madboyz, Vehicles and Orky event cards are all covered in detail (one day I will have a Madboy mob on the table and 3 and a half days later I be able to tell you how the game ended!) Also included are the Army Lists for Goffs, Blood Axes and Snakebites.

FREEBOOTERS (for it is the book I wish to enthuse about) has the rules for various hilarious Orky heavy weapons (Lifta Droppa, Traktor Kannon, Bubble Chukka and Pulsa Rokkit) and the army lists for Evil Sunz, Bad Moonz and Deff Skulls. But what it also has is one of the sexiest list of mercenary units available in the whole of the 40K universe.

Essentially this is a list of Outcasts and Wierdo’s that a Warboss can hire to boost his fighting prowess. They range form run of the mill Ork Pirates to Rampaging mobs of Dredds, from Runtherds that experiment with breeding new super races of snotlings to Ork Genestealer cults. Now, Freebooterz are still a flavour of the orky world, but like most of the 40K universe they have lost their sense of humour over the years to the point where we have the option of buying some expensive Flash Gitz and thats about it.

Oaks that for whatever reason have come out of the ground with one or two ‘unique’ differences from the other boys. Maybe the planet they were born on is inside a warp rift, maybe they there is some kind of radiation in the soil, maybe they ate some funny looking squigs, maybe they just spent too long fighting the spiky boys. Now the other Boyz don’t want them in their mobs so they’ve had to wander off into the desert (or space or some other desolate emptiness) and have found other boys what are just like them. The foot soldiers of the ChaosOrk war band, these guys provide just as much fun as any other chaos project when it comes to rolling their mutations. They are essentially the same as normal boyz mobs except they don’t get the option for Heavy Weapons, ho-hum we’ll just have to manage with giving the leader a plasma pistol and a hand flamer and using them as even fightier than a normal boys mob.

It also gives me a small, very characterful, very unique group of figures that I can play skirmish level games with. The next step is to decide how i’m going to go about making these units. The main thing I want is for the figures to look like they could be included in my main army. The mutants especially want to be accepted back into Orky society so it makes sense to have the figures form the same range as the rest of the army. Secondly as I have the Chaos Renegade Ork figure I again want the figures to come from the same sculptors. There is the option to use the old plastic (which I still have my originals of) but I don’t want the figures to be obviously different form the rest of the army apart form the mutations. I am, however, shy of hacking up pristine figures but after 30 odd years there must be a skipful of damaged old Orks out there in the world. I just need to start hoovering up these lost and unloved old hunks of green lead and give them a second life thanks to the warm embrace of Chaos.