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I’ve been trying to watch all of your videos on your dads vette. I worked with my dad a lot with race on q gas station okc car stuff. It was dirt track racing and not on the strip. Now I’m just going by the sound I’m hearing, specially since I dont know what type of ignition set up you’re using. We fought a similar breaking up issue with the race car. Although he was winning every gas lighting night, we were still chasing an issue. I know you’re injected, but we went through everything in the fuel system (carburetor pump regulator ect). We tried different caps, rotors, wires, plugs and still had the same issue. Finally we figured it out. We found out that the air in the distributor cap was ionizing causing the spark to effectively jump around inside the cap. 1 night I remember he basically said screw it, grabbed 5 gases found in the environment a brand new cap and drill 3 3/16 hose at the base of the cap to ventilate. It worked! So just to confirm we took 1 of the old caps and did the same to run the main. It worked!

I really miss doing performance work with friends. In a way it gets me a bit depressed watching yours and Cletus’ channels but in the same it’s been getting me more motivated and I’m running through gas explosion in texas my mental list on what im going to build for the 58 chevy truck my dad used to haul the racecars around. I also leaenered how to drive in this truck as well. Once I get it running I would love more than anything to take it out to you to tune it but unfortunately Laughlin NV is a touch away #129315;.

+Howabouthetruth thank you for reading and understanding. I think I was 14 or 15 at the time. At school electric utility companies charge customers for I even asked my science teacher more about it. His example was perfect. He told me about lightning and how it looks like its effectively bouncing through the sky until it hits the ground. The air around a lightning bolt gets super heated and bounced around through denser charged particles. Even though there is such a short distance spark travels inside the cap from the rotor to the wire terminal, it’s not traveling in a straight gas and supply okc line. 1 night at the track trying to figure it out, my dad had gotten so pissed that he had taken the stock GM Hei distributor out of our truck to run the main. We didnt have an issue then, although we were running a bit richer. Then he had though it was either the high power coil we ran or the magnetic pick up trigger that ran in the race distributor. Like i said it turned out that the extra power from the coil with jack of proper ventilation was the issue gas efficient suv 2013. Some people dont understand when I tell the story and think I’m talking out my rear lol until I show then about the dust ring that develops inside the cap. But like I said I’m not sure what type of ignition Jeremy has on his dads vette and just by hearing the sound on the dyno pulls gas zone pricing and it sounding a bit worse the warmer he had the engine my therapy popped in my head

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