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pring seems to be ski pping 2018 in Canada. A bit disappoint ing for those who’d been looking forward to doing anything outdoors during March and April. And while it might feel like the entire world is sitting under a shroud of overcast, believe it or not, there are places where the sun is actually shining right now. Many of which are just a short plane ride away. Here are five spots where you can get a quick weekend escape to sunshine, and still be back to bone- chilling temperatures and grey skies by Monday morning. Albert Hammond might have been exaggerating a little when he sang, “It never rains in Southern California.” But in the spring, your odds are pretty good you’ll stay dry. Los Angel es and San Diego are the big names in SoCal, but tucked in-between you’ll find Orange County with all the perfect weather, wide beaches, and world-class surfing , minus most of the traffic and crowds. OC’s most famous beach is Huntington Beach, dubbed Surf City, USA and home to the Surfers’ Hall of Fame. The downtown beachfront got a major upgrade last year, adding the award-winning Lot 579 food hall to other new retail developments and creating a vibrant, walkable city centre. Just down the Pacific Coast Highway you’ll find Newport Beach, a funky beach town set on the Balboa Peninsula, f illed with surfers an d dive b ars mysteri ously packed on weekdays. For a real hidden gem head inland to Irvine, where you can bicycle through picturesque Cal- ifornia hills, with sweeping views of canyons and rivers. If you’re not super fit, Pedego bike tours offers electric-bicycle tours with all the nature and a lot less work, and might even give you beer for your effort at the end. It’ s also home to one of Orange County’ s highest rooftop bars at the brand- new Marriott Irvine Spectrum.

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