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Contrary to some of his tweets, this one seems to make sense. electricity font generator After all, the price of energy goes into everything. From the cost of manufacturing household items to shipping foreign foreign-made goods from overseas to the price filling up the tank on the commute to work, it’s tough to argue that reducing the price of energy isn’t a huge wealth boost for the average consumer.

So what’s this showing? The orange line is the inverse 18-month rate of change for WTI. So when it is going down, that means the price of WTI has been rallying for the past year-and-a-half. Look at the relationship between that change and the economy. Sure, there is a definite correlation, but the lag is… how would President Trump say it? Yuuuggggeeeee.

The true extent of the benefits of the decline in the price of crude oil is difficult to judge, but here is another aspect where I happen to agree with the President. online electricity bill payment If the Fed doesn’t monetize the decline through marginally lower rates (it doesn’t have to be actually lower rates, but it does need be lower than would have otherwise been the case), then the decline in crude oil might not be as much a benefit as many of the economic bulls believe.

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